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5 Tips for Navigating 2021

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars - Ralph Waldo Emerson

There's a massive elephant in the room. At least, it's in my room, and there isn't even a lot of room for elephants in my room. I had a moment this week where I found it difficult to concentrate on ordinary, everyday things. If we're awake, and we must stay awake, it's impossible to hide our heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening. Over the last week, seeing so many people angry and afraid of losing their rights and privileges caused me some deep sadness. And, during the last year and a half, watching people losing their health, their livelihoods, their loved ones and their lives, has been heartbreaking. To believe that the world is spiraling out of control is a terrifying thought. We're all being impacted by the energy of this fear and we need to allow ourselves to feel whatever we're feeling. We need to know, though, that what we're seeing in front of us is not the whole picture. I'm not going to bury you under positivity here, at least not at first, but we need to understand that everything is as it should be. We need to know that this transition period will be temporary. If we are able to ride through it, we'll be able to enjoy what is to come. To do this, it's so important that we stay in the highest vibration, which is love, not fear.

Here are some strategies I am applying that you might find helpful:

1. Focus on the world that you want to create

If you haven't read my previous blog, I would recommend it, as it explains the ways in which our focus creates our reality. We have the power to design the world that we want to live in and so we must make this our most important job. If we focus on the outcomes that we are not wanting, we will manifest them. However, if we shift our focus to the realities that we are wanting, as a collective, we can move mountains. We need to accept that going back to the way things were before is not an option and is not advisable. We don't want more of the same. We don't want a world of violence and suffering. It's time to move forward to a world with more freedom, more love and more opportunities, where the planet and everything on it is healthier and more abundant. We should recognize that positive changes have been happening in the world all along. Individual people and entire countries are committing to environmental solutions, and people are finding new ways to help others, to live more sustainably, and to use the positive momentum of their gifts and passions to create purpose in the world. The population and the planet are already in the process of healing.

Encouraging changes in the ways things are being done are already closing the space on the status quo. Naturally, the powerful want to remain powerful, so we are seeing resistance to change. This is where we come in. The more we can do to be part of creating positive change, the stronger the world will become. We can mobilize the energies of the universe to birth the world we want to live in. To do this, we need to visualise our ideal world, maintain our belief in the possibilities, and act as if (within our restrictions) we are already living in it. We need to be the change that we wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi). We may be physically restricted, but no one will be able to restrict us spiritually, at least not without our consent.

2. Protect your energy

Like Leeor Alexandra says, we need to keep our vibrations way way up! To do this, we need to monitor the information that we are letting in. Once all the pushing and pulling of the dominant agendas is over, everything we are seeing happen within and between governments will be obsolete. So, why are we immersing ourselves in it? Please don't do this. Your energy is much too valuable to be expended in this way. Instead, concentrate on being a positive force in the world. Be aware, but rise above. Read good news, spread good news, and be good news. Think about things that matter and do things that matter. Your positive energy will touch those with whom you come in contact, alleviating some of their fears and healing some of their broken parts. And, it will do the same for you.

3. Prioritize your wellbeing

You must put your life jacket on first - always. This is a very challenging time and we need all the inner resources that we have available. If you are in lockdown, as I am, go out for a walk. I went out along the river and through the botanic gardens today. Exercise and Vitamin D are very important for our immune systems and our mental health. Having some connection with nature will also help to ground you and remind you of the bigger picture. Make time for as much self-care as you need, preferably more than you think you need. Cook some nice meals, rest, keep the house clean and uncluttered, and keep yourself clean and tidy. Looking and feeling your best will help you to stay emotionally healthy.

4. Stay connected

Lockdowns, social distancing and mask-wearing make it easier for us to become distanced from others. Sadly, we're also facing the threat of a ''medical apartheid''. I'm quoting Russell Brand, but strangely the same word came to me earlier last week. We are finding more reasons to be separated from or even mistrustful of others. It is so important that we stay connected. Look for positive people to connect with. If you are not locked down, take the opportunity to spend time with people. If you are locked down, call friends or family, or connect online. Although technology can be used as a substitute for social interaction, it has made connecting with others easier than ever before.

5. Be in appreciation mode

Before this current lockdown, it was really heartening to see people out and about in Brisbane, enjoying the beautiful weather. I've been seeing a lot of joy around me. I think it's important that we take every opportunity that we can for joy. Rather than lamenting the things we can't do, we should do everything that we possibly can, while we can. Don't sit alone in your room if you don't need to. Get out into the world and enjoy it. Believe that the timing of the important things will fall into place. It has for me. So many things have happened just in time and things that I didn't want to experience magically fell away. Being restricted is also an opportunity to refine our capacity for appreciation. Doing without has a wonderful way of facilitating this. Even from within restriction, look for things to appreciate. If you can't find them, create them. I have endless things that I want to learn and endless projects that I want to work on. Fewer options means fewer distractions. This is something that I can appreciate. My best advice is to spend the time doing things that you love.

Stay in appreciation mode. Don't make decisions out of fear or desperation. Don't even pray out of fear or desperation. Try to make every decision and think every thought from a place of deep inner knowing that everything is and will be okay. Please don't numb yourself. We need you awake. Numb people can't create a new world. Although it can be difficult to see through the clouds, there is so much of beauty to be found. There is also so much to look forward to. Although the unknown appears empty and strange, don't wish to go back. Have the courage to go forward and be part of creating our future. And remember, creation happens in the present moment, with the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings that we are feeling right now. Do what you can to make them good ones!

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