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What are you Letting in?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Creating a beautiful life requires inspiration, careful selection and boundaries.

Information Age: the modern age regarded as a time in which information has become a commodity that is quickly and widely disseminated and easily available especially through the use of computer technology - Merriam-Webster

Yes, information is a commodity. Therefore, it is something that can be sold and that is not always there to serve us. So, are we factoring this into our decision-making on a day-to-day basis? Are we aware of the ways in which information might be impacting us? Are we safeguarding our energy, our positive momentum and our joy? Are we carefully selecting the information that we expose ourselves to? And, are we deliberately accessing the information that we need to create our most beautiful life?

Here are three things to consider in a world of information overload:

1. Is it true?

Dissemination of information is an economic reality, and to make information saleable it must be exaggerated, embellished and hyped. So, is it true? It might be. Remember, mainstream media is owned, so it is subjective in nature. There are always agendas at play. These might include the agendas of those who own the media companies and the people who are paying them to distribute the information. We have to be discriminating rather than naïve when we sift through all the information that comes our way.

2. What is its purpose?

Unfortunately, in order to fuel a society that runs on consumerism, information needs to play into our fears. So, fear of death, fear of aging, fear of poverty, fear of missing out, etc. We are living in a time in which most of these fears are very close to the surface. Fear keeps us reaching for our wallets at the speed that is most desirable for those who are selling. Because of this, it's important that we are able to distinguish the real threats from those that are imposed upon us. Nothing will paralyze us more than fear and we don't want fear to stop us from living our best lives.

3. Is it serving us?

Is our fear of missing out prompting us to access information that we don't need? Yes, knowledge is power, but an excess of unnecessary information can be very draining. Having too much contact with the negative aspects of reality can really get us down. We don't want to lose our motivation and positivity out of empathy for all the suffering and sadness that is happening in the world. We are being subjected to information that is targeted towards a specific audience, so we are not always seeing the broader perspective. There is a world full of good people and wonderful things available to us.

Here are some tips for ultimate wellbeing and empowerment when it comes to information:

Limit the news:

I find that a quick glance at the headlines is all that I need to keep abreast of world events. I will read further if the information is relevant or interesting to me. This means that I am in control of my news consumption rather than being a passive recipient. I feel so much more positive and less fearful since I've kept my news watching to a minimum.

Look for inspiration:

I am a massive consumer of inspirational material. This is the secret to everything - ideas, creativity, enthusiasm and a high vibration. I read self-development books and memoirs, listen to interviews, and follow numerous YouTubers and influencers. To me, hearing other people's stories is the best medicine. There is no such thing as a perfect life or a perfect person. Everyone has a story of overcoming, of courage and of survival. Everyone has a story that we can learn from.

Question everything:

Expect the best, but question everything. We create our own reality through our thoughts and beliefs, so if we believe that the information that comes to us is meant to serve us, this is what we will experience. At the same time, blind trust is not advisable. We live in a world where there are motives that are not pure, or kind, or in our best interests. We need to be able to make the decisions that are right for us. Check the source, talk to a wide range of people, reflect on hidden agendas, and obtain a second opinion. Listen to your intuition.

Educate yourself:

Knowledge, understanding and skills enable us to take our lives to the next level. They become part of us and lead us to opportunities that we might not expect. Education rarely takes us down a restricted path. We are continually tapping into the knowledge, understanding and skills that we have acquired. I would recommend taking any opportunity to learn and seeking out new opportunities where you can. I have found that the biggest factor in building my own confidence has been knowing more, understanding more, and having more skills. This has made everything easier as I now feel like I have a stronger foundation on which to base my life, and a reservoir to draw on which provides reassurance and resilience when I need it.

Create calmness:

Viewing information as a wonderful gift and tool that can be used mindfully enables us to create a calm space for ourselves amid the chaos. This is totally possible. It just takes a little discipline, some planning and some intentionality. There is so much choice and this is worth celebrating. We can access information on almost any subject at little cost. Don't be afraid of the disheartening, the ugly and the tragic, because they are part of the story. But, look for the positive, the uplifting and the enlightening, because in seeing the bigger picture through a rose-coloured viewpoint, we open ourselves up to a world of wondrous possibilities.

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