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High-Vibrational Humans

How can we reach a high frequency and a state of neutrality?

Coming back from the mainland yesterday, I walked up the hill with my shopping trolley, to where I had parked my car. As happens on the island, rain suddenly fell, showering me as I walked. With the rain, came a metaphysical shower, also, of appreciation, which felt as if it were falling from the sky and over my shoulders.

I live on an island, I thought - a special place removed from the busyness and oppression of the outside world - a place where I am safe and loved and free to live as I choose.

I felt immense joy in acknowledging that I was privileged to be in this beautiful place, and that it was by design that I had been called there. I ran a bath and relaxed into the hot water, feeling waves of gratitude for all I was experiencing. One by one, I reflected on each aspect of my life I was appreciative of, and thanked the universal energies that made them possible. In those moments, I felt a very high-vibrational frequency, almost ecstatic appreciation coursing through my body.

Probably the most valuable understanding that I have had on my Spiritual journey, is that everything is energy and frequency. In this world, everything vibrates at an individual frequency. Sound and music vibrate at various frequencies, so it is no accident that, here on the island, the kookaburras laugh to maintain the high frequency of the land and the curlews wail at night to transmute the energies of unwanted spirits. The original peoples of the land sang in alignment with the grids and ley lines - the songlines, to share Spiritual and cultural knowledge: the melodic contours and rhythmic nuances of the songs transcend linguistic barriers, facilitating cross-cultural understanding as different language groups interact and share the essence of these ancient narratives - Songline - Wikipedia It was the sounds and rhythms of the songs that were understood, rather than the words. Sound is the greatest transmitter of frequency. I have been told that part of my role here is to sing into the grids and ley lines to lift the frequency of the Earth, and so it is no mistake that I am here on the island, where this is possible.

As star-seeded humans, we come to this planet carrying already-high frequencies, but many in the Spiritual community believe we must endeavour to maintain a high ''vibration'' at all times in order to succeed and manifest abundance and love into our reality. Rather than meeting the energy that is there - the emotions that we genuinely hold in any given moment, we then bypass our true feelings to present the illusion of a higher frequency. This sets up a tension within us, between our true emotional energy and our manufactured emotional state, which is inauthentic and feels confusing and uncomfortable for ourselves and others. This presents as manic energy rather than true emotional neutrality. It can be disconcerting or irritating for those around us, who feel the tension and the disconnect. This is denial of our truth, which means that we will not process our pain and trauma as we need to. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so we will continue to carry these energies with us, until they bubble to the surface and explode outward, or keep us trapped in cycles of discontentment and suffering.

Those who deny their emotional realities have the potential to become judgmental of others who are honest about theirs. They become resentful towards others, as their inner children are longing for those emotions to be heard. In time, the inner child will override the adult self if the adult self is in denial and rejection of self. So, in their quest to become ''high vibrational'', neutral, and unattached, these adults will lose their capacity for empathy and compassion for others. Although they have good intentions for evolvement and ascension, they will not achieve integration. Integration requires that all emotions are accepted, experienced, and assimilated or processed to make way for each new version of ourselves. To strive for a higher vibration, and when experiencing this disconnect, to feel incapable of reaching it, feels like a failure of intention that can bring the frequency of the person lower still. Without integrating our emotions and past traumas, we will continue to stumble and fall, or to bump up against the same obstacles and pain points time and again. There is no shortcut to integration. We cannot live in a clean house without first cleaning the house. Like the wailing curlews, rather than denying our shadows, we should sink into them so we can lighten and transmute the darkness within ourselves.

To me, neutrality does not mean that I do not allow emotions. For me, life is predicated on the pleasure of experiencing depths of love, of joy, of excitement, of appreciation, of passion, and yes, of sadness, also. I do not believe we are here to reach enlightenment, but to experience our humanity. Many of us have already ascended far beyond the third dimension in other lifetimes or realities. The challenge, here, is to find beauty in the darkness, truth in the confusion, courage through the chaos, and faith in uncertain times. We are here to connect to the depths of our souls with others - to connect through our joys, pains and fears - to find our commonalities. To find neutrality is to allow others their free will - to know when they must walk their path without our interference, it is to find a place of non-judgement of ourselves or others, knowing that we have chosen our experiences according to Divine guidance, and it is to release attachment to outcomes that are imposed upon us, and that we impose upon ourselves, and instead, seek the inner compass that inspires us to each next step of our unfolding.

Whenever possible, I counteract my fears with self-compassion and a trust in Universal energies. My neutrality is that I am becoming able to observe my emotions without being caught up in the stories that I have absorbed from others and from society. Instead, I apply self-care to nurture myself through any feelings that are challenging or painful. I cherish my emotions and experiences for what I can learn from them, and how I can use my new understandings to propel my expansion into more of who I came here to be. More and more, my baseline is contentment and peace, and this comes, not from forcing gratitude, but from knowing I am loved and held by myself and by the Universe - knowing I am safe and there is nothing to fear. If I make choices from a place of inspiration rather than fear, from my commitment to my own authenticity rather than in alignment with the priorities and values of others, I feel free and happy. If there are times when I long for experiences I haven't had, I remind myself that all is happening for my highest good, and that if I force outcomes, they may not be in alignment. If I can continue to work towards integration of all aspects of myself - without denial, without self-rejection, without checking out of the world and losing compassion for others, I know I will be a high-vibrational human. This is the path.

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