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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

We are living in a monumental time in human history, and many people are still going about their everyday lives as if nothing is happening. I'm finding this challenging and puzzling, and I feel like a stranger in a strange land. Looking back, this is not a new feeling for me. I've always looked at the world with confusion, wondering why others turn a blind eye to things that are not right. Over the last few years of the latest phase of my spiritual awakening, more and more information has come to my attention, and I'm starting to recognise the reasons that the things in my past have happened, and why I have had the feelings and understandings that I've had as I've moved through life so far. I'm learning more truths about what the world has been, where it is heading, why I chose to incarnate during this time, and what my past lives and galactic origins might have been.

It's been a strange and exciting journey of accepting, of letting go, and of setting intentions for the future. It's been a time of learning to trust and to discern. A whole new world of learning is opening up for me and I'm looking forward to discovering what my part in this evolving universe will be. It may seem to take a long time to wake up, but it's impossible to close your eyes once they have been opened. Throughout my life, during tough times, I wondered what I was being prepared for. I kept asking why it was necessary that I become so strong. I knew there was something that I was here to do and that I was developing the courage and confidence to do it. I understand now that the world is entering a new astrological age - the Age of Aquarius, where we will all ascend to a higher dimensional frequency that will enable us to live with more love, connection, freedom and abundance. This ascension process is happening now, and it is requiring that we let go of the beliefs and understandings that we have carried up until this point. This time of letting go is being called The Great Awakening. So, I am not the only person who is being awakened. We all are. Those who are not awake now, soon will be.

This, right now, is the crucial time. We are being pushed to our limits to see how much restriction, control and tyranny we will tolerate. Many people are still accepting the narrative and making decisions based on fear. Some are already awake and are pushing against it, but more are needed. This vibration of fear is a low frequency which is preventing us from ascending. So, it is time to say no to fear. It is not easy to accept that we have not been privy to the truth. And, this is all by design. And, on some level we know this. We know that there has been evil in the world - war, slavery, injustice, manipulation, corruption, starvation, intimidation, brainwashing. We know that the powerful have often become powerful in ways that are immoral and unethical. It is not a new concept that people who appear to be powerful are sometimes puppeted by those behind the scenes who are even more powerful. We know that we are living within systems that were created to maximise profit and not to support our wellbeing. We know that there are chemicals in our air, water and food that are affecting our health, and that we have been subjected to unsafe and experimental medical procedures for centuries. We know that children have been abused by those who were responsible for their care.

It is nicer not to think about these things, of course it is, and we want to feel safe in our world and we want our children to grow up feeling safe in their world. So, perhaps this is the reason for the bubbles that we have built around ourselves that we try to keep impermeable to these realities. But, do we want to live in a world where our right to choose, to discern, and to stand up against injustice is being taken from us? Do we want to live in a multi-tiered society where people are afraid to connect with one another? Do we want children to grow up in a fearful world where anyone with an opposing point of view is considered a threat? This is why I've named this blog post Discernment, because if we want to know the truth, we need to start tuning in to our ability to read energy. Truth has been so inverted that it is possible that many things we have been taught to think and believe are untrue. Truth will not be handed to us on a platter. At present, we are also unlikely to read it in the mainstream media. We will have to be open to looking for it on our own.

There were times in my life when I warned others that certain people were not to be trusted - that they were narcissistic or self-serving. The response was that they said they were a good person, so they must be. This is manipulation; this is not discernment. We need to look below the surface. We are living in an age of information, so there are many many people and organisations sharing information on public platforms. If we can, we need to look at their source, their possible agenda, and most importantly, their vibrational energy. Those people who are radiating love, light and calmness will be living in a high vibrational frequency. They will be calm because they trust their inner knowing and are approaching this time period from an observation standpoint. They are able to see beyond this movie that we're living in, and although they will not have access to all truth, it will be clear that they are truth seekers and lightworkers. If a person is emitting fear, tension and anger while sharing information, this is not the person to listen to. Love and fear cannot coexist, so this person is not in a high vibrational frequency that connects him or her with source / God / love / truth. He or she is, in the moment of emitting this vibration, apart from it.

If you are connected to a high frequency with the intention of accepting truth for reasons that are not self-serving, information will come to you. If it is information that is meant for you, it will resonate. Things will finally make sense. The ascension energy is helping this process, so we can be strong in the understanding that we are being supported. Make sure you're in a very positive state of mind before attempting this, as the truth about the world up until this time is confronting. It is very important to protect yourself and your energy. Wait until you are ready. The aim is not to sink into despair, but to be able to move on towards a new way of living in which these negative realities will cease to exist. The sooner we can begin living in the world that we wish to see, the quicker we can raise the vibration of the planet and contribute to the collective awakening. Information that has been suppressed and is being revealed will expose dark agendas and practices of elites, governments, monarchies, religious organisations, financial systems, celebrities, and the film and TV industries. These reveals are not for the fainthearted, and we will learn that it is time to take some of these people off their pedestals and recognise our sovereignty as beings and souls who are here to create a new, brighter world.

Many people are predicting just when these big reveals will take place, and many are expecting that it will be very soon. But, knowing the truth ahead of time can allow us to assimilate this information and support others when the truth comes out on a larger scale. I'm motioning people towards an open door, not opening an argument. This is our choice and the timing has to be right for us. If you would like to know more, but don't know where to look, I will share some sources below. If you don't resonate with them, look for others that are right for you. I don't believe knowledge is ever a burden to carry, but I am aware that some people don't feel that way. I am so ready to step into the future but I understand that change is difficult for some people. Self-care must be our first priority in this case. Make sure you look after yourself during this time, no matter what choices you make.

For those who wish to explore further:

Janine is a favourite of many truth seekers around the world. She is Canadian but has a lot of information about Australia that might be interesting to those who live here. If you read through the comments on her videos you will start to see that there are many who are on the same page. Truthers with YouTube channels talk in code so that their channels are not taken down, so you might have to watch multiple videos and listen to multiple people to understand the bigger picture. Many speak on other platforms as well, so you can look further afield for less-censored content. I would recommend researching as you go. I have downloaded DuckDuckGo as a search engine, as it does not store any of our information and is also much less censored than Google. Tarot by Janine - YouTube / Sending Ravens with Tarot by Janine - YouTube Also, browse through the interviews that Janine has had with many other truthers and you will come across some incredible people and conversations.

In Australia (Adelaide) we have Carly and Julia Soul Twins, who have many incredible interviews on their channel. Carly & Julia SoulTwins - YouTube

Lee Harris is someone to watch if you want support in this process. I absolutely love his energy. LeeHarrisEnergy - YouTube

If you are very open-minded, I would highly recommend Elizabeth April Elizabeth April - YouTube. Elizabeth was my introduction to this world of information, and she is incredible, but you have to be willing to go galactic.

If you have any doubts about Hollywood, this video is the one. I would suggest watching to the end. Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes 2020 - All of his bits chained - YouTube

And if you want to feel hopeful and uplifted, watch the last bit of this video by Psychic LJ:

There are many others and I'm discovering them by the day. If these people are here on earth to help us navigate the new world, I believe that things are looking pretty good!

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