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Expansion happens through a sudden urge, an inspiration, a knowing.

Three of my sources of income have dried up without warning. I'm hearing this, and my first reaction is ''Oo, I wonder what is coming in". My first reaction is curiosity, even excitement. My life is magical and supported, and I understand that everything is happening for my highest good and according to divine purpose. This is a far cry from the young woman who experienced months of suicidal depression over the mere fact of life in the matrix - confusion over the misalignment of society's values with her own, the necessity of survival, and the lack of tools or attributes with which to facilitate this survival. Even years later, I would cry myself to sleep in terror of the future and its emptiness, not knowing how I would be able to bear the pain of inevitable loss or how I would be able to live in accordance with who I was and wanted to become. I believe the kernel of expansion was within me from the moment I arrived on this planet. I now know that I did not come here only to survive in the world, but to change it. And, I believe now, that we do this mostly through our example - by having the courage to live in resonance with our authentic selves, and by expanding, both incrementally and in quantum leaps, which allows us to experience more capacity for happiness and peace and transforms us into beacons of hope and inspiration for others.

I don't believe in accidents, coincidences, or luck - I believe in divine guidance. There is an infinite source of love and support for us if we choose to connect with it. So, if people say, ''Well, things happen'', I will think, ''No, not really''. Nothing just happens. Everything is energetically interrelated, and it is our awareness of this that enables us to work with these energies or against them. I went on my first solo road trip a few weeks ago, and I spent a day at the Crystal Castle Shambhala Gardens in Mullumbimby. I decided to have an aura photo done, and in my reading, I was told that the purple in my aura shows that magic is coming into my life and that I am magical and putting magic out into the world. I was also told that the red in my aura shows that I am very grounded and have grown from significant challenges, and that the yellow shows that new mental abilities are coming in. It was reassuring to hear that I am tapping into my intuition and ability to manifest realities, and so I am feeling even more confident to strengthen these capacities going forward. We all have access to the magic of the Universe, and it is our belief in this magic that needs strengthening, as well as our belief in our worthiness to receive it. We have been programmed to believe that life happens to us, so this is not our fault, but it is our responsibility to learn to embody a new belief if we so choose.

I now consider the possibilities for expansion in every decision I make for my life - expansion with self-care, and with connection to a force that is greater than myself. I keep in mind my unique purposes, preferences and strengths in every decision to expand. I call on my Celestial Team to assist me in building trust and creating flow. We are in a time of great change and the only choice is expansion - in consciousness and in who we are. Stagnation cannot be an option when the Earth is ascending. We are Earth's light warriors, here to spread light, not to be passive. It is necessary that we steer away from belief systems, and instead stay open to new information continually coming in. It is important that we take time to integrate this information, so it becomes new knowledge for us. Knowledge is not a burden; it broadens our perspectives. It is time to lighten our burdens and our mindsets. In everything that falls away, there is created space for our expansion. Very little is really wrong, or bad - as in hindsight we usually see the purpose of unwanted events in our lives. There are opportunities for expansion with the challenges as well as in the lighter moments.

I am no longer tolerating being treated badly, and with this choice, others have the opportunity to expand. I am allowing some conflict in opinions - enabling others to broaden their perspectives. I am learning to speak my truth more clearly, knowing that this might be confronting for others. In doing so, I am creating an environment which allows others to speak their truth. We can be too quick to apologise, comply or fit in, thinking this will ensure our acceptance by others. Instead, it can undermine their belief in our abilities. We do not need to explain our decisions to others. Catalysts for divine expansion feel more like inspirations or urges - sudden knowings that propel us towards new experiences or away from old patterns. The reasons for such decisions are multifaceted and mystical - they do not need to be detailed in a list of pros and cons. Why do we feel that our decisions cannot contribute to our own expansion as well as serving the needs of others? I have experienced this conviction of self-sacrifice expressed by multiple people this week. We are not here to be 'good' or 'nice', but to expand. When choices are made out of love for ourselves, they will also reflect love towards others. We are here to catalyse the growth of others, not to enable them to stagnate. Inhibiting others' expansion is not a loving act. If we are inhibiting their growth - not allowing them to experience and feel complex emotions - so we feel more comfortable, we are serving ourselves more than we are serving others.

When Covid lockdowns started encouraging introverts to hide behind masks and closed doors, I made the decision to become more visible. I started this blog and became increasingly braver with sharing my views and vulnerability publicly. I experienced a next-level spiritual awakening and became more comfortable sharing my spiritual life with others. I cut my hair short for the first time, releasing my life-long-held feminine identity as a long-haired person. I showed my new body to others, rather than hating it and hiding it. I started wearing bright lipstick and dresses again. Now, I have comments from strangers on my lipstick wherever I go. It has become my trademark. A friend on the island bought a new dress, inspired by mine. Recently, another went shopping for brighter colours, inspired by my new bright-coloured cardigans. Why do I need to feel shame about who I am when others want to be like me? Why should I hide myself? Why should you? I am changing my last name - a sudden urge, an inspiration, a knowing. I am a whole woman - not a possession to be transferred from one man to another. This doesn't mean that I love my family less. This is an expansive choice for me. I will be Penelope (Penny) Rose rather than Penelope (Penny) Rose Muller. Penny is the girl I was and will always carry within me, but Penelope is my soul name - the name of the woman in The Odyssey, the poem by Homer, the wife of a king, who was loyal to love when all hope seemed lost. This name reflects who I am at my core. A rose is a very high-vibrational flower. This feels lighter as a surname. I have been told I am a cycle breaker in my family. Releasing my family name will assist in releasing the ancestral baggage that has been passed down.

Life feels mostly calm and in flow at the moment. Spring is coming early, and with it, the promise of rebirth and renewal - and change. Soon, it will be time to sing and swim again in the waters of Alcheringa with my siren friends. I am spending more time connecting with my soul tribe - my family of choice, here on the island. There is a depth of understanding that belies our relatively short acquaintance - of shared knowings. I am expressing myself creatively. I am acting in a play with the neighbourhood children - hence the colourful outfit in the photo. I am Mrs Jordan who plays the organ. I am looking forward to my next road trip in September. Also, my Change of Name party and our Lion's Gate celebration on 8/8. As we walk through the gateway into the rest of the year, it is time to claim our power as expanded humans - to let our voices be heard - to let ourselves be seen - to manifest our highest realities - to roar like the lionhearted beings that we are. It is time to be fully expressed warriors of light - transmuting darkness, alleviating fear, and promoting freedom and sovereignty for ourselves and for all of humanity.

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