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All that Sparkles

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

When we focus on joy and Divine purpose, we will find gold in every experience.

The island is full of sparkles today. The sunlight on the water sparkles, the grains of sand sparkle, and the red, volcanic rocks sparkle. There are sparkles on the leaves that glisten in the sun and the shiny insides of the purple-green shells lying open on the shore. There is sparkle on the magpies' wings as they glide over the park, and in the bell-like tones of the tiny birds who inhabit the mangroves. I feel sparkly inside just being here, as it's difficult not to be joyful when spring is awakening all around. Nature reflects so much lightness and beauty that can help us counteract some of the heaviness that we see in the world. There has been much heaviness lately, here in my small community, and in many areas of the world. It is right that we should feel some of this, integrate some of it, and help transmute some of this heaviness on behalf of others, however we must continue to hold our frequency above the turmoil around us, reflecting the light in the way that nature models for us.

Although it is natural to have our ups and downs, and sometimes very deep lows and exhilarating highs, in general life, happiness is a choice. I know this because I have chosen it, and I know that many people in widely varying circumstances and with much greater hardship and disadvantage have also chosen it. Although we must continue to recognise, experience and express our authentic emotions in each moment of life, as much as we are able, the choice of happiness means that we will always rise again. By practicing the habit of happiness, I have found that I bounce back from the lows with ever-increasing rapidity, never denying my experience but striving to look for the gifts in each challenge. Like the sparkles in every rock, sunburst, and grain of sand, every experience we have contains gold, and it is ours for the taking.

Although I have always believed in Divine orchestration, like many people, I often used to find myself thinking that life was happening to me - that I was a victim of life. This can feel comforting in the moment, however along the way we learn that our energy is better directed towards positive change - expansion - than self-pity and defeatism. The choice to take responsibility for our experience is one of great determination and persistence. With intention, we can learn to look for the lessons, to look into the mirrors that others are holding for us, and to look for the sparkles - the beautiful aspects of life that are there to be appreciated. I prefer the word 'appreciation' to 'gratitude', as no obligation is implied. Appreciation is freely available to us if we choose to apply it.

For me, the joy is in the expansion. I feel joyful today, because of the light that nature is reflecting, but also, because I can feel myself expanding through the choices I am making and the challenges I am accepting. These choices for expansion are individual to us - no two people's paths will be the same. My choices for expansion stem from my innate loves and abilities - not from what I think I ''should'' do. I am learning to walk my own path based on inspiration rather than fear - love rather than obligation. I am following the sparkles that I alone can see to find my joy and purpose. Most of the time, I float seamlessly between my real-world work and my New Earth calling and I choose not to categorise them according to whether they are paid or unpaid in a real-world sense. I am feeling a separation in consciousness from my attachment to real-world compensation - as I understand that the Universe supports those who are heeding the voice of their souls and who are working for the good of humanity.

There is an energy in the exchange of friendship and service between soul family that holds a beauty, a sparkle, that is not contained in the real-world money system. There is purity in abundance that is received from the service to one's own soul purpose that is not so joyfully sourced elsewhere. The world needs to release attachment to its corrupt systems and we have been given the power to create this change. We can no longer do what is expected, as we must do what is new. We came here expressly for this reason. Those around us may not understand at first. It takes the ability to see into the future to view the illuminated path ahead. It takes the willingness to embrace the uncertainty, holding faith that it will bring unimagined opportunity for the world. Many haven't yet recognised this ability in themselves. We will need to be the wayshowers. For me, there is beauty in the uncertainty - I see the sparkles in it.

I was chatting to soul family on the island recently, showing them my card deck - The Whole Woman - and discussing our personal projects and their seeming futility in the eyes of the world, particularly when they are 'unpaid' and time-consuming. I suggested that we all pull a card from the deck. Mine was ''Nurture your Projects''. The message couldn't have been clearer - follow the inspiration and you will find the gold - build it and they will come. Every thought, feeling, intention and action carries energy. Even if our projects are unseen by others, the energy they carry projects into the world - further than we can imagine. I have been told by several people who have intuitive abilities, that my gift and purpose here is to share the frequency of my voice for channeling nature, and for healing others and the grids/ley lines in Earth. This can be done without an audience, alone in my room, or in nature, so I have been engaging with this more and more. As lightworkers, our energy is incredibly powerful. The Universe is feeling us even when we feel unseen.

So, join me in appreciating the sparkles, in finding the gold in the challenges, in following the sprinkles of light that show the way for you. If you are reading this, you will probably have felt this call as I have. You know you are here for a Divine purpose. You have felt the sparks of joy that have accompanied your lifelong dance with destiny. The Universe will support you in following your calling - if you believe - if you ask - if you allow yourself to receive. Rather than actively extricating yourself from the real-world system, take small steps towards your Divine purpose in your everyday intentions and actions. Cultivate time and space to nurture your projects. Time spent this way will be its own reward. Then, with Divine flow and in Divine timing, your real-world work will be released to make room for the new.

Maybe our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside, somewhere so pure and authentic and REAL, it doesn’t need gloss or polish or glitter to shine

- Mandy Hale

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