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Responsibility as Empowerment

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future George Bernard Shaw

When we look into the future, what do we see? What is more important, even, is what do we want to see?

For a while, I have been considering whether it would be wise to discuss the concept of responsibility, or whether the word itself might turn readers away. As was stated in a 1930s movie that I watched the other night - and this might be what you're thinking - ''It's a bore!" The idea of responsibility tends to bring back unwanted memories from childhood, where expectations of responsibility might have been viewed as burdens to carry rather than privileges to be prized. I suppose our perception would vary depending on the side of the fence on which we sat. Regardless, I decided that I really did want to use this word, hoping I can shift your perception about responsibility; and after all, it's my birthday and I'll say what I want to :)

I made a little slideshow video the other day, showing what I conceive to be the New Earth, and I have included it here. For those who are not yet aware, many believe that the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 21st December, 2020 ushered in a new 2160-year cycle - a new astrological age called the Age of Aquarius. During this shift, the earth's frequency is rising, upgrading our bodies and minds so that we are able to access higher levels of consciousness and spiritual connection. Lower dimensional beings and those who are not willing to ascend will no longer be able to exist on the earth plane, as their energy frequencies will no longer match the earth's frequency. Therefore, lower-frequency aspects of our reality will cease to exist here; so there will be no more war, starvation, manipulation or slavery on earth. Since I have come into this knowing, life has changed exponentially. There is no more fear because I understand that the world will be undergoing dramatic change for the better during my lifetime.

There are those who will doubt the premise that a utopian age is upon us, and they are well within their rights to do so. But, I see it and feel it, and I believe that I came here knowing it. When we come to earth, our memory is temporarily erased so we can learn the lessons we chose to learn in this lifetime and balance karma that we accrued during other lifetimes. Each of our souls came here on an individual mission which reflects a state of empowered responsibility. As I understand, we have the choice to rest for as long as we wish before embarking on the next level of soul growth, so if we chose to come back, it was in complete sovereignty and responsibility for our own soul's progression through the dimensions. I believe that our natural state is expansion - which involves responsibility, and that our higher self knows this. It is only our human selves that have forgotten.

Although the ascending frequency of the earth will make the New Earth possible, we will be its creators. The world we have been living in until now is a reflection of our collective consciousness. So, if we feel powerless, it is because we have given our power away. This has been explicitly evident over the past two years, where we have seen the majority of people around the world complying with directions from authorities who were not working for the good of humanity. I have no idea how all those who surrendered their livelihoods are faring, but I have faith that they are rising again, already building the New Earth by finding innovative and sustainable ways of living. I am very fortunate that my work at the moment doesn't involve direct people contact, otherwise I would have been one of them. As it is, making the minority choice has not been easy. I like to treat myself to a theatre ticket on my birthday, or even just go for a coffee, but this year I am not welcome. I went for a little drive around the island this morning and looked at the views to trick my brain into believing I had done something special. It worked very well, actually. It was a beautiful day at the island!

The world is not the way it appears in the mainstream media. From my understanding - and I believe there is overwhelming evidence - an alliance of people have been working to change our reality on earth. Not everyone will believe - but I do believe, that the earth alliance has galactic help from beings who are here to assist with our ascension. Due to the diligence and courage of many behind the scenes, we have already won the spiritual war that has been taking place without our awareness, and what we are currently seeing is a movie, an illusion, designed to free us from our programming and awaken us to our true potential as humans. To me this is evident. If you pay attention to the mainstream media, you will see that it has changed. Messages are exaggerated and often contradictory. We are being shown how the world would have been had the dark forces continued with their longstanding agendas towards humanity. People will argue that we know what is happening in the world. Unless we are using our extra-sensory faculties, no, we do not. We only know what we are told.

Soon we will know the truth about world events, our governments, our medical systems, our financial system, and our history. We are being given the opportunity to take responsibility for learning some of this now, as much information is already available. We must acknowledge reality before we can change it. So, we must step up and face the truth. Our responsibility will be to take care of ourselves and each other as these truths are exposed, and to take responsibility for our own self-growth and spiritual development. In addition to this, our responsibility will be to visualize and create the world in which we want to live. The New Earth is not only for a religious minority of 'called' people, available only after death; it is available to all of us now. All we need to do is to be willing to accept truth, embrace change, and take on our role as creators.

We will no longer be living in a world of division, as with our increasing spiritual awareness we will recognize that we, as humans, are all part of source energy - of God - and therefore, we are all one. With this understanding, our desire will be to contribute to the good of humanity, knowing that what will affect one will affect all. I have my perceived view of the New Earth and you will have yours. Our perceptions will also shift and evolve. I am choosing to live in the New Earth now, as acting 'as if' helps us to manifest our desired reality. As a result, this new reality is what I'm observing around me, so it is real to me and I believe it is already here. I'm choosing to observe, with eager anticipation, the movie that is being played in the outside world, although not without some sadness, as I wish everyone could experience the New Earth now rather than living under restrictions.

Rather than looking to authority figures or celebrities for guidance, humanity is being invited to look within. It is time to become our own authority. We have been taught to have faith in others rather than trust in ourselves, but we have underestimated our capabilities. All the answers are within us as we have brought them with us from other worlds. If we can grow in self-awareness and collective responsibility, we can create the world of our imaginings. And, that is exactly what we need to do - imagine. We create our own reality through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so let's take responsibility for our imaginings and make them good ones - incredible ones. We're on our way!

Today's blog is dedicated to my 96-year-old grandfather who video-chatted with me today, telling me that he had found my blog and that he particularly liked the one about the New Earth. Responsibility for one's own destiny is a creed he has always lived by. Several decades ago, my grandparents embraced change and moved to an unknown, new world - Australia. We love you Grandpa and Grandma! Thank you for inspiring positivity and joy for life.

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