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Inner Knowing

An incredible peace comes when we live in a space of trust in our inner knowing.

A year ago, I decided to have a short psychic reading as part of my spiritual journeying. I didn't ask about anything in particular, allowing the most important messages to come through. I have found other people's reactions to my choosing to do this to be varied and interesting, so I have continued to reflect on this experience as I've gained more understanding of the internal spiritual growth process and the connection between our mind, body and spirit. I have found myself tuning in to my intuition more and more, which is an intention that I have had for some time, and I am progressively understanding the deep value in this. People often ask how they will know that a decision is the right one. I would say that rather than being right or wrong, a choice should be the right one for us.

Knowing which choice is best for us is about listening. When we allow ourselves to listen to our deepest desires, we will begin to bring our most perfect answers into the light. Nothing about the psychic reading surprised me. After all, we know our own selves better than anyone else ever will. I realize now that he was simply tuning in to those deepest desires that I had already sent out into the universe. My intentions for my life were already being made manifest, and were awaiting divine timing and my own readiness to receive them. Active listening is a process through which we do more than just hear information. When we listen actively, we assimilate and reflect on the information that we are receiving. Rather than only looking to others to listen to us, I believe we can become loving ears for ourselves. We need to love ourselves enough to truly care about our own best interests and deepest desires. Only then can we draw to ourselves the lives that we imagine and dream of living. When we listen actively to our innermost thoughts and feelings, we are able to clear the clutter of society's and others' expectations and find the keys to our own happiness.

Once we open our ears to allowing the happiness that we truly deserve, we can start to develop trust in our inner knowing. Without the clutter, we can have more intentionality about our life choices. Having become tuned in and allowing of my own desires, my inner knowing is becoming clearer. There is less superfluous noise to drown it out. I have learned to trust that my deepest desires are meant for me, and that it is simply my own resistance to them that is preventing them from coming to me. The more I relax and release the fear of their not coming, the quicker they will find me. Our soul sets intentions for the main themes of our life and even our death for each lifetime. Many people have experienced angelic intervention preventing them from accidents or near misses. There is no need to fear even death, as our assigned angels are ensuring that we avoid leaving this planet until our soul contracts for each lifetime are fulfilled.

The sun is lowering on the horizon and causing light and shadows to dance on all the trees in my view. A kookaburra has alighted on the veranda and butterflies and dragonflies are providing me with additional company. There is the most wonderful peace in this inner knowing that I can rely on my ability to listen actively to myself. I know that what is right for me will come to me as I have wished, as my feelings of worthiness to receive have grown more than I could have imagined. I know that I am loved by myself and by my friends and family, but also by my ancestors, my soul family, and my angelic guardians. There is nothing to fear as I am whole and complete and open to new dreams and adventures. I am safe in a world that is rising onwards and upwards to new levels of beauty and harmony. My mind, body and spirit are one, and I am feeling increasingly deeper joy, appreciation, gratitude, curiosity, anticipation and pleasure. I am living in a space of trust that all is how it should be; and that with each intention for the calmest and smoothest outcome, it will be mine. I have less concern about what might be, as I know that the universe is conspiring for my highest growth and wellbeing.

Every day, tell yourself that you are safe, loved and worthy. Regardless of the physical evidence that your desires are being manifested, hold fast to them and know that they are on their way. Work on trust in the little things and see them effortlessly fall into place. Build strength of belief until a stronger belief becomes possible and habitual. Rather than feeling alone, send love out to others and to the world. Turn each fearful thought into a loving one, for yourself and others. Develop a deep compassion for yourself and your perceived mistakes and frailties. You are doing your best - always. There are so many rivers to cross and mountains to climb. We will trip and fall, we will unintentionally hurt others along the way, and we won't always take the most direct, logical and loving path. But, this is living. To live fully, we need to take risks and allow the messiness that might result. All is for the best, and if we listen for our inner wisdom, we will know it.

Photos: The Island, April 2022

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