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Across Rainbows

Once we experience conscious awakening, there is no going back.

Oh Bird! 22 April, 2002

Oh bird, I heard you call to me,

A tune beyond eternity,

Is reaching this mere mortal,

Who can feel but cannot see.

Do you seek to talk to me,

You who sing, but cannot speak?

And I who speak, but cannot see,

Am blinded to the call from thee.

But as you call, and as I hear,

The song is comfort to my ear,

You do not know, but yet you give,

An instrument of God, not fear.

I want to follow what is real,

To touch the truth you help me feel,

To leave behind this great millpond,

And sense the infinite beyond.

I want to watch the sands of time,

Pass by in flowing, joyful rhyme,

While I join hands with life and see,

The pattern of eternity.

And little bird, that time is nigh,

And you're as ignorant as I,

But keep on calling, and when it's here,

With you to paradise I'll fly.

I wrote this poem in my Uni days. You could call it inspiration or you could call it procrastination. I was inspired by the beautiful Japanese Garden at the Uni in Toowoomba and used to spend time writing poetry there.

Now, sitting on the veranda in the sun, I am hearing birds call from the mango tree just outside and from all corners of the neighbourhood. What were solitary calls has become a chorus of cheeping and chattering, like sunshine in sound. In the distance, I can see an eagle soaring above the eucalypts - eagles often soar over the sea here. I'm not sure how I knew, back then, that birds were spiritual messengers, but I sensed that with wings that carried them above the world - and like the siren calls of mer people, with their songs, that they connected us with the infinite, showing us the entrance to the rainbow bridge - the passage between worlds. I am thinking of the bluebird in the song that flew beyond the rainbow, when mere mortals didn't believe it was possible.

Beautiful Judy - thank you for teaching me how to sing!

I don't remember ever being spiritually disconnected, as I was born into religion and maintained a personal connection that evolved as I developed my own beliefs and perspectives. People often experience a spiritual awakening during a time of crisis or trauma such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a divorce, or a debilitating illness. During this process, people typically reassess their priorities, making permanent changes to their lives that are more aligned with their soul's inner knowing rather than with the programming of the outside world. As with many others during this crucial time on Earth, I experienced a dark night of the soul at its most intense during 2017, when I was so unwell that I could barely see the light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn't until I reassessed every aspect of my life that my body allowed me to heal. I went through a process of clearing all the things that no longer served me and intentionally adopting those that were for my highest good. When you lose your health, it is impossible to view anything else as being important. You are physically, emotionally, socially and financially compromised to the point that you reach the understanding that your highest good must always come first.

Life is a continual process of growth, and we are all on separate journeys that our souls chose before we incarnated for this lifetime. Every one of us, however, chose to incarnate during this period of Earth's ascension from an era of darkness into a new age of light. The darkness has been far deeper than we may wish to acknowledge, but as the frequency of the earth ascends, the darkness will no longer be able to exist in this dimension. If we don't choose to raise our frequency with the Earth, we will no longer be able to stay here either. So, if we choose to stay, we will go through further stages of spiritual awakening as part of the ascension process. We will cross the rainbow bridge to a more expanded perspective. Dark nights of the soul are gifts that allow us to make this transition from third-dimensional, concrete ways of viewing the world to an awareness of higher dimensional realities. This is a process of remembering or coming home to who we were all along. To facilitate The Great Awakening that must occur as earth ascends, we are being gifted with a dark night of the soul on a worldwide scale. As you will no doubt have noticed over the last few years, some will embrace it, and some will fight it all the way. Although there may be some loss and confusion, awakening is a magical journey. Feeling into the truth of the world and our own truth will allow us to clear the unwanted and become lighter.

The term, The Rainbow Bridge, can be used to refer to a bridge to the other world, upon death, but it can also refer to the path to spiritual transformation, from which there is no going back. I wrote this poem when I was a teenager; when I saw the magic of the rainbow but wished it wouldn't keep disappearing.

To a Rainbow 1998

Oh, mystery of life, from whence do you come?

From fairy realms, or awakening sun?

After a sprinkling of summer rain

You deign to make an appearance again,

Or perhaps you're a gift from God above,

The promise of His eternal love.

You arrest our eyes with your breathtaking charm,

Majestic stripe of glorious hues,

So out of place in a land of green,

So swift to come, but soon to lose.

Indigos, violets, pinks and jades,

Red and purple, green and blue,

Together mingle your satin shades,

As you grow in warmth and splendor true.

Elusive creature, you've never stayed,

It seems you are but an empty shell,

As one by one your colours fade,

And silently, you say farewell...

We need no longer be afraid that the rainbow will keep disappearing. The bridge is ours to cross as we choose. We are responsible for our own ascension only, however. We can't bring others across the rainbow bridge with us - we can only act as reflectors of its myriad colours. Everybody's spiritual journey will be different. We will want to offer a hand to others, and they may try to pull us back. It is not easy to leave loved ones to their journey, but we need to hold fast to the understanding that the earth's frequency will assist and accelerate their awakening process too. All is as it should be. I am trusting my inner knowing, and I have long ceased to question my values and perspectives in relation to the third-dimensional narrative. For me, nature has always opened doorways to other realms. Look to the birds, to nature, for connection. She will show the way.

If happy little bluebirds fly

Beyond the rainbow

Why, oh, why can't I?

- Roger Edens

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