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Embody Your Full Self

Embracing the spiritual journey helps us to embody our fullest selves.

The last week felt like a tumble down a cosmic rabbit hole; a stumbling ride through a portal to what lies ahead. Like Dorothy in her battered farmhouse, hurtling through the darkness, it was another opportunity to revisit the undulating shadows within, re-experiencing a number of self-defeating thoughts and releasing the potent emotions that trailed them - all with the hope that I would awake in a world of yet more magnificence than I had been capable of perceiving in my former reality. Although I am still in the process of allowing my thoughts to fall back into a logical sequence - still squinting in the sunlight - I trust that the magical Land of Oz will soon be visible. Although the experience of life in each moment has been beautiful for me over the past year, I still long to see the completeness of myself and my life materialised. I understand that I must continue to peel back layers of programming that stand between she and I; between who I am today and the levels of self-love and embodiment that are needed for me to become who I am destined to become in this lifetime.

In my mind, I picture a hot air balloon - again, like the one the Wizard exited in, filled with piles of bricks that keep it tethered to Earth. With each reeling trip through each unilluminated portal of accelerated learning and soul growth, one or more weighty bricks are cast from the balloon's basket, allowing it to rise with more lightness. And, becoming lighter, it emerges with more freedom - the freedom that is our birthright if we will only allow ourselves permission to claim it. Conversations this week involved a greater acknowledgement of our lack of freedom since birth, in our societies and families, and in the world. Even as humans, we underwent a devolution process that stripped us of our fifth-dimensional abilities. We became locked in a third-dimensional reality where powers like intuition, healing and telepathy were almost impossible for us to access. The good news is, as the earth ascends and we experience awakening, we will come closer to realising these abilities again. We will become increasingly powerful and free.

Like a mighty tree that grows ever upwards to the sky, we continually create the building blocks of our evolution. We will continue to progress through cycles of hibernation, activation and action if we wholeheartedly agree to step forward into our roles in the exceptional future that we are cocreating with the rest of humanity. And, like the strongest tree, we will be exposed to the wind and the rain, to the judgements of others and to the potential of mistreatment by them if we do not hold fast to our sovereignty. But, if we are able to evolve into our true selves amidst the changing seasons and environments, like a tree, we will continue to gain the strength and wisdom we need to become fully outfitted containers for ourselves and others; humans who have the heart capacity to hold space for the pain, fear and suffering of those who have not yet found this nurturing space within themselves and will look to us to show them how to find it.

It is natural for those who love us to try to hold us back, even if they are unaware that they are doing so. They fear that with change will come separation; that they might lose us or lose our love if we change. It is natural for us to suppress aspects of ourselves for others or even allow others to direct or control aspects of our lives - particularly if we are empaths. We see the suffering of others and we don't want them to feel separation and loss. We might also fear separation for ourselves; that we might lose our place in the community and our sense of belonging, or that we might no longer be loved. Along the spiritual path, we come to understand that we can no longer live by others' rules or wishes if they do not align with our higher selves' missions for this lifetime. To do so would be to disallow wholeness in ourselves. It would mean a life of less meaning, less fulfillment - a life with something always missing. With this increasing consiousness, the choice to comply ceases to be a choice we are content to make. It is our destiny to be fully embodied humans and we must rise to meet our destiny.

For me, the path is progressively to gain awareness of how I would like to exist - the experiences that I would like to have in this lifetime. As each unfulfilled desire arises, we can reflect on our resistance to experiencing and manifesting it in our reality. What repercussions are we afraid of experiencing if we follow through with our desire? Who will judge us? How will we feel if they do? And is this fear of judgement worth us giving over a vital part of who we are? It can be unsettling to allow ourselves to experience something that seems counterpoint to our identity, especially if it is under the gaze of others. With courage, it is doable, however. We must have faith that as we increase in our capacity to hold and emit the higher frequencies that accompany our spiritual evolution, we will become magnetic to those who align and for those who see similar potential in themselves. With each choice to fully embody our soul's desires, we demonstrate greater love for ourselves. Through the allowance of our true selves in each moment, we become filled to the brim with self-love - we become love, and when we are full, that love has no other outlet but to flow forward to others. We will then align with others who have the capacity to love us at this level.

I had an out-of-character experience last weekend - swimming under the full moon (see the video below: A Wolf Moon). It was an incredible physical and spiritual experience which awakened me to unexplored aspects of my humanness and exposed a lot of thoughts and emotions to consider and play with. Yes, the spiritual journey should be playful. As difficult as the journeys through those dark tunnels can be, observing our human experiences from the vantage point of a few steps away can help us see the funny side. When an experience calls us, we shouldn't feel obligation to follow through - we should feel excitement and anticipation for it to unfold. There was a lot of nervous laughter as we tiptoed down to the water, and much appreciation for the beauty of the drifting clouds as they folded over the moon and back again. Swimming under the wolf moon provided a chance to explore the wild women inside of us, and it was, for me, a rare outing for her - at least up until now. In every moment of our lives, we have the opportunity to explore new dimensions of ourselves. Our experiences are only limited by the chains we have built in our own minds and hearts. If we are not impinging on the rights of others, we are free to explore, experiment, express and embody. We need to take back our freedom to live our most aligned lives.

A Wolf Moon

A poem about swimming under the full moon.

By Penny Muller

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