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Yes, to New Adventures

Are we listening as the Universe calls us to new adventures?

When I wrote the last blog, I was at the tail end of my recent adventure through the Sunshine Coast and to Toowoomba, enjoying time with friends and family and small luxuries and elevated everyday experiences. Now, I have entered into the next one, having enjoyed a day in Brisbane before flying to Sydney for my Aunt's funeral, and then to Adelaide, with the intention of staying for a couple of months. My grandparents have relocated to an aged-care facility, so the house and car are available for use by the family. On the first of the year, I had a sudden thought that I could spend some quality time with my grandparents during their period of adjustment, and, at the same time, enjoy a change of location for a while. I was expecting the unexpected this year, and my calendar was strangely empty, so the timing was ideal. The universal energies are heralding rapid momentum and change in our world, and we can also use these energies to propel our lives forward. This doesn't have to be forced with planning or manifesting techniques, however. If we open our eyes and hearts to listen, we might find ourselves on adventures we had not previously considered.

A few months ago, I discovered something new to me - Astrocartography. This is a type of astrological chart that shows us where our planets align with locations around the world. This website will enable you to explore your locational chart: Horoscope AstroClick Travel - Astrodienst. You will need your time of birth, however, for it to be accurate. This YouTube channel is also a great source: Astrocartography with Helena - YouTube. Locational astrology shows us the energies and experiences we might expect when we live in, or visit, various locations. It might also clarify the reasons we were drawn to various locations in the past or why we are fascinated with them now. Different locations are relevant for different phases of our lives, and although we can utilise astrocartography to strategically choose locations, if we trust where we are led, we will find ourselves in those locations that best support us at each time of our lives.

All my adult life, I have felt myself suddenly pulled towards new locations and adventures. I will have a sudden knowing, and then an awareness that the decision has been made. Following the decision, I will start to imagine and plan and come to understand the reasons for the change in direction that I am called to take. Each time I have listened to this inner voice, I have looked back without regrets. It is when we resist the call, that we feel confused or unsatisfied. I have learned never to say ''never'', as this knowing goes beyond the workings of my logical mind looking forward. I had thought Melbourne would forever be my home, only to find myself suddenly packing up and moving back to Toowoomba for three and a half years. I hadn't imagined myself living in Brisbane, or moving away after only one year, and I never imagined that I would choose to live on the island.

Although each move brings some loss, particularly of the closeness of relationships and friendships, I love starting again and exploring new places and ways of living. I have very little desire to own, to settle, and to grow roots in a community. There is so much in life to explore, and to me, much growth in adjusting and adapting to change. There will be some gentle expansion for me in this next adventure in Adelaide: caring for the house, driving a different car and in a different city, and navigating emotions and relationships with family and others who cross my path. I also feel called to take my knowledge and life experience, and my energy and frequency, out into the world where it is most needed. I feel strong in my intuition and spiritually grounded from two years bonding with and learning from my likeminded soul family on the island - The Alcheringa Warriors, we call ourselves. For some of us, the past two years has been a time of incubation for our individual missions. In my case, I feel this strongly.

Staying in Adelaide, in my grandparents' house, seems to be signaling to me that there might be some spiritual work to be done in regard to the family. I have been told that I am a cycle breaker in my family, and indeed, we are probably all cycle breakers in our families, as in each generation, family patterns are broken or adapted in various ways. Some continue for many generations and must be deliberately examined in order to be broken. I am sorry that my grandfather, having been in hospital and rehab before moving to the aged-care facility, was unable to have closure in saying goodbye to his house and garden - perhaps he will have that opportunity later or perhaps he has been progressively preparing himself mentally for this transition. I went to the Migration Museum, here in Adelaide, yesterday, hoping for some further context regarding my grandparents' migration to Australia. There was nothing more than my grandfather has already explained. It is reasonable to expect that migrant families, moving away from instability in their home countries, would seek security and stability in their new homelands, and that they would become very attached to the security that they had established. I do feel, however, that too much attachment to home, place, or even people, can inhibit our openness to new experiences and growth.

Perhaps, in staying in one place, some are following their destined paths, while others, in regularly changing course, are following theirs. Although, in my lifetime, my grandparents opted for security and comfort - a beautiful life or ''bella vita'', as Italians would say, I acknowledge their courage in leaving family and friends to move across the world to a country they knew little about. According to my grandmother, it was rough and rustic in comparison to the elegance of Europe. There was little housing available in Adelaide, and so they built their own home. I acknowledge my grandfather's fortitude and resilience in experiencing life as a ‘Gastarbeitnehmer’ or guest worker in Germany during World War Two, and in continuing his life as a teacher in Italy, and later, as a factory worker in Adelaide, for Holden, despite having longed to study as an engineer. I acknowledge my grandmother's courage as a young girl during the war, with fear and food shortages, and in knowing that she lost her mother after migrating to Australia, as a very young woman, not having the opportunity to see her again. I acknowledge the understandings and values that they acquired, that subsequently affected the lives of my mother and her sisters, and of me and mine - both the challenging and the beautiful.

Even if it is just for a visit, or just for a day, life flows with more grace if we allow ourselves to go where we are led. The interconnectedness of life ensures there is always a reason for the call. Perhaps we will not know the reason at first, or perhaps it will be immediately clear. It doesn't matter. All that counts is that we are heeding the inner guidance that our higher self provides - that we are following the inspiration, the subtle nudges, the flights of excitement or fancy that waltz before us. It is easy to fear, but with trust, fear starts to become redundant. When we believe we are safe wherever we are, in the metaphysical worlds as well as in the physical, we will be able to step into the Divine purposes to which, in each location, we are led. Life is an adventure of emotional, physical and spiritual beauty. With trust, even the sordid becomes beautiful - even a hothouse of emotions becomes a playground for the soul. The energy that we carry within us, wherever we go, is far greater in magnitude than human fears and furies. It holds great power in the world, and perhaps, the world needs to experience that power.

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