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Should I Experience This?

We are often encouraged by others to engage in particular experiences to further self-growth. Should we do this?

The other night, I was sitting around a firepit with a group of people in acknowledgement of the full moon eclipse season. The moon rose over the road in front of my house on the island, silvery white and huge - the biggest moon I can remember seeing. The Scorpio moon prompts us to do our inner work - to communicate with our deep emotions. The Scorpio moon is also in my birth chart, so perhaps this is the reason being connected with deep emotions is my natural state - an ever-present reality that keeps me focused on my inner journey. That night, somebody mentioned that we are not here to be ''good'', but to experience. My understanding is that this is correct - from the higher Spiritual perspective there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. There is no patriarchal figure or matriarchal figure on high, judging our actions. Unconditional love has no desire to judge. It simply is. We did, however, incarnate on Earth to have a range of experiences to catalyse soul evolution, on a personal level and for others. I believe some of these are decided in the moment, and others are as the result of soul agreements or contracts with others.

Although our experiences may not be considered right or wrong, I believe they vary according to our level of consciousness at the time of choice. At each level of soul evolution, we will choose experiences that have the potential to propel us to the next level of understanding, or consciousness. An experience that is chosen by another person may not be my choice, because it may not serve the expansion of my consciousness in this moment as it does theirs. We fluctuate between the desire for growth and the desire for safety. Often, I contemplate whether it would be beneficial for my evolution as a human to engage in particular experiences. I wonder whether particular experiences are contrary to my authenticity as a human, or whether I am simply afraid of them. Sometimes the answer is unclear, so I remain in a state of openness to the possibility of the experience without committing one way or the other. During each phase of our journey as humans, we are faced with pressure from others to engage with experiences that they prioritise, or for their purposes - sometimes for their entertainment. Subjecting ourselves to the coercion of others generally leads to resentment. As mentioned in my last blog post, we are free will beings who typically resent the removal of our right to choose. Our choices to engage are neither right nor wrong, but our positive experiences as humans and as souls allow for a more expanded existence - an existence that is freer from fear and which allows us to be more resilient in meeting challenges.

In the Spiritual community, there is much emphasis on expansion, sometimes involving extending our experiences far past the point of comfort. For some, these experiences are soul-enriching - enabling them to experience alternate realities and heightened emotional states. For others, these incur trauma, and as the Spiritual journey involves healing trauma so we can move forward, this can seem counterintuitive. Plant medicines are popular in the Spiritual community, and some people experience enlightening connections with Source or opportunities to release traumas or blocks under their influence. Others experience profound trauma as a result of their experiences. Voyages beyond the veil must be traversed with care. Vulnerable beings can be pushed into psychosis as a result of relinquishing contact with the concrete. Experiences should also be chosen for their potential to elevate our soul growth without inhibiting someone else's. Our experiences should not cause deliberate harm to others or impinge on their free will. We should be wary of experiences that are encouraged in the name of Spirituality, but that are not for our highest good. This includes sexual experimentation that is promoted by others to ''open us up'' or to help us to ''release inhibitions''. Sexual energy has an immense power to expand consciousness or to contract it. We must safeguard our energy and not allow it to be affected by those who are plagued by unhealthy patterns and attachments.

If others are coercing us into engaging in experiences that don't feel like they are for our highest good or authentic to our journey, we need to find the words to say ''no''. We need to retain our sovereignty over our experience to build the inner strength that will allow an expanded life. Many experiences that are typical in our society are of a lower consciousness - not one to aspire to. We must lead the way to moving beyond this. We will be respected as way showers on more enlightened paths to experiencing the world. It is important that we also be discerning regarding experiences that are encouraged by so-called 'Spiritual' communities. These may not be of the light or guided by the light. There are so many beautiful experiences to be had in this world - even as it is right now. There is beauty, there is play, there is creativity, there is friendship, and there is love. We can experience the deepest recesses of our emotions and the most profound connection with Source through spending time in nature, through connecting with likeminded others, through positive sensual or sexual experiences, through nurturing and receiving, and through creating. Most of us are barely dipping our toes into the infinite possibilities of the positive human experience. Many of us are scarcely aware of them, but they are available to us. In our hearts, we must know this.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

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