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Riding the Cosmic Wave

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Ascension is creating a cosmic wave, bringing darkness to the surface to be transmuted.

We all have moments where we feel discontent. These moments provide information that show us emotions we are pushing down, and what we are wanting to experience and create in our lives. As we near the Lion's Gate, a powerful portal for manifestation, it is natural that we will feel longings that lead us to this information. It's not always easy to explain our feelings to others, even to understand them ourselves. I realised that the longings I had been having were for unity consciousness - the desire to connect with others with complete understanding. I was experiencing a slight loneliness and a need to connect with my tribe, and while spending time with others felt good, the loneliness was still felt under the surface, as we are all viewing life through our unique lenses. I understand that these feelings of emptiness are fleeting - they will ebb and flow, and that they are natural human emotions that are not wrong or bad. They are just a reminder to connect more strongly with the Force of Light and with my Higher Self so that I am more aligned with the Consciousness of Unconditional Love - the Love frequency.

To me, ascension is like a cosmic wave of acceleration in humanity's consciousness provided by solar light codes that are hitting Earth. Starseeds and light workers are incarnating in increasing numbers, awakening and contributing, causing a snowball effect. Divine counterparts are connecting and catalysing explosions of light. The swelling waves are kicking up the ugliness in the world, washing it onto the shore - into the light - to be seen. I am not seeing this turmoil as evidence of increasing darkness. Rather than viewing what appears in physical reality as sabotage by the dark forces, I am seeing it as evidence of the light. We have all held some of the dark, the ugliness, and the fear of the collective - some of their anger, and we have been strong enough to witness it. This is necessary work, however I like to place my focus on the beauty of the ascension journey, as this is my natural inclination. During the Lion's Gate portal, I am wanting to manifest more opportunities to live in alignment with my Divine purposes as much of the time as possible, because this feels real and right for me.

A had a dream this week that I was in London, at a new school, looking for the classroom that I was to teach in that day. I spent five months teaching in London in 2007, so the dream was referencing my past. I thought I had found my classroom, so I put my lunch in the fridge. Later, I found my classroom, where children were calm and reading books that they chose themselves. I went looking for my lunch to bring it to the classroom that I was actually teaching in. I went from classroom to classroom, looking for my lunch, and at each classroom, I took my shoes off. When leaving each classroom, I put shoes back on, but each time, they were someone else's shoes rather than mine, so I would have to take them off and put mine back on. A woman was guiding me to find the right classroom, warning me that some were threatening, and I should not go into them. Yes, we can visit other people's classrooms - learn from them, try on their shoes, consider their perspectives, and accept guidance, however we must ensure we are wearing our own shoes when we walk back to our classrooms, sharing our insight in full alignment with what feels right to us. Also, trusting that our students can choose their own books to read - trusting others to use their own intuition and discretion to make their way through this time of upheaval and ascension. We all have unique paths and experiences, and we must all follow the guidance of our higher selves. This doesn't mean that we need to be fully detached from others' journeys. We can share our knowledges, insights and experiences, as long as we are okay with letting them land where they land.

I spent eight hours yesterday talking with people who know much more than I do. The opportunity for learning from others here is beyond what I could have imagined. There are people all over the world working on projects to benefit humanity. There are many who are conferring with galactic family to bring needed knowledge and technologies to Earth to assist her ascension. We are all unique pieces in a huge cosmic jigsaw that is coming together to create a New Earth. It is natural to experience self-doubt and lack of trust in the collective, however our contributions should not be underestimated. We need to continue to tune in to determine our individual purposes during this lifetime. Thoughts will become knowings as we strengthen our trust in the higher power. I feel the momentum of the great cosmic wave when I visit the high-vibrational shores of the island. I feel it in the warmth of the new white sun and the immense force of the wind in my hair, and in the delicate ripples and sparkles of the sea. Movement and purpose are sensed in the sand under my feet and in all the creatures who live there, in the cheerful call of the birds in the mangroves, and in the calm surveillance of the eagles who soar over the volcanic rocks on the water's edge. The forces of change cannot be denied or avoided, and they do not need to be feared. In Divine timing, as we learn to trust and love, the great cosmic wave will carry us home.

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