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Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Community and oneness consciousness are becoming the new normal

What we focus on expands, so let us shift our focus from the turmoil in the world, to the positive. There is so much of beauty to witness, particularly beauty of spirit - kindness, compassion, generosity and caring. There are so many pressures on us as participants in our society. We are expected to obtain and maintain a certain income and social standing, and function in ways that are deemed acceptable to others. Because of this, many are in a continual state of stress and pressure, and so health and wellbeing suffer as a result of poor choices made in response to this pressure. Survival and life management, therefore, are prioritised over generosity and sharing. The security and safety of the individual and his or her family then take precedence over higher ideals and actions. As a result of the many years that this way of being has been encouraged, many societies and groups have drifted away from a community mindset. The world is heading back towards a community mindset now, however, and as master creators, it is our responsibility to assist with manifesting this reality. We do this by focusing on the evidence of it, and by living ''as if'' this reality already exists.

When focusing on the oneness consciousness that already exists, I am witnessing many beautiful things. In one of my recent videos, I told a story about seeing the dolphins in Tin Can Bay, and how surprised I was that two women I had just met offered to buy me a coffee. I was in the city a few weeks ago, and I thanked a young waiter for bringing me water. ''It's a pleasure Madame, it's always a pleasure'', he said. While I was there, I also noticed that a homeless man walked in and came out with a hot drink. I wondered whether this was a daily occurrence at the restaurant. There's a young man at our café on the island who has a similar spirit. Nothing is too much trouble, and he is always so warm and friendly. I often use buses in Brisbane, and I've noticed that almost every person, young or old, thanks the bus driver before leaving the bus. I also noticed that people who appear homeless or without money are not asked by the bus driver to provide a transport card. I've had teenagers usher me onto the bus ahead of them, and kindly allow me to share their seat.

The other night, I came back from another island to find that I had a flat tyre. I was so appreciative that my friend's partner was able to change it for me. I went to the mechanic, who fixed my tyre and headlight on the spot, saying that he would only charge me for the headlight if it was difficult to change. I told him that I would wait at the café as I was meeting some friends. He asked me how many friends I was meeting and reached into his drawer for coffee vouchers for us to use. The other day, a man at the local supermarket was threatened by an irate customer. Several customers immediately offered their support. Around Australia and the World, when big events happen, people rally around to support each other. In the future, we won't rely on the government or on insurance, to support us. We have seen in recent years, that these sources are not as reliable as a community that comes together in a crisis. Recently, on the islands, the community came together to support a family in need. I looked at the Go Fund Me site, and I saw that many people had contributed what they could - $10, $20, $100 or more, to raise the needed funds. Outside sources are not needed, as people genuinely care and want to help.

As we transition into the New Earth, we are entering a period of abundance for all. It is important that we strengthen our Spiritual connection so that we are able to trust that we are safe and will always be supported. When there is abundance for all, there will be no need to grasp and hold and hoard. If we can learn to trust in the support of the Universe now, we will realise that, despite seeming conditions in the world, there is no need to grasp, hold and hoard now. Yesterday, my friends had an open garden, and people from the community generously donated money to see the gardens and support an organisation that transports animals to the mainland when they are in need of care. My friends generously spent four hours showing people around their garden, answering their questions, and offering them punch. People on the island grow, give and swap food, and help each other to establish and maintain their gardens. There is a lady here who cooks meals for every person who attends her yoga class. Many people here volunteer in various capacities, to stage events, improve services, and beautify the island. Each time my dad visits, he brings a couple of boxes of pumpkins for me to eat and give to my friends. He says they are his ''goodwill vegetable'', and he gives lots away to people in Toowoomba as well.

Many people here support the local businesses and markets. When they do this, they are supporting New Earth consciousness. They are redirecting their money from big business and towards people's dreams. They are enabling others to live their purpose. Products and services that arise from purpose and passion carry a different energy. As they say, they are ''made with love''. Food that is grown with love or cooked with love provides far greater healing than mass produced food. The same is true of other products and services. As more of us begin to work with passion, purpose and love, the frequency of the planet will rise. Each person will be happier, healthier and more motivated. Each person with a high frequency will affect the frequency of many others. They will also become examples of what is possible for all.

At this point in Earth's progression, there is no way to go but forward, into this evolving consciousness. It is time to shift the focus away from ownership, from competition, and even from entrepreneurship, and towards self-expression, innovation, and sharing. There is no longer any need to save and protect our inspirations and ideas. In the years to come, money will become obsolete. We will be in sync with the Universe, and abundance will be our natural state. There will no longer be any need to hide our beliefs and emotions. Telepathy will be normal, and we will experience a higher level of compassion, so there will be no need to play roles or erect barriers between ourselves and others. We can inhabit these ways of being now. We can offer our services generously, knowing that Universal abundance will flow to us. We can promote and celebrate others' offerings and achievements, knowing that there is room for all of us to experience joy and success. We will not need to sell or promote our products or services, as we will understand that the right people will find them at the perfect time.

All my life, seeing or hearing about people's acts of kindness towards one another would move me to tears. It still does, whether it is in a book, a YouTube short, or even a fictional movie. A world where this is the norm is what I have always longed for, never knowing that it was actually coming, and was right on our doorstep. Acts of kindness, if they are genuine and from a true spirit of compassion and care for others - a oneness consciousness - can awaken love in people. They can enable people to come to recognise Source, as it exists within each of us and each being in the Universe. As people awaken to this knowing, they will experience far more beautiful lives. They will begin to release fear and allow love to be their default. They will allow themselves to be loved by others. As we learn to love and trust each other, there will be no more ''us and them''. We will allow others to be and to express themselves. We will desire happiness and love for all others. We will trust in the Divine flow of life.

As I am thinking how to end this, a kookaburra has alighted on my veranda, for the first time in many months. A spiritual messenger must bring a spiritual message. And here it is, the perfect compliment to this blog about community consciousness and focusing on the positive:

Kookaburras are known for their distinctive laughter-like call, which is often associated with joy and happiness. In the realm of spirituality, this laughter is seen as a reminder to find joy in life and to not take things too seriously. The kookaburra’s infectious laughter can uplift our spirits and remind us to embrace the lighter side of life.

These birds are also highly social and live in family groups, which symbolizes the importance of family and community. The kookaburra teaches us the value of strong family bonds and the support and love that can be found within our own family units. They remind us to honor and cherish our loved ones, and to always be there for one another - Spiritual Meaning of Kookaburra: Divine Laughter and Life Lessons -

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* While writing this blog, this video on the same subject popped up, so I will share it here.

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