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Painting a Masterpiece

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

It is only in your acknowledgement of your freedom that you connect completely with

who you really are, and it’s only in that connection with who you really are that you paint

your masterpiece – Esther Hicks, 2020

I submitted to the lockdown process with an immense sense of optimism, thinking of what it might do for the world - how it might expand our consciousness and take it to the next level. For a long time, I’ve been practicing the art of looking for the positives, working on it as one would build a muscle, slowly, consciously and with intention. The aim was to become a happier person, especially in a world where it can seem that things are increasingly going wrong. I believe that by nature I’m an optimist, however high levels of sensitivity can make navigating life challenging. I used to sit in school hoping for a fire alarm. I was just wishing that something different would happen. I adore change and find routine quite claustrophobic. For me, life revolves around ideas and new ways of thinking. It’s all about gathering thoughts and making connections, and wanting to inspire others to explore possibilities for their lives.

I don’t need a pandemic to pull me into a reflective state, rather it’s turning that aspect of myself off that can be difficult. It can interfere with sleep, and fun. There’s this constant quest to decide how I want to exist in the world. I’m convinced that there must be a reason why I’m here, and why we are all here, and that it must translate into some kind of concrete action. After years of sleep-impeding reflection, it has become clear that one of my favourite things is seeing people giving themselves permission to choose the lives that they want to live. This excites me because I genuinely want everyone to be happy. It gives me pain to see people feeling stuck or not allowing themselves to explore their potential. I find myself constantly encouraging others to follow their own paths despite societal and family expectations. Also, I truly believe that the world will become more peaceful, connected and expansive as more people begin living according to their unique gifts and passions.

I’m revamping my website -, and starting this blog - Les Possibilités, as platforms for showcasing my creative projects and those of others, and for sharing thoughts, tools and research that can inspire us to “connect completely” with who we are. We won’t paint our masterpieces in a day, rather it will be a lifelong pursuit. It will also involve being open to possibilities, being open to believing in a little magic, and making an ongoing commitment to ourselves – the commitment to giving ourselves permission to live in the fullness of who we are, to spend our lives doing what makes us happiest, and as a result, to be part of creating a happier, healthier and more exciting world!

Hicks, E. (2020). Abraham Hicks: The special thing.

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