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Mermaid Oracles

Can living in a flow state contribute to a beautiful life?

Early morning swims are my new favourite way to start the day. I'm sometimes in the water for close to two hours, meeting new people and chatting to those I've already met. Every person expresses immense gratitude for his or her life here, and despite feeling in this moment as if I am melting in the heat, I feel the same way. This morning, the tide was high, the water was clear, and the sun was warm and inviting. After our swim, we walked up the beach and over the volcanic rocks looking towards Minjerribah (Straddie). After I sang my new mermaid song (the poem in the video below), we made offerings of flowers and crystals to the goddess of the sea, Yemanjá, as her festival is often celebrated on February 2nd. Brazil's Goddess of the Sea: Everything You Need to Know About Festival of Iemanjá (

Lucy Cavendish writes about Yemaya (also known as Yemanjá / Lemanjá / Yemoya / Yemja / Yemọnja / Lyemọnja, Iyemẹja or Yemẹja), and how she can activate us:

...a mermaid of Power who gives birth to the world... the great mer-being, the mother of us all.

Exploring your own power, and exploring what you can birth and empower. Understanding the landscape, and seeing the divine in the curve of a hill, and the belly of the mountain, and the womb of the sea... Looking to become more primal, to reconnect with your ancient self, taking care of yourself at a very ancient and deep level, and beginning to relate to people's deeper self, rather than their social and often constructed self.

The world says, ‘’do, do, do’’ - or ‘’hustle’’ as they say in the US. Hustle culture gives rise to a contagious energy that draws us in with the promise of results; success and prosperity. I believe we have primarily been socialised into the belief that this type of mentality is the key to achieving our goals and dreams, or manifesting our desired experiences into our reality. Hustle culture involves focussing on outcomes and taking action steps to produce them. Hustling involves drive and discipline which are positive traits of the masculine, however it leaves little room for balance with the feminine – the flow state that is received through creativity. Like Yemanjá, we are natural born creators. With our beliefs and expectations, we create our lives in every moment.

My intention for this year is to yield to the positive aspects of the feminine inside of myself and observe the effects of this. Will my life change for the better if I choose this embodiment? Will I have more fun? Will I be more magnetic? Will I experience more abundance? The feminine is trusting; she trusts in the process of life and believes she is supported by The Universe. The feminine is not concerned with time, as time is fluid and limitless. The feminine is primal. She is connected with her ancestors, with nature, and to Spirit. She sees the beauty in the world and in others. The feminine recognises her power to birth creativity and to nurture it. She allows herself to receive ideas and support, and she gives generously. She understands her value and steps into her full potential and empowerment. The feminine is not concerned with the superficial. She values what is most real and embodies her authentic self in all her actions and interactions.

The mermaid is an expression of the feminine that seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment. From Magenta Pixie's Return of the Mermaid channeling from The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine Return of the Mermaid - Energetic Update and Activation (Jan/Feb 2023) - YouTube, to one of the required songs I'm preparing for the Queensland Eisteddfod - Die Lorelei by Liszt.

According to Lucy Cavendish:

Mermaids are beings who show us how to love ourselves...this is because they love themselves without guilt, fear, or hesitation. They teach us how we can celebrate our sensuality. They revere the feminine, and they glory in our fertility, our desires, our beauty and our instinctuality. They ask us to sing our song again. Mermaids teach us how to connect deeply with our emotionality. With the help of the mermaids, we are able to feel deeply, without the negative impact of conditioned shame...they help us understand how deeply we yearn to love. They embody a graceful acceptance of flow and balance... they show us how to live fully once the wild things we are, like the shining beings we can be once again.

On the island, as we gather at high tide to twist and dive and frolic in the water while it is at its best, a common question is ''How long do you think we've been in?" or ''What time do you think it is?" A common answer is, ''It doesn't matter" or ''Who cares?" On the whole, nature's beings are not concerned with time. They allow their lives to ebb and flow with the tides. Rather than hoarding and hustling against the elements, nature creates in the moment, births, nurtures and loves. All nature is supported by the universe in our natural state as creators. If we can connect with all that is connected, cultivate a flow state, authentically express our true emotions, enjoy our senses, and prioritise wellbeing and self-care, creativity will come more easily. When we develop trust in the flow of life, all else will fall into place. The way will become clear. Like the playful, expressive, sensual, graceful, wild, feminine mermaids, we must embrace every day as an opportunity to live our lives fully - to sing our song again.

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