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Simply luxurious

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Is luxury just extravagance, or can it help to heal the soul?

The law of attraction dictates that what we focus on expands, and in my study of it I discovered that many aficionados are hoping to attract lots of 'nice things' into their lives. The interesting thing about this is that according to, many of us rarely use our expensive items. We save them for 'special occasions' or for when guests visit. We see them as scarce so we want to keep them in perfect condition. If this is so, and we don't use our luxury items, we are unlikely to attract more of these luxury items into our lives.

I'm going to define luxury as items or experiences that are a little bit nicer than the ones we usually have or enjoy. For some people this might be a yacht for the Mediterranean or a meal at Restaurant le Meurice. For others, it might be scented soap or hand cream, brie or gorgonzola rather than the usual Woolworths cheddar, a bunch of flowers for the kitchen table, a silk pillowcase, a hot towel straight out of the dryer, a pretty table cloth, a real coffee, or a glass of champagne.

Elizabeth Taylor was known for her collection of some of the most extravagant jewelry in the world. She loved her jewelry and wore it at public events until the end of her life. When she would emerge from her bedroom, Richard Burton would ask her what she had been doing. "Playing with my jewels", she would say. Elizabeth saw herself as custodian rather than owner of the beautiful jewelry, and she assumed that after her death they would end up in a safe somewhere, rarely seen again. Sadly, this is the case. I can't help but wonder if the wonderful jewelry made its way into her life because she actively wore it and loved it so much.

We all have different preferences, and possibly some people have a greater need for beauty in their lives than others. We interact with the world with our senses in a range of ways. Some of us are more visual and some are more tactile. Some resonate more with manmade beauty, others with nature. Many objects, places and experiences are beautiful and precious. Enjoying beauty and luxury within our means can be nourishing and healing for our souls. Because there has been limited opportunity to attend live events, I recently went to the theatre to see the Queensland Ballet and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, both world class companies. Remembering that such beauty and excellence existed in the world lifted my spirits. It was just what I needed.

Luxury can be in whatever form pleases us. It doesn't have to cost money. Chances are we already own luxury items that we are not using. And, if we use, cherish and appreciate these luxuries that are accessible to us, the universe will find many magical ways to bring more and more beautiful things our way.

So we might consider taking those crystal vases out of our cabinets and making flower arrangements from the garden, or using our best plates or glasses every day. We might take the cover off the couch and the plastic from the computer screen. We might put our nice perfume on even if we're only going to bed, burn that candle that someone gave us for our birthday, wear our pretty shoes and special jewelry, and leave that International Roast on the shelf where it belongs.

I hope you have a luxurious day...

Afterword: As I write this, I am soaking my feet in Epzen Magnesium Bath Crystals with an 100% natural essential oil blend of rosewood, ylang ylang, geranium, frankincense and may chang, that I won in a competition. Thank you Epzen, it smells wonderful! (2019).15 signs you're in the middle class [YouTube Video].

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