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The Whole Woman

Updated: May 19, 2023

How can we become an embodiment of The Whole Woman?

In Spiritual circles, the archetypes Maiden, Mother and Crone are commonly understood as embodiments of the three phases in a woman's life. You could add childhood as the first of four phases. I'm choosing to rename these archetypes as: The Young Woman, The Whole Woman, and The Wise Woman. The reason for the renaming is that the original names could be considered prescriptive; Maiden having the connotation of virgin or describing an overt femininity that some young women might not relate to, and Mother alienating those who, like me, are not literal mothers to children. Many people seem to recoil from the name Crone, so I feel that The Wise Woman is nicer - a title to aspire to and to be earned later in life.

Recently, a woman I met at a Spiritual retreat told me that I was ‘’so whole’’. Up until now, I had not viewed myself in those terms, however the acknowledgement of my perceived wholeness - and I recognise that this is a great compliment and a description that I am still in the process of earning, gave rise to the concept of The Whole Woman. I realised that actively choosing to embody the archetype of The Whole Woman might be the next step in my personal and Spiritual development, and that it might enable me to draw closer the experiences that I had still been wishing to manifest in my life. The Whole Woman is my version of the archetype of The Mother. The three archetypes are not defined by the age of the woman - in fact, many women have carried the Maiden archetype into old age. The Maiden - or young woman - who has not been mothered in all the ways that she needed to be, and has not learned to fully mother herself, is unable to grow into The Whole Woman. She is known as The Wounded Maiden, a woman who retains a victim mentality, neglects to take full responsibility for her life and her choices, and longs for a saviour.

Although The Whole Woman, a more complete version of The Young Woman, still allows herself to dream and play and be youthful, she also innerstands the value of building her desired life. She takes concrete actions to create her best self and her most aligned life. Because her focus is on healing, nurturing and cherishing herself, she develops the capacity to love and nurture others without expectation or obligation. Without wholeness, it is difficult to give love that is pure. The Whole Woman is full; she has filled herself. As a result of her everyday intentions and actions, The Whole Woman feels safe, centred, loved, nurtured, creative, connected and magnetic. Because of this embodiment, she commands respect, she is sovereign. Others are drawn to her, as she is authentic in self-expression and in her interactions. She knows that she must be whole if she wants to attract a partner who also embodies wholeness. She is patient, knowing a quality partner is worth waiting for.

The Whole Woman Makes a Safe Space.

The Whole Woman innerstands the importance of creating a safe space wherever she goes. She begins by choosing a home that is safe and inviting. The Whole Woman innerstands that without safety, she will not find the calm, centred space within that is needed as a foundation for creating an aligned life. The Whole Woman also makes a safe space inside herself so she feels safe and supported in all situations. Because of this inner safety, she navigates the world with confident assurance, acknowledging her place in the world and allowing herself to be seen.

The Whole Woman is Centred.

The Whole Woman has boundaries. She values her time and energy and innerstands that she can only be at her best when she is rested and aligned. The Whole Woman cultivates calmness. She places her focus where it is most needed so she can bring her best self to any situation. The Whole Woman is grounded. She spends time in nature so she can breathe alongside it and emulate its rhythms. The Whole Woman innerstands that she must fully heal her inner Young Woman and her inner child before she can be whole. The Whole Woman takes full responsibility for her emotions and relationships and for others’ behaviours towards her.

The Whole Woman Loves her Body.

The Whole Woman tends to her body’s needs. She is conscious of her body's nutritional requirements and builds awareness of which foods are best for her. She moves her body in ways that feel nurturing. The Whole Woman is intimate with her body's cycles and supports her body's need for rest and rejuvenation during her bleed. The Whole Woman accepts all parts of her body, sitting with and embracing those that society deems unworthy. She cherishes her body as sacred and innerstands its power. The Whole Woman works with her sexual energy, channeling it into creative pursuits. She is selective of who she shares it with, knowing that negative others can syphon her energy. She balances pleasure with discipline and giving with receiving.

The Whole Woman Births.

The Whole Woman is a mother to new ideas and ways of viewing the world. Rather than perpetuating common patterns, she looks outside of the box to consider alternative ways of thinking and doing. The Whole Woman draws on her existing knowledge and innerstanding in this process. The Whole Woman balances intellect with intuition and utilises her inner knowing to grow ideas. She considers a wide range of possibilities and uses visualisation to conceive them. She tends to her own healing and inner work before giving birth to a literal child and to her creative projects. She is conscious that her creative output is a reflection of who she has created herself to be.

The Whole Woman Nurtures.

The Whole Woman nurtures her projects so they come to fruition. She steps through fears and takes risks in the process of developing her ideas into concrete form. The Whole Woman nurtures herself and those around her. She releases the desire to compete and generously supports other women in their endeavours. She is conscious of the words she uses and the ways she interacts with others. She acknowledges those around her and shows appreciation for the ways they have enriched her life. The Whole Woman connects rather than excludes. She ensures others are comfortable and welcome.

The Whole Woman is Connected.

The Whole Woman connects to herself, others, and a higher power. She trusts in her higher self to guide her in making decisions. She knows she is always protected and provided for by the Universe. The Whole Woman has an open heart. She allows herself to be vulnerable with others, giving them permission, also, to show vulnerability and be seen. She acknowledges her connection to all that is and understands the oneness of everything. In doing so, she shows compassion to all who have hurt and are hurting. As she has released her victim mentality and healed herself, forgiveness for others comes easily.

The Whole Woman is Magnetic.

Now that she has implemented concrete habits and rituals that keep her present and grounded, The Whole Woman trusts the process of life and allows it to unfold in Divine timing. The Whole Woman knows that her intentions and efforts will yield results, and that she does not need to force outcomes. Through her connection with the Universe and her higher self, she allows herself to be magnetic so she can receive abundance and manifest her desires. The Whole Woman becomes the centre of her world, as those who wish for the same growth and wholeness that she exudes, are attracted to her like moths to light.

And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears

— Mark Anthony

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