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Working for the Light

In my last blog post, I wrote,

Even if it is just for a visit, or just for a day, life flows with more grace if we allow ourselves to go where we are led. The interconnectedness of life ensures there is always a reason for the call.

As predicted, the energies of 2024 are magnified, and timelines are shifting rapidly. January was all about the family, and now, in February, we are in a new space. For me, personally, January was about the family, and now, in line with the rapid momentum of this year, I have moved to the next phase more quickly than anticipated - back to the island. It felt wonderful to hear how happy my friends were about my return. One mentioned that she had moved the date forward on her calendar, and written, Penny coming home. Although some of my experiences in Adelaide were positive, such as my trips to the beach, the hills, and of course, the theatre, I had a troubled start to my journey, with multiple nose bleeds in Sydney, intense ear pain on the flight to Adelaide, and a fever that kept me inside for several days when I arrived. Perhaps the lower frequencies that I experienced in the suburbs of Adelaide, the disconcerting energies in the house, the heightened emotions in the family, and the resulting impacts on my nervous system that led to my decision to book a flight home, were in part the energies of the Universe drawing me to where I needed to be. I have no doubt that I was meant to be there, but that I was also meant to take myself away and onto the next step of my journey.

I was told today,

I knew you were coming back before you said you were. We have work to do here.

And this work is underway. Yesterday, I joined a Zoom meditation to intercept any negative energies that might have been present during the Super Bowl: SUPER POWERFUL ENERGY-BLITZ THE BOWL ONLINE EVENT- PLS WATCH & JOIN IN -YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ( I was so pleased that the host, Medyhne, told the participants that I am an amazing lightworker. We can all be lightworkers if we choose to positively participate in the shift in frequency that is happening here, and if we work for the good of humanity rather than only for ourselves. Light is entering Earth at an incredible rate. There was more solar activity this week than has ever been witnessed on this planet. This is scientific evidence that the ascension of Earth to a higher vibrational level is real.

Today, I participated in an in-person meditation with friends. I provided sound healing and light language to help us reach a meditative state, and then I had the privilege of watching a channeling and receiving a channeled message about the pain of self-doubt and the happiness that comes from self-belief, with reassurance that I am on the right path and should continue with what feels right. I wasn't aware I was self-doubting, but we all doubt ourselves at times. It is challenging to go forward when our destiny is unknown, and when our world has many doubters. Our mission work involves strong self-belief, and building this self-belief is a discipline that we must continually adhere to if we are to be potent sharers of light. I perceived dragons' faces and scales and tails in my meditation; it is the year for powerful dragon energies which will help us develop the self-belief that is required for our mission work.

In the great theatre of life, in the game that is being played on Earth, many are enacting roles so the dark can be exposed; they are mask-wearers working for the light. Having never previously been interested in politics, I smiled at the excitement with which I anticipated last week's interview: Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin - YouTube. I know that there are many who are aware of the game; who are watching the players; who are becoming enlightened. Those little cracks in the darkness that let the light shine through are no longer cracks, they are growing. Look for the signs that all is not as it appears. Once we open our eyes to the light, there is no going back. The light will win. Ascension requires only that we tip the scales in favour of the light, and we have already done so.

Life, with its moving and shifting timelines, will not be as straightforward as it has been. There will be many surprises as we pass through this birth canal into the new world. The next-level Spiritual awakening I have been experiencing over the last few years has been challenging at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have discovered that I am much more than the world has reflected back to me; that I am a multidimensional being, as we all are. I know that I am here with the many purposes that my soul is choosing to fulfill, and that there is light within me that cannot be touched by the dark. This is the time for all lightworkers to carry out their Divine missions - to spread their light to all the corners of the world, through the seas, on the winds, and into the grids and ley lines of the Earth. Our very existence raises the frequency of the planet, so we must continue on, through the ebbs and flows, through the tears and the joys of this human experience.

We should not be afraid of our emotions, of expressing our thoughts, our truths, and our vulnerabilities, or of embracing our Spiritual gifts, as this is the way forward. We will be having new Spiritual experiences as the veil continues to lift and we become aware of multidimensional realities. We are more than strong enough to manage any difficulties that we encounter. If ascension symptoms or intense energies have a physical impact on you, ensure you prioritise rest and self-care. Our bodies are upgrading as the frequency of the Earth rises, and they will have to adapt to the new energies. I understand that many in the world are suffering at the moment, and many in our society are experiencing sadness under the weight of the darkness that we see in the world. If we focus on creating new realities, on our missions, our purposes, and our joys, we will assist the world in lifting itself out of the current realities. If we can trust where we are led, if we can hold the faith and continue to be soldiers of light, the world, going forward, will be illuminated.

*For more information about the Super Bowl: Time Manipulation Magic & Eternal Life (

*2024 is a Wood Dragon year - The Dragon is prone to change, and the Wood element signifies expansion and renewal - To grow tall, like a tree, we must stay firmly rooted, cultivating a routine of practices that ground us.

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