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What Should I Wear?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Did you ever buy something because it looked great on someone else, only to feel that it just wasn't 'you'?

I'm positive that you've seen people who can look effortlessly cool in this....

And then there are those rare souls who can pull this off...

And then there are those who are better off sticking with something like this...

Yes, that would be me...

I want to tell you about something that I've totally immersed myself in recently. I found it so interesting that I just had to get to the bottom of it. It's been around forever and it's called Body Geometry.

Please keep reading, because this could mean that you never make a purchasing mistake again - or almost never. It's so exciting!

According to this system, the bone structure of your face determines whether an item of clothing / outfit / piece of jewelry / handbag / pair of shoes / hair style / makeup style etc. will look like it belongs on your body, or whether it will look like it belongs on somebody else's body. The height, bone structure and muscle structures of your body all play parts in this, however the structure of your face plays the biggest role. Your style type doesn't change with fluctuations in body weight - which is great for me. Your bone structure remains the same regardless of weight or age.

The philosophy is that the lines of the clothes should mimic or complement the lines of the body. This way they make a harmonious picture - they just look right.

Consider these images...

There are a variety of types of bone structure here.

The Kibbe Image Identity System - developed in the 1970s by a style expert called David Kibbe, has 5 main types:

Dramatic, Classic, Romantic, Natural and Gamine, and has subtypes within these types.

A dramatic woman, such as the woman in the centre image, will have long, thin bones in her face and body. She will look her best in clothes that accentuate these features, that are tailored and loosely fitted, with strong colours and sharp lines. Imagine this woman wearing a frilly, polka dot dress. The soft, round lines of a voluminous dress and the polka dot pattern would be at odds with the long, thin lines of her body. This same dress would look just right on a petite, curvy woman with soft facial bones and soft flesh on her body.

This system is quite complex to get your head around, so learning about it takes some commitment. There are two young women on YouTube who are absolutely wonderful at explaining the various types. They use images of celebrities to illustrate their discussions, and this really helps to train your eye.

You can also go straight to the source, David Kibbe

In the past, women were told that there was a beauty ideal, and the beauty ideal shifted around over the decades. Women were encouraged to mould themselves to fit the ideal of the time. This system is not about correcting so-called flaws. It is not about turning an apple into a pear, or every body type into an hourglass. This is about celebrating the unique beauty of every woman (it applies to men as well). What we wear matters, particularly because of the way it makes us feel. Feeling confident is a whole lot easier when we are comfortable in the way we are presenting ourselves, and when we feel that what we are wearing expresses who we are and how we want to be seen by others. The opportunities offered in life also directly relate to the way we are perceived, so this is a journey that is worth taking.

The best thing about this journey is that through training my eye to see uniqueness in people, I began to see beauty everywhere, in every woman. I gained a new appreciation of myself and others. I find myself drawn to the same brands and the same styles year after year, and at every size. I wasn't surprised when I learned about the clothes that suited me, but I was able to join the dots, and now I have a better understanding of why they work.

It's about creating a harmonious work of art!

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