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Creating Beauty

Beauty will always exist in the world as we will always have the ability to create it.

The world is ever-busy and rushing here and rushing there. I often wonder if most people stop to consider why they are rushing or whether their desired destination is worthwhile. We live in a world of 'doing', where we gauge the success of the day by reflecting on how 'productive' we have been. ''What do you do?" is the most common question asked by new acquaintances. I was sitting in a friend's garden two weeks ago, laughing with her about this. She said that she doesn't feel inspired to take on any specific role in the world at the moment. "What do you do?" - "Sit in the garden", I joked. I had spent the morning walking and wading in the crystal-clear ocean as I believe 'earthing' is important for health and emotional grounding. We then met for a meditation session - ushering in the Lion's Gate energies, interpreting dreams, and using visualisation and sound healing to send love to a family member who needed it. Then, we sat in the garden drinking coffee and chatting. The definition of 'productive' is up for interpretation. To me, every moment of that day felt like it was meant to be.

I expected that the 'rushing' would have died down a bit by now, as I believe people are beginning to reconsider their priorities and realise their need for rest and reflection. Perhaps some people are internalising the frenetic pace of the outside world, absorbing its sense of urgency - even if they are not aware that it is coming from outside of themselves. Perhaps it's a distraction from looking at the truth of themselves or of the world. Many people believe they are too ''busy and important'' to look within. Maybe, they are too afraid of what they will find there. Society encourages activity, but activity is not meaningful in its own right. We should regularly take some time to reflect on our lives - what should stay and what should go. I have always enjoyed this process of intentionality; clearing those parts of my life that are outdated and clarifying intentions for more meaningful activities going forward.

I had an unrelenting cough that confined me to the house over the last week. Yesterday, I decided to spend the whole day creating beauty - beautiful things and beautiful moments. The New Earth will be a world of beauty, and we will no longer be engaging in repetitive tasks; we will spend our lives creating. What better way to reach a state of New Earth consciousness, than by creating beautiful moments in the everyday as much as we can. Everything was done slowly and mindfully, and there still seemed to be plenty of time to do many things. Time is not as important as we have been led to believe. Time doesn't end and neither do we. Creating beauty lifts my spirits. It feels right. If our most important work during this ascension is to raise our vibration to 5th density consciousness, then choosing activities that inspire us is the most 'productive' thing we can do.

While writing this, I am mesmerised by the multitude of tiny creatures that are flying around the macadamia tree. Might they be fairies? I can't get close enough to see. Today is another of those sparkling, almost spring days here on the island. The bird sound has amplified as spring has crept in, and it lends a busy joyfulness to the energy here. Joyful busyness is different to that frenetic pace and sense of urgency that I mentioned earlier. One of my students hums while she works. I like it. It sounds so joyful. The kindergarten children I worked with would often sing while they played. It was a busy joyfulness with lots of intentional activity - creative and fun, without strict restrictions on time, and without a preplanned destination. It always felt right. This is the way children should be existing. This is the way we should be existing too.

It doesn't take a lot of time to prepare thoughtful meals for ourselves or to create beautiful surroundings, but it makes such a difference to how much we are enjoying the everyday moments. It takes seconds to light a candle and only minutes to pick some flowers for the house. Keeping the house tidy takes only a short time each day. Keeping ourselves looking nice is also worth the time it takes in the morning. When I do these things, I feel good for the whole day. The care we take is not just for show, but for our own enjoyment and satisfaction. As children, we were born with a sense of wonder. Everything was a miracle to us. If we retain this reverence for beauty, we can greatly elevate our adult lives.

There are many ways to create beauty and to surround ourselves with it:

Decorating our homes...

Dressing well...

Preparing attractive meals...

Spending time in nature...





Playing music...


Creative writing...

Here are some ways I have been creating a beautiful life....

A book that is adding beauty to my life at the moment:

Mirrors in the Earth - One Willow Apothecaries

Some healing music that I have been listening to that I think is beautiful:

(1) Reiki Music, Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual Healing, Natural Energy, Meditation Music - YouTube

A YouTube channel that I have just discovered that is beautifully filmed and narrated:

(1) I Quit my Corporate Career to Pursue Happiness & A Slower Life // Stepping into the Unknown - YouTube

Another channel that I've shared before and which is full of beauty inspiration:

(1) I never dreamed of this after leaving the city - receiving my book in the mail! - YouTube

A beautiful old movie that I discovered recently and which has become a new favourite:

(1) The Farmers Daughter with Loretta Young 1947 - 1080p HD Film - YouTube

Crystal-infused candles that I discovered that smell divine - and a lovely family story to go with them:

Crystal Infused Candles & Fragrance Oil Diffusers Get the Benefits of Crystals (

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