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Conscious Creation for the New Year

Do we have the power to consciously create the everyday circumstances of our lives?

I have had a wonderful week and a half on the Sunshine Coast, working, playing, swimming, walking, driving, exploring lovely places, singing on the beach, gazing at beautiful sunsets and gushing waves, reflecting, meditating, eating gelati, and socialising.

If you would like to know more about my trip and the obstacles I encounted, you can watch this video: I Trust the Journey of Life (, and please like and subscribe so I can increase my YouTube subscriber numbers to more than 30 :)

My time away on the Sunshine Coast is evidence of conscious creation in action. Life can be challenging, however we can choose the mindsets and perspectives that we have around it. We can choose to see setbacks as gifts or redirections, and we can choose an abundance mindset and accept opportunities for pleasure and adventure. Life becomes infinitely better when we allow the energetic flow. Yes, I extended my trip and spent extra money on having my car fixed while I was away, however I was able to do so much more work with my students due to the access to good WiFi.

And, as an example of the energy flowing back to me, the other night, I won a $750 voucher from a fashion brand - by far the biggest prize I've won so far. Even better, I am filled up with the joy and wonder and beauty of the places I have seen and experienced.

Did it seem to you that the last year went like a flash? It did to me. Because it felt like not a lot could have happened in a year that seemed to go so fast, sitting by the beach the other night, I wrote a list on my phone of some experiences I had during the past year. Looking at my list, I am now feeling like this was one of the most significant growth years of my life. I feel very happy with my list. I am not sharing it to show off, but to encourage you to feel proud of the experiences you have had and to recognise that there is much time and opportunity in every year to have a wide range of experiences. I have no doubt that some on your list will be very different to some on my list :)


Had my hair cut short for the first time.

Grew out my natural (some grey) hair.

Officially changed my last name.

Went on my first two road trips by myself - to Port Macqurie and Yeppoon.

More than doubled my highest payrate per hour for some of the work I am doing.

Ran group tutorials for undergraduate and masters level Uni students for the first time.

Worked, for a year, with a student who is profoundly Deaf, and with a number of interpretors.

Sang a sexy song at an Opera Queensland masterclass.

Sang in the Queensland Eisteddfod.

Skinny-dipped twice under the full moon, on the island.

Started recording talking videos for YouTube.

Activated light language and shared it publicly.

Presented an online session for Medyhne, from Arise Humanity, about singing and sound healing Medyhne | Life Transformation Sessions

Talked about vulvas, self-pleasure and perimenopause in my blog and YouTube videos.

While I've been away, I have spent some time thinking about the coming year and consciously creating intentions for it. I am making a visual booklet on Canva with my intentions for conscious creation for the coming year and beyond. The cover page is the image on the left. I have created pages to represent each of the words on the cover page, including lists and images of the things I want to sing, speak, transmit, create, and experience, and the places I want to travel to. I am choosing to include ''sky is the limit'' intentions if there are no obstacles and if money is no object. 2024 is going to be an incredible year and I believe it could include the most unpredictable and unexpected occurrences. Therefore, my basic intentions for the year might not be possible, or my ''sky is the limit'' ones might just be possible - we will have to wait and see.

Although I have a very strong belief that our higher selves choose certain experiences - pleasant or unpleasant, and that these are for reasons beyond everyday desires or material pleasures, I also believe that our beliefs, emotions, mindsets, intentions, and aligned actions assist us in creating our reality. My highest desires are not for material pleasures, but for more opportunities to fulfil my divinely-inspired purposes for this lifetime. My desire is that I can dissolve any blocks and obstacles to experiencing my full expansion and that this will positively affect those around me and the wider world as well. Choosing to follow the inspiration, and choosing to believe in our ''sky is the limit'' life, will help raise our individual frequency, therefore increasing the vibration of the planet. We are having more impact on the world by just ''being'' than we can possibly realise.

I have some resources to help you plan your year and work on aspects of self-development or life planning, available free for download from my website: Self-Development Resources | Spiritual Blog (

The Best Year Manifesting Template.

Self-Coaching Workbook: A Profile of You.

The Whole Woman Workbook.

My wish is for the best year ever for all of us!

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