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What Price Integrity?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

''We will not be moved''

This man is Graham Hood, former Qantas pilot of over 30 years, otherwise known as ''Hoodie'' and ''an Aussie legend''. I encourage you to watch this video to the end, as it reveals evidence and truths that must be heard. Yesterday, the mainstream media reported that Graham Hood and other Australians involved in the Convoy to Canberra were invited into Parliament to have their say regarding the current mandates. A few months ago, I would have encouraged people to avoid listening to the mainstream media, to support their wellbeing, but recently I have become an avid follower as I know that the media will be doing a flip and broadcasting more and more truth, and I'm enthusiastic to see this playing out. Somewhat unsympathetic presentation and individual politics aside, this video on Channel Seven News signaled a breakthrough moment in the way the people's voice is being heard: Anti-vaccination protestors invited into Parliament House by Craig Kelly and held a media conference - YouTube

I went for a swim at the island yesterday afternoon and chatted for a while with a young man who runs a restaurant in Brisbane. Despite spending his days talking to many people, he was completely unaware that Australian citizens had been gathering in Canberra over the last week. He was quite interested, however, and surprised that he hadn't heard about it. ''Thousands?'' he asked. I told him that there were. When I went to the mainland the other day, I observed that many people were wearing masks half-heartedly, around their necks or under their chins, if at all. I didn't see a single person use the check-in app, and I'm not seeing it here at the island either. This tells me that many people are not particularly worried about the virus, but they're just wearing the mask so they're not told off. I've heard of some people who have experienced unpleasant cold/virus symptoms lately, but also one that said she had them for half a day, and another that said that 'it' ''wasn't even as bad as a cold''. I saw a headline the other day that said that 4 of 5 people that tested positive did not have symptoms. Here we are: New survey shows 4 in 5 COVID-positive people have no symptoms ( So, does this mean that they're sick? A point for reflection, maybe. Until now, the numbers have not being presented ethically in the media, but it's great to know that this is changing, as evidenced by this headline.

As yet, I haven't heard a single person admit to being an 'antivaxxer'. Because of this, I'm going to do it. I was born and raised un-vaccinated, and I did enough research as a teenager to be entirely confident that my parents had made the most supportive decision on my behalf. What we need to realise, is that this is not about 'the science'. We need to consider how much of research is being funded by organisations that serve to profit from its outcomes before we put all our faith and trust in 'the science'. Also, to question the safety of vaccines does not mean that you are discrediting the possibility that smallpox and polio were eradicated by them - although that thesis is unclear - but that there is no determining the safety of the ingredients in them or the legitimacy of the agenda behind them. By now, it must be evident to every thinking person that these medical procedures have been pushed on an unwitting public with greater force than has been seen in human history. If people don't recognise that there is an agenda here, then they might need to sharpen their abilities of discernment.

It's very exciting seeing men of integrity like Graham Hood stepping up to challenge these agendas. This is the divine masculine in action. We all have the divine right to feel protected by the strong men in our lives, just as my father protected me back in 1981, when most people were not questioning the mainstream narrative or seeking truth. When I was sick a few years ago, I had two health professionals tell me how fortunate I was, as a 'sensitive person', to have avoided the onslaught on my body that these procedures might have affected. I am very grateful. It's important that we understand that we cannot maintain sovereignty of being if we allow ourselves to be coerced by the powers at large - or by any other living soul. Our bodies and minds are sacred and should be treated with the utmost respect. Also, fear and love cannot coexist, and when we see public figures using their powers of coercion with fear in their eyes, we can be certain that an agenda of love is not present. I'm choosing to back those who are taking action with love, choosing integrity over fear even if it means personal sacrifice. If men like Graham Hood are speaking in Canberra on our behalf, I believe we're in safe hands. Very exciting!

As an update on the Convoy, this might touch your heart: Free beer for the protestors in Canberra! - YouTube and this: Herd immunity? Thousands hug in Canberra - YouTube

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