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Have you tried Visualising?

Visualising is a valuable step in manifesting your desired life

A couple of weeks ago, I was wandering around the shops, hoping that some new clothes would magically appear. As I wandered, I became increasingly disappointed. However, because a part of me expected that disappointment, I decided to give up and see a movie - My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, and then go back to the island with a trolley of groceries. Although I have owned many beautiful clothes over the years, I have also experienced a lifetime of disappointing shopping trips that ended in similar ways to this one. I have always loved clothes, and in my imagination, I dream of clothes in wonderful colours and fabrics that suit me, but in reality, they have often not manifested, regardless of how I felt about my body or of the size or shape of it at the time.

On the bus on the way home, I decided it was time to break my pattern of believing in scarcity when it came to clothes. At home, I spent most of a rainy day at the computer, designing outfits. I enjoyed every moment of this process, despite feeling self-indulgent for spending so much time on this when the world was occupied with far greater problems. After years of days seemingly wasted trawling the shops to no avail, what was a day spent in the hopes of rectifying this problem? If it worked, I felt it would be a day well spent. I turned my collection of outfit designs into a video for YouTube, explaining that my style and colour choices were based on my knowledge of my body geometry and energy type - see video below.

So, I went shopping, not thinking much about my desired wardrobe, content to just enjoy a day out on the mainland by myself. To my surprise, I came away with several items of clothing that I was happy with. As you can see, the images from the video and the clothes I bought, although not exactly the same, strongly resemble each other. Each of the items, including the white sandals, were the last left in my size. This felt like magic to me. I had decided to believe in visualisation and manifestation rather than to remain in a scarcity mindset, and it had worked. Creating a visual representation of my desires in concrete form, such as in videos (that I make on Canva), helps me to clarify them. I have had the most success when clarifying intentions, when either representing them visually or when writing them down - journaling.

So, to manifest:

  1. Clarify your desires

  2. Trust that they will manifest

  3. Release attachment to outcomes

  4. Allow for Divine timing

In manifesting, it is important that we allow for outcomes that are even better than those we desire. Sometimes, we are limited in our beliefs of what can manifest, but the Universe is unlimited. Chances are, if we release attachment, untold surprises may unfold for us.

Another reason for releasing attachment, is that our desires as humans might interfere with our souls' desires or soul contracts. We might wish to have a lot of money, because society values this, and because we see this of evidence of our potency as manifestors, however as souls, we may have chosen to experience poverty or a simpler life during this lifetime, or during a certain part of this lifetime. So, Divine timing may also come into play. We may have a knowing that something is meant to be part of our experience, however the Universe will guide the experience to us in the timing that is best for us. As Esther Hicks says, we would not want to eat all the meals we will ever eat in one sitting. We would not enjoy them all at once, as we would be very full, and also, we would then need to fast or starve for the rest of our life, so this would not be practical or possible.

Sometimes, we realise that what we have wanted to manifest no longer matters to us, as we have found something more meaningful. Life is like this. We sometimes outgrow our desires and find new ones. Being flexible and adaptable to life's changes allows us to grow and develop rather than stay stagnant. As we develop deeper understandings of life and connect with our Spiritual selves in stronger ways, our priorities tend to shift. Sometimes they will swing back, however, as we attempt to find a nice balance between our Spirituality and our physicality. It is okay to continually refine our priorities and to change our minds along the way.

We should believe we can manifest our desires, but we must ensure we release a victim mentality or a scarcity mindset in any areas of life where we feel that we're not experiencing what we wish for. Trust the process. Maybe I needed to feel the frustration of not manifesting what I wanted so that I could clarify my intentions. The frustration - the step 1 moment - as Esther Hicks calls it, may feel like it brings a negative emotion, but it doesn't have to be seen that way. I believe the step 1 moments should be seen as information to help us make each decision in life. Often, we need to know what we don't want before we can be clear about what we want. And remember, it is not the 'things' that our souls desire, it is the expansion of ourselves that those 'things' are catalysts for. Embrace the step 1 moments, as they are the fuel that propels us towards more expanded versions of ourselves.

This is a light and short blog, but I hope it is helpful. There is no competition to manifest the biggest or brightest shiny object or experience in the quickest time. There is no time, and time is not running out. Trust, flow and contentment are to be cherished, and they happen when we let go of focusing too much on our desires. And, of course, love is the highest state of being - love for ourselves, love for others, love for our pursuits and purpose, love of nature and beauty, and love for just ''being''. No experience or possession will replace the oneness and wholeness of Universal love. This is who we are and all that exists.

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