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Underlying Beliefs

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

In which ways do our underlying beliefs affect our decision-making?

Most likely, every time we make a decision, it is a result of our underlying beliefs, conscious or unconscious. Beliefs arise from our environments, the socialisation process, family, friends, teachers, and the media. Beliefs may be based on observation, experience, research, or the views of others. Beliefs may be deeply ingrained, or subject to change. What we must recognise, though, is that beliefs are just that - beliefs. As such, we must always be willing to adapt our beliefs to accommodate new information, knowledge and experience. Although some beliefs have remained stable throughout my life, many are fluid. Countless beliefs have shifted throughout the last few years, the last year, and even the last month as I have become acquainted with differing perspectives, information sources, and evidence. Most importantly, it is as I sift the new information through my intuition and my value system, that these beliefs have become truly mine. I claim them in this moment, but I stay prepared to release them if necessary. There is no virtue in maintaining a belief for the sake of being viewed as constant. This is attachment, and although it is a human proclivity, it is an ego state which will stand in the way of deeper growth and learning, and higher levels of love.

We have underlying beliefs about all the prominent things in our lives. For example, I no longer believe that effort equals result. I believe that I could work my butt off at a high paying job, but that if my underlying belief is that I am not deserving of money, something will always come up to make it disappear again. Many people who win or inherit money lose, spend or give it away very quickly. This is because their underlying belief of their unworthiness to have that abundance is at odds with the abundance they have received. It is also common for people to sabotage themselves in their jobs or relationships due to feelings of unworthiness. These days, I am focusing more on shifting my underlying beliefs than I am on making money or looking for a relationship, for example, as I can see that these underlying beliefs are the real obstacles that lie in our path. It is a common thought that we can never run away from ourselves. Likewise, we can't escape our underlying beliefs. We'll find ourselves bumping up against the same issues time and time again, feeling that we are running on a treadmill that never ends, or facing the same barriers over and over.

A few years ago, I revisited and became very interested in the concept of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. People, regardless of spiritual beliefs, can harness the power of the mind and the power of frequency to attract or manifest wanted experiences or things into their lives. I became aware that it was not uncommon for people to progress along their manifestation journey from this awareness to another level of thinking. In realizing that they could use the power of their beliefs to make things happen, they raised their frequency, discovered signs, synchronicities, magic and miracles, and developed a stronger understanding that they were being supported by spirit, by the universe. With this realization, the things that they were wanting to manifest no longer mattered as much. There was a shift in the attachment to the material world and a greater desire to step into their purpose and expand the consciousness of the planet. This lack of attachment brings a level of freedom that feels better than anything we formerly thought was important, and I have experienced this same progression, particularly over the last year.

Most of my work life in the past involved watching people turn a blind eye to things that were not right. And, these people, who I considered to be nice people, believed that I had the luxury of standing up against those things because I didn't have a family relying on my paycheck. This is difficult, because of course I would never suggest that anyone risk their children's welfare in any way. But, it was a case of protecting one's own family at the expense of the wellbeing of someone else's children. To me, every child is equally precious and I believe we have a collective responsibility to protect the vulnerable. I was always surprised to realize that parents of children were not more highly aware of this than I was, as a non-parent. People talk about a sudden nurturing instinct that they feel when they become a parent or an aunt or uncle, but I knew as a very young person that I would risk my life to protect any child, regardless of the relationship. From what I'm learning, it seems that this might be as a result of past life experiences, or about what my soul has chosen to experience during this lifetime. When I see that people around the world are now leaving their jobs on principle, I am moved and surprised, and ashamed that I have underestimated humanity. We've been raised in a world where we are encouraged to set ourselves up for the future, to be independent, to be safe and risk-free.

Those that recognise the world as part of themselves are the brave, the bold, the heroes among us. And, this is where the underlying beliefs of the spiritually connected come in. Nobody would ever suggest that children should be left to starve. But, being spiritually connected is never about fear; it's always about trust. Our higher self doesn't exist in fear, so if we are listening to it, we will draw closer to a place of trust. This is about having an underlying belief that when we follow our highest calling, the universe will support us. It's an underlying belief that we are all part of Source, all one, and so the good of the individual and the good of humanity are one and the same. People who leave their jobs, knowing that they are listening to direction from their soul, have an inner knowing that there is an even better job or calling being provided for them. Shifting this basic, underlying belief that we are unsafe to a belief that we can live in accordance with trust, takes some doing. It is more than worthwhile, however. There is nothing more certain than change, so trusting the universe and our inner guidance system to point the way, can provide us with the feeling of safety that we are seeking.

If we are interested in challenging some of our underlying beliefs with the intention of moving forward with life in new and exciting ways, we might pose questions for ourselves and mull over them for a while. We could turn our beliefs into opposites and reflect on whether they sit well with our intuition and value systems. For example,

If you believe that wealthy people are greedy or self-serving, you might ask yourself:

What might a generous and well-intentioned person do with money that a poor person wouldn't be able to do?

If you believe that the purpose of life is to work hard, regardless of whether you enjoy your job or whether it is suited to you, you might ask yourself:

What impact might I have on the world or those around me if I was happy, energetic, fulfilled and motivated as a result of choosing the path that is right for me?

If you believe that you have limitations in your ability to run a business, or a marathon, or a market stall, you might ask yourself:

Which skills and aptitudes do I have that might help me approach these endeavours in ways that are unique to me, or which skills might I be able to learn?

I believe that the universe is waiting to support all of us to step into our power; to follow our life paths; to explore, experience and appreciate; to contribute to the good of humanity; to feel, love and connect; and to expand with abundance and joy. However, due to the Law of non-Intervention, we must accept and consent to this choice of expansiveness.


If we consent to underlying beliefs in:





Purpose, and

Happiness, without compromise -

I believe we will always be supported.

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