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Divine Timing

Relax and surrender to the ease and flow of the perfect moment.

Today was a day for exploring. It was the most perfect day imaginable. Everything sparkled. Each time I arrive at the ferry terminal, it feels like the first time. On sunny days like today, I am overcome with the spectacle of the light glittering on that huge expanse of water, and the picturesque boats anchored and dotted across the passage. My first stop was Lamb Island, and I walked from end to end and up the hill to see the view. I think I fell in love with it. Or, perhaps it was the enchanting magic of the morning. I like how lush it is; almost jungle-like, with forest, ferns and dense vegetation, both in the wild and in people's lovely gardens. Butterflies were everywhere, synchronistically moving in pairs as if they were born to coexist in graceful harmony. The quiet and peace were palpable, and they filled me with a calmness and contentment that set me up for the day.

I sat and read at the water's edge while waiting for the ferry, and then it was on to Russell Island for a coffee at Deb's Café. Perfection again. The morning beauty still infused the air as I set off for a walk around the island. Russell Island had a charm almost as engaging as Lamb Island, with long, green streets and some well-tended gardens. Despite the banana trees and tropical plants, I felt like I had almost stepped into the world of my favourite L. M. Montgomery heroines. Trees dropped mandarins and well-fed chooks and ducks grazed on footpaths. I wandered down dirt lanes past grassy blocks, and came upon a forested area with a cleared path and soft, spongy pine needles underfoot. The light filtered through the trees, creating a misty aura over the ferns. Webs were spun intricately around branches, and trees of incredible majesty stood undisturbed in the silence.

People had been asking me why I hadn't yet explored the islands, and probably it is because when I have a day off I often crave civilisation, preferring to head to the mainland. Or, perhaps today was the perfect day, where everything was at its best and divine timing took me by the hand and led me through a world of wondrous beauty. We all want things in our life. I want things too. When I say things, I am not only talking about material possessions. Mostly we are wanting to experience things; but even the desire for material possessions cannot be differentiated from the desire for experiences, as our real desire is to experience the feeling of owning and using that material possession. If we desire a new car, we are wanting to experience the feeling of owning and looking at and driving that car. So it is the experience, and not the object, that we most desire.

When we want to experience something, it is difficult to be patient and wait for it to happen to us. When we are craving a particular outcome, our default thought process is to focus on its absence and to want to control when and how we bring it into our lives. I am certainly not immune to this. Although I believe we should be very clear and intentional about our desires and project them out to The Universe, and that we should take steps and actions towards them in every way we can, I also believe that it is when we surrender to divine timing that we gain access to a higher level of magic. It is the unexpectedness of the divinely perfect moment that brings the most exquisite delight. It is when we put our trust in The Universe and we see it place into alignment all the elements of our most wished-for life, that we feel the most safe, supported and loved. This is when we lose our fear, because we realise that we are supported and that there is no need to be afraid.

This is a practice. It takes time. We will stumble and our faith will temporarily waver. This is life, though. We are meant to experience a great array of emotions that help us feel that we have lived this human experience to the full. Rather than looking to the world or to the government for security, we can look upward to see the bigger picture, inward to seek wisdom from our higher selves, and outward to see how we can contribute to creating a more beautiful world. And to create a beautiful world, we need to focus on the beauty that already exists - as like attracts like. What we see and perceive as reality will magnify for us until it becomes our foremost experience - our personal reality. The more of us, as individuals, who do this, the more the world will transform. And, I want to live in a mystical, divine world; full of perfect moments and synchronicities, heavenly signs, and nudges from The Universe. I want to walk through my life with the promise of alluring surprise, miraculous happenings, and emotions and experiences that are sometimes almost too intense or poignant or pleasurable to be believed.

To move into this mind space, we must approach life with curiosity; as learners, explorers and creators. We will never have all the answers. We will never be done. We must be open to changing our views as we learn and grow. I like to explore the outside world, but I also like to explore the world of knowledge and intellect. And, then there is the inner world, where there is always the chance to discover more about ourselves and what we are capable of doing, feeling and experiencing. Every day, a potential new frontier is available to us. And, this is our personal journey. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it. When it looks to the outside world that nothing is happening in our lives, we might actually be making the most internal inroads. We don't always have to be physically 'doing'. 'Doing' is no measure of our growth. As I said in the previous post, having the flu a few weeks ago was an opportunity for internal growth for me. There are times in our lives that are more focused on doing, and others that are for learning, healing, reflecting or receiving. If we trust Universal timing, we will experience these seasons when they are most beneficial for us.

I have always found that The Universe will step in and effect change when it is needed, as it responds to the intentions of our higher selves. Even better, however, is to move through the world with our ears open to listening to those signs and signals from our higher selves. We might consider those things that are available to explore, feel and experience in the moment. We might listen to what we are being called to - drawn towards. We might listen to what are hearts are feeling, and what our bodies are feeling and sensing. These are our inbuilt mechanisms to guide us through all the large and tiny decisions in our lives. We do not need to strive to be any particular way; we just need to be authentic, truthful, open - maybe even childlike in our trust and curiosity about life. If we recognise that we are divine beings, here to have a human experience, we can begin to see the lightheartedness of our existence. Don't worry about whether it feels childish or silly to wade and splash in the ocean at dusk or fantasize about your childhood literary heroines while wandering on an island, as I do. Or, don't worry if you don't feel like it. Life should not be forced - it should be fun and it should be real. Talk to the angels, look for the fairies, delight in the dragonflies, and revel in the sunsets. Life is both human and divine. We are protected by The Universe. We are perfectly supported and safe to live as we choose and desire.

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