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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What does it mean to be sovereign?

Over the last few weeks, I keep hearing this word - sovereignty. Mostly, it refers to governments and nations rather than to individuals, however I found this definition:

...individual sovereignty, is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity and be the exclusive controller of one's own body and life - Self-ownership - Wikipedia

In looking for a definition of personal sovereignty, I found this interesting quote by Sigmund Freud:

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility - Sigmund Freud - Most people do not really want freedom... (

Is this true? Do many people find it easier to not have to make decisions pertaining to their own lives?

I said to someone, "We're not being told the truth'', and she was adamant in her response, ''Oh, I don't want to know the truth!"

Is this how people really feel?

I don't think we can go forward and create the world that we desire without individual sovereignty. How is it that some people are so afraid of reality? Isn't it more comforting and empowering to know what is really happening? Yes, I believe that we can create our own reality, but I don't view this in the sense that we should construct a fantasy for ourselves. If people build a little bubble around themselves in this way, it will be very difficult for them to truly connect with others and to extend their reach outwards to the world. We are privileged to have access to information and travel like never before. We are no longer in a world that restricts us from acquiring broader perspectives, so for me, it is difficult to understand why people would choose to exist within narrow boundaries like these.

The powers that be utilize real or manufactured crises to introduce legislations, mandates and controls. Because of people's fear during these times, they know that these controls will be accepted. People's fear of these imagined threats is so great that they are blind to the real danger - the threat to their sovereignty. It's almost impossible to believe that so many people have relinquished this ''moral or natural right ... to be the exclusive controller of one's own body and life'', almost without a second thought. I can't believe it. What are people holding onto that is so important to them? Have they stopped to think about why these things matter? They might also consider why control is necessary. It is only the weak and fearful who need control. If people really stood up and stepped into their sovereignty, they could move mountains. The powers that be would be very afraid. The dark is threatened by the light.

Sovereignty is a natural state when you recognize that you are more than this human with this name who is existing in this physical body. When you realize that your soul is so much bigger than this existence in this time and this place, the concrete manifestations of everyday reality greatly decrease in their importance. I am hearing some incredible people expressing that they no longer fear losing their jobs or their houses or their friends. At this point, I feel the same. These are not the things that we will take with us. This is a test of our ability to remain sovereign and take this world forward. I believe that the universe will support me in making this choice to pass this test. When the truth is exposed, many will find themselves disillusioned, damaged and debilitated. They will need time to heal and process. The alternative is that we make the choice to be part of building the new systems rather than finding ourselves victims to the old. And, if we choose to take this path, we must start now, because there will be no room for the old systems if we can build new systems that start pushing them out.

I have left a number of jobs because my ability to provide quality care and education for children was impossible within the parameters that I was given. I've been fired and I've been escorted out. But, when this happens because you refuse to compromise those who are vulnerable, yes, you lose something, but you are left with something much more important. You walk away with integrity, with sovereignty. You walk away with your soul intact. To me, this is the only choice that I, as a sovereign being, can make.

Seeing a reported one hundred thousand people in Melbourne proclaiming their sovereignty on the weekend moved me to tears.

And, again last night, I watched Occupy Parliament Live, where Melbournians gathered on the steps of Parliament listening to Nessun Dorma.

None shall sleep,

None shall sleep!


Watch the stars,

That tremble with love

And with hope.


At dawn, I will win!

I will win!

I will win!

This morning, the mainstream media reported the event:

Yes, with this photo to illustrate.

I feel proud to be a former Melbournian, and an Australian, and a human, witnessing these people coming together on our behalf. There are many around the world who are stating that they will not consent, that they will not forfeit their basic human rights.

First and foremost, we have the right to breathe without having something covering our face.

We have the right to move our bodies.

We have the right to mental health.

We have the right to earn money.

We have the right to choose or refuse medical intervention, treatment and testing.

We have the right to know the truth, and to have freedom of speech and freedom of press.

And, as we go forward, we must remember that we did not come to this planet to follow orders, to march in lines, to comply, to hide away, to worship, or to bow down before anyone. We came here to create, to express, to connect, to experience, and to explore.

We did not come to fear, but to love.

And, if we live our lives with integrity and with sovereignty, there is no reason to fear anything, even death. Death is just a graduation, a new adventure, a return to our home - to our soul family.

I don't believe that we will ever regret the things that we have lost - unless we have lost ourselves.

Bravo Melbournians, and thank you to all those compassionate people around the world who are encouraging Australia as she shows the way.

The light will win!

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