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Trust your Inner Wisdom

Self-knowledge helps us to focus our energies and realise our reasons for being.

To my new friends on the island, I am probably viewed as a newbie on the spiritual path as there is a lot of knowledge I have been exploring over the last few years that is new to me. As there is infinite knowledge to be gained, I am like a child in a candy store, and in the way that is typical of me, I dive into subjects of interest as I am inspired to and absorb huge quantities of information in short periods of time. Then, I love to think about everything and talk about everything, bouncing ideas off anyone who is interested and aware. I use the word 'spiritual' only for clarity, as I don't differentiate spirituality from life, and I don't distinguish the 'spiritual path' from the life path that I - and all of us - have been traversing since birth.

All this thinking and discussing is my way of gathering information to make the everyday decisions I need to make in order to move towards my ideal future and fulfil my purpose in this world. It has been challenging to explore others' perspectives regarding the 'life path', and I am not only speaking of people I have met in the physical but of the perspectives of those I watch and read online. People have such an array of spiritual gifts - let's just call them 'gifts' - and we are all called to operate in the world in different ways. Some are big manifestors and entrepreneurs, and others place more focus on the inner journey and meditative practices. Some are researchers and others are channelers. Some are readers or writers, and others are 'feelers'. Some are more future-oriented and others respond to life in the moment. Most people combine a number of these to increase their spiritual connection, wellbeing and personal happiness.

Because I am still gathering information, I like to discuss life priorities with others. In the process, I am concerned that I am becoming too defensive of my perspectives, or that I am being stubborn and inflexible. I am sometimes told that I ''think too much'', and I wonder if this is a sign of my spiritual immaturity and that one day I will wake up and realise that I should just 'be' - that maybe my lifelong call to action, purpose and self-expression is ego and merely a step on the evolutionary ladder. This leads to feelings of not being ''good enough'', which can result in more 'over-thinking'. Underneath it all, I am open to seeing the truth of myself, and although I like to think, I think with my heart - as my Myers-Briggs personality type will attest. And, I am innately future-looking and prefer to gather a lot of information before making decisions.

I ordered a personalised birth chart from Julie from Maison Jupiter as another next step in my learning journey - 18 pages of information that explains all aspects of the astrological alignment at our birth. I came into the world at 6pm 24 March 1981, so I have Aries Sun, Libra Rising and Scorpio Moon in my chart. At the moment, my knowledge of astrology is very limited, but the information in the report very accurately describes my characteristics. From my understanding, our birth chart can give clues to our purpose or reasons for being during this lifetime. This morning, I reread my birth chart report and highlighted the aspects to be aware of - things I might need to work on or challenges that might arise. I then made a list of the main themes or positive focuses that I identified, as I believe that focusing on our strengths brings all else into alignment.

I believe, in life, we should follow the inspiration. This is where our motivation for life comes from. It is difficult to be motivated or excited about life when we are doing things that don't inspire us. Because of this understanding, if I feel inspired and motivated, my inner wisdom tells me I am on my path. Reading my birth chart this morning has strengthened my trust in my inner wisdom. My birth chart tells me that I must connect to my higher self to be happy, that I must prioritise self-knowledge, personal values and self-love, that I must focus my energies towards creativity and channel and express higher thought to the world, and that my true fulfillment is in being future oriented. This is what I have always known about myself and it's reassuring to see it echoed in my birth chart.

My learning journey has included developing awareness of my chakras to ensure all are becoming more open. It has included earthing / grounding and spending more time in nature to more fully connect with my humanness. Over time, I have felt more clarity in my thinking and emotions. My thoughts no longer run around repeating in my mind; they are mostly calm and focused. I experience thoughts as a way of making connections; more as downloads from my higher self than ''overthinking''. Emotionally, I am mostly quite neutral and content, and less inclined to pity myself, over-empathise or fixate on others' problems. I have also found that I am living much more in the present moment, with little desire to escape from or deny reality or my own thoughts and feelings. This shows me I am reaching a higher vibrational state - which is my ongoing work and goal.

Others' spiritual / life perspectives are not wrong, but they do reflect their personal journeys and reasons for being. Many of us are galactic volunteers, here to usher humanity into the new earth, and because of this, my belief is that many of us are here to focus our energies on action and purpose as well as 'being'. We are not inherently ''less spiritual'' because we feel a calling towards action. I am doing an online course in sound healing, and this week I learned about Green Tara, who has one foot tucked beneath her in a meditative position, and one foot stepping out to the world - for action. Synchronistically, someone mentioned Green Tara to me again yesterday Green Tara-真佛宗TBSN. I believe that I have existed in dimensions in which 'being', without attachment to emotion, was the norm. As an incarnated human, however, I am also here to experience, to feel, and to do in order to accelerate my soul growth and influence that of others.

The last few nights, I have been writing down my dreams and intuitively interpreting them. I have been fascinated to discover that although they felt random and chaotic, patterns and themes emerged. My dreams have been showing me my still existing fears and giving me messages of reassurance to counteract them. The other night, my dream involved preparing for a role on stage. I was gathering my costumes and props and placing them in the wings in preparation for a performance. I don't know exactly what my roles will be in the new earth, but I feel highly motivated to do inner work and spiritual learning now. In accordance with my innate way of being, I am gathering information so I can focus my energies towards my highest good. I am maintaining a big picture and future-oriented perspective so I can zoom in on the aspects of my life that I want to take to the next level in preparation for allowing my roles and purposes in the world to unfold in divine timing.

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