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World Update

Massive changes are happening in our world. How can we navigate these?

What do we see when we look around us at the world? Do we see chaos and upheaval; or do we prefer not to look? I know I have said this before, but I believe that if we choose not to look, it will be difficult for us to clear the underlying fears that we have - the fear of the unknown - the 'what ifs'. What if the world is becoming an unsafe place? What if we can no longer afford to live? What if a world war happens? What if we destroy the earth and it becomes uninhabitable? What if we can't trust our leaders? Over the past two years, as I have become a world-watcher, I have had the opportunity to look my underlying fears in the face. In the process of seeking the truth, I have found trust, peace, and the anticipation of a brighter future; one I believe in without doubt.

Much of what we believe is happening in the world is merely media stories. It is very difficult for us to know for sure which of these stories are real and which are false. For me, this is no longer important. I can feel with every breath I take that we are living in an increasingly higher frequency. The energy of the planet is rising as we enter a golden age. When we internalise something, and believe it, and feel it, we can become assured it will happen. As a result of this belief, my personal vibration is higher, and so I can fulfil one of my roles for this lifetime, which I believe is to assist with raising the frequency of the planet so we can accelerate the ascension. If you are reading this, this is also one of your roles. Much of the world is still living in fear - or denial - and although it is easy to feel frustrated and impatient with others, the best thing we can do is to offer compassion. There but for the grace of God go we, as they say. If we offer as much love as possible to the people who are living in a fearful state, we will be able to transmute and alleviate that fear, thereby raising the collective vibration so that a new world is possible.

The media has great power, but we are more powerful. Celebrities and people in leadership positions appear to have great power. But, again, their power does not surpass ours. We have the ability to manifest reality with every thought, feeling, and action we take. And, most importantly, with our belief - our faith - our trust. Living in a love frequency, we are infinitely more powerful than those operating from negative states such as greed, control or fear. It doesn't really matter whether Elon Musk is on the side of good or bad. With the media story about the purchase of Twitter, our attention is being drawn to the censorship we have been living with. This is our cue to recognize our desire for a world where free speech is possible. Thank you Elon, for allowing your brand to be utilized in this way! Because we know the world is ascending, we can have trust in the belief that all current world events are catalysts for positive change - regardless of how they appear. The last two years has been a transition period, allowing us to clear negative energies from the planet, heal the earth, and take time to reassess our priorities. Despite fearful events and perceived threats, I am already seeing a changed world and changes in the perspectives of people around me.

At this point, I'm not avoiding or ignoring the world. It is just that I have become more of an observer of it. I still care very deeply, but I am not as emotionally invested in the stories. I am invested in setting intentions for the world that I want to live in and making everyday choices based on my belief in that desired future. As humans, we have had a tendency to expect the worst, and this is no longer a viable strategy for us. We did not come here to be slaves of the elites or of media-swayed opinion; we came to fulfil our full potential as spiritual beings in human bodies, enjoying the best that our physical bodies and our spiritual connection have to offer. Stress, worry and fear have no benefit for us, but instead are likely to make us sick. We deserve to be well and feel wonderful in our bodies, enjoying nature and creativity and all the beautiful things that surround us.

Maybe it is not always easy, but our best hope for the future is that we learn to trust humanity. People who are trusted tend to rise to the level of that trust. I was constantly amazed when I worked with young children by the things that they were capable of. One day, I saw a baby who had never walked suddenly stand up and run across the room. When I was cooking with the children, I saw a four-year-old effortlessly pick up an egg and crack it into a bowl without being asked. There was no trace of shell in the bowl. She had cracked a perfect egg. That's not something I am always expert at doing. We have such pride when we are trusted by others. I started to cultivate a practice of trust with my kinder children. Sometimes they would repeatedly ask if something was really okay: Am I really allowed to pour the paint from the bottle by myself? Can I really carry the plates to the table? Some would also verify with other educators. I would always reassure them that I trusted them and that I knew they could do it. I never had a serious accident happen under my care, and if there was ever a broken plate, it wasn't during circumstances of trust. If a plate was broken, it was more likely to be accidently done by an adult who was rushing and was not calm. Children are capable of intense concentration on tasks when they are trusted.

I'm not meaning to compare children with adults, but imagine what the adults around us would be capable of if we trusted them to operate at their highest capacity. What about ourselves? What might we be capable of if we trusted ourselves to operate at our highest capacity? What type of world might we then create? The world is incredibly beautiful, and we have the capability to make it infinitely better with our intentions. Every day when we choose to live as if we are in the world that we wish for, we are contributing to the frequency that will create it. In the process, we will also be happier and healthier. Those niggling fears will start to fade away, because we will have developed a deeper trust in the bigger picture, the positive intentions of humanity, and our own ability to create. We will be able to embrace all aspects of life - both the joy and the challenges. And, in accepting all aspects of the world and our lives as being connected with and part of ourselves, we will find serenity.

To end, here is another poem video that I made the other day.

Photos: The Island, May 2022

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