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Perhaps compassionate self-devotion is the path to our highest realities.

My personal chrysalis is worthy of one thousand new moons of compassionate self-devotion. I begin making love real through the passage of redemption, accepting one thousand mistakes are possible before beauty is born. I invite the freshest dreams to move the silent, deep waters of creativity within. As I quieten, I hear a dream beating velvet kisses upon my cheek. This quest of visions has just begun.

Fresh Streams of Beauty Come from Deep Within, Akal Pritam

I just pulled this card from The Unfurling Goddess Inspiration Cards by Akal Pritam, while sitting in the sun on my veranda. The word 'devotion' is seldom used, but I have heard it more than once lately and so I would like to explore its relevance. The one thousand new moons might relate to the New Moon in Taurus that we have been experiencing. Each new moon brings new beginnings, as through each moon cycle, we build personal chrysalises and emerge reborn. It is in compassionate self-devotion that we continue to build those chrysalises, going within to do the work that will allow us to release, renew and re-form ourselves as we progress towards ascension. Through self-devotion, we cultivate forgiveness for the mistakes we will inevitably make, knowing that beauty is created through our imperfection. And, in our self-forgiveness, we demonstrate deep love for ourselves, paving the way for wondrous mystical and creative experiences to unfold.

Words that pertain to devotion include loyalty, enthusiasm, faithfulness, fidelity, trueness, staunchness, steadfastness, constancy, commitment, allegiance, dedication, caring, closeness, warmness, affection, admiration, fondness and love. define devotion - Search ( All these we must feel for ourselves if we are to cultivate a state of compassionate self-devotion. To make love real we must strive towards warmth and kindness towards ourselves. Only in nurturing this state, will we build the capacity to feel true compassion and forgiveness for others. Energy is real and can always be felt, if we are tuned in - it can't be faked. It is through daily devotional practices that we become the energy of the more evolved soul. These practices do not have to be burdensome or torturous, however. They can involve enthusiasm, affection and play. Devotion is differentiated from discipline, which can involve regulation, routine, order, strictness, authority, training, instruction and exercise. define discipline - Search (

A quote by Luciano Pavarotti I have always remembered is, People think I'm disciplined. It is not discipline. It is devotion. There is a great difference. Devotion implies that we are willing participants in our self-love and evolution, and in our life purposes and passions. These are not practices we impose upon ourselves. Instead, they are those that we dedicate ourselves to with love.

The New Moon in Taurus relates to our physical bodies and relationship with our senses. With Jupiter also in Taurus for the first time since 2012, this new moon brings expansion and abundance. What the New Moon in Taurus Means for Your Sign | Well+Good (

In the wake of this new rebirth, consider compassionate self-devotion in relation to your physical body's safety, comfort and pleasure. Tend to your body's needs in every aspect you can, abundantly. In caring for our bodies, our minds, emotions and spirits will also feel soothed. Feel grounded in your body and luxuriate in your senses this new moon. Merge with love and beauty. There is an innocence in the Taurus energy. Revel in a childlike connection with the earth. What May 2023's New Moon in Taurus Means for You, Astrologically (

Plant seeds, physically, in the Earth, or in terms of manifesting and planning. Consider reflecting and journaling on your wishes and desires for the coming months and years. Slow down and be with the earthy energies of Taurus. What To Know For May's New Moon In Taurus, From Astrologers | mindbodygreen

Compassionate self-devotion is evident in the joy and safety I feel in the homes I have made for myself and in the comforting space I have created within myself. It is evident in the beauty I bring to my environment and that which I view in the outside world. I feel it in the smell of scented oils and in the smoothness of touch upon my skin. It is in the warmth of the sun and in the freshness of cool water - in nourishing food, gentle movement, soft clothing, and a warm, cosy bed. It comes with time for rest, learning, and envisioning futures. Self-devotion lies within each emotion I feel, release and express. It is in the trust in my potential and highest timeline, and in prioritising my wellbeing. It is in acknowledging my worth as a creator, and as a human soul. It is in honouring my dreams and visions. I feel compassionate self-devotion in the witness of the moon and in the light streaming from the stars. I feel it in its beauty, in its playfulness, in its quiet, and in its subtlety - in the dream beating velvet kisses upon my cheek.

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