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Stand up with Love

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Australia is on the move.

I've found the last week a bit tough. To hear that people I care about are giving over their arms for, not one, not two, but three of the experimental medical procedures without question, is very difficult for me. We've been holding the line for something big to happen - the miracle that we've been waiting for - when the world wakes up to the lie that we've been living under over the past two years. It hasn't been easy, but it's been a valuable exercise in surrender. We must allow others to make their own choices, as we are on individual journeys with individual contracted experiences on this earth. It's also been an exercise in courage. To take a different path from the mainstream is not easy, and to find you are living an alternate reality to those you are closest to can feel surreal and lonely at times. I never dreamed that I would be having this experience.

I felt my spirits lifting a couple of days ago, when out of nowhere, three birds - I think they were magpies - suddenly alighted on my veranda where I was preparing my work space for the day. They stood there for quite a while, just staring at me. Although they certainly seemed to be making themselves at home, their presence felt comforting rather than threatening. Birds are spiritual messengers, and I felt that these were bring me a message of comfort - telling me everything was going to be okay.

I went to the mainland yesterday, for the first time since I moved here almost four weeks ago. The ferry was going at a speed, blowing my hair everywhere, kicking up spray behind it as it went. It was sunny and beautiful and exhilarating, and I felt all high-vibrational and wonderfully excited. Not because I was having a day out, but because a miracle was happening - Canada - the sleeping giant - was awake. Truthers that I follow have been talking about feeling incredibly moved by the Canadian freedom convoy. I feel the same. This is peaceful protest - the people taking back their power. The public are coming out in force for the truckers, joining with their cars, offering food and accommodation, waving and shouting. Millions of dollars have been raised in support. People are observing love and humour and joy, rather than anger.

Two years ago, I sensed this experience was going to change the world, and it has. Strangers are uniting for the common good. People are trusting one another rather than allowing this to divide them. Personally, although I was apprehensive at times about how I would be received during this time, I have experienced nothing but kindness, acceptance and love from family, friends and strangers. I feel that my faith in humanity is higher than it has ever been. If this is the way people really are, then maybe this is a world we want to live in after all.

Even with my very tiny platform, I feel that I must do something to put the word out. I'm not sure how much coverage this is getting on the mainstream news. But, we must be the news. It's time for us to take back our country - and the world. A man called James Greer is on his way across the country at his own expense. Inspired by the Canadian convoy, he hopped in his truck and left Western Australian, headed to Canberra. Yes, the Official Convoy to Canberra is underway. The links to the Facebook and Telegram sites are on the left, and the GoFundMe link is here:

I knew Australians would be a force to be reckoned with.

As I have been saying lately, this is no time to be in a bubble, this is time to become conscious and aware. Rather than dismissing the protesters, I hope we will reflect on why people all over the world have been stepping out, standing up, relinquishing their jobs and livelihoods, and proclaiming that they will not comply. These are big decisions - outstanding sacrifices, and they wouldn't be made without significant personal conviction. We need to connect, to unite, to stand out, and to stand up - with love. This is the time to see the truth of the world as it has been and as it is today. This is the time to move forward, and we will need to put aside our differences to do this. Please spread the word and send positive thoughts to those who are on the road. This is the turning point. This is it!

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