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Feel Your Soul

We 'become' in alignment when we allow ourselves to receive the messages from our souls

I enjoyed a weekend of facilitated spiritual experiences, designed to allow us to connect with our minds, hearts and souls. With a quiet, safe space to express, and little time to think of what to say, we were able to perceive the messages that came through from our souls, feeling into our reasons for being and what our souls came here to create. Our souls or higher selves speak to us every day, but perhaps we are not often aware of whether we are hearing them. We listen to our minds and sometimes to our hearts, but do we really listen to our souls? Our souls give us messages that are beyond thought and beyond feeling. They show us what we truly desire to experience and create. During the weekend, we learned about the various archetypes that reflect aspects of our human experience. After this, I said that I wanted to tap into the archetype of 'the rebel', because if I could fully release the concern with what other people thought, I would be free to explore any aspect of myself that I chose. I could see the potential of every archetype within myself, but I haven't allowed myself to play with some of them to the extent that I would like to. In fact, I might not have even thought to consider doing so.

At the water's edge this morning, tiptoeing across the volcanic rocks that look out towards Minjerribah (Straddie), I reflected on our human concern with belonging - a concern that arose for me more than once over the weekend. I chose the experience, opting to trust that it was for me, but underneath there was a concern that I would not belong. Perhaps others would have beliefs that were different from mine, and I would not feel safe. Last week, I was told that although my birth chart showed a strong indication that I was here for the world's children, there was no indication of my intention to have my own children during this lifetime. This stirred emotions for me, as it confirmed my inner knowing. Thoughts arose, though, with everyone talking so much about their children, that if this was my path, that I might never belong in that way, and that I would need to be at peace with that lack of belonging for the rest of my life. As I walked the labyrinth on the second day, I received the message to ''stay in my lane''. I knew that I did not come here to belong but to forge new paths. After all, in many ways, I have never belonged, and indeed, none of us can truly belong in all situations as we all have varied experiences of life, in this lifetime, and across lifetimes.

Walking back this morning, I knew that it was becoming, rather than belonging, that was our path. Our human experience will never allow us to fully 'be' in alignment with divine source and the frequency of unconditional love. Our journey in this lifetime is simply to continue to come closer to alignment with the God or Goddess frequency within ourselves. Yes, we are intended to connect with others, but we do this by finding our alignment with unconditional love and by meeting others there. Our journey is to follow the calling of our souls - beyond mind, heart and the concern for belonging - and trust that others will choose to follow the calling of their souls. By doing so, we will connect on a soul level rather than experience belonging on a human level. The human concern for belonging means that we feel compelled to suffer when others suffer, rather than to inspire or allow them to move back into alignment with their souls. It means that we want to behave in the way they behave, wear what they wear, form societies, and adopt common belief systems. The concern for belonging causes division rather than connection between people, for as we merge with one group, we push other groups away.

What is your soul truly calling you to do in this moment? Within your means, choose to do as much of it as you can. Choose to play, to create, to explore, and to express. Choose to love joyfully, without concern for belonging. Choose to appreciate the beauty in nature, in yourself, in others, and in the human experience. Choose to experience a wide range of emotions, the full capacity of your intellect, and all the sensory pleasures that you are drawn to. I believe this was intended for our human experience. If our intention is to have these experiences in line with our journey to becoming, I believe they will be positive and in balance. We need to find compassion and forgiveness for ourselves; for the mistakes we will make along the way. Perhaps they are not really mistakes but are just part of our experience. We can observe our human experience from the vantage point of our higher self, which is detached from thought and emotion. Our higher self sees our body - our avatar for this lifetime - having a human experience. Rather than criticizing ourselves for our perceived failings, we can recognise them as part of our experience. Our true selves - our souls - are in alignment with unconditional love. They are much broader, much deeper, and much grander than we might ever understand in this lifetime. Our experiences in this lifetime do not constitute the fullness of who we are.

Our souls or higher selves are here for us at every moment of this human experience - I painted mine to remind me of this. If we stop, quiet ourselves, and listen, we will perceive the messages they are giving us. The culminating experience of the weekend was to write a little poem based on lyrics from our three favourite songs. This was mine.

In love and sweet contentment

My whole life through

I will walk through the dark

And look out to the endless skies

For the first time

Please lead and I'll follow

A captive bird

No more

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