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Reasons for Being

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

We choose our reasons for being before we enter each lifetime.

I believe we have multiple reasons for being, and that if we are paying attention, we will see the signs and nudges we are being given by the Universe or our higher selves. Singing was always my strongest passion and aspect of my self-identity, and I have noticed that although the desire to sing is as strong as ever, my attachment to that identity has shifted and been released to a large extent, as I have come to see myself as much more multifaceted. However, in the last couple of months, I have had multiple indications that singing and sound healing will become even more central to my life going forward. I have had so much interest in my singing from people on the island and a lot of encouragement to explore sound healing, and I have been told that singing and sound healing are indicated in my birth chart. I was told that singing is ''your destiny''. This is a surprise and a pleasure for me.

Re-reading Shirley Maclaine's Above the Line, I believe I discovered another of my other lives and roles, in Lemuria. I was expecting the Lemurian connection to become clear eventually, as from my understanding, many of us who are here during this time lived in Lemuria, and our role is to reintroduce the knowledge of that time as we ascend to New Earth.

To women, the expression of nature was spiritual and appeared in the form of psychic faculties and visions. Inner voices spoke to them from plants, animals, stones, the wind, the clouds, and the rustlings of trees. They ''heard'' everything that was alive.

From such soul conditions, a kind of human religion was born. The psychic element in Nature and in human life came gradually to be revered and worshipped. Some of the women of the time attained special predominance because they were able to interpret from the mysterious depths the phenomena of the world. From them came a kind of nature speech.

The beginning of speech lay in something akin to song. The power of their spiritual thought converted itself into sound. The inner rhythm of Nature resounded through the life of the ''wise women''. Other people gathered around these women because their songlike utterances were felt to be the expression of higher powers. With that, divine power was embraced among men. Speech had no sense of the spoken word, now. Only sound, tone and rhythm were felt. People drew strength into their souls from what they heard.

All these procedures were under the guidance of humanity's highest leaders. They had inspired the wise priestesses with tones and rhythms. In this way the women were able to affect the souls of men in such a way as to ennoble them. It was in this manner that the true soul life was awakened.

I hadn't mentioned this potential past life connection to anyone, but last Friday, in my healing/clearing session, this was channeled:

Penny might be out in nature and listen to bird song and replicate the bird song. Penny might hear underlying tones of the water when she’s looking at it and channel the undertone of the water, or the sky, the moon, the stars, whatever, and let that come through you...Today I’m going to sing what the ocean wants to tell me. Today I’m going to sing what that plant or what that flower that I picked up wants to tell me. And, it may not be words, it may just be sounds...I’m obviously getting this because you have an inherent ability to tap all of that. And, what I’m getting is, you have an inherent ability to create your own music, quite unique, very unique. Yes, it might fall in the realm of opera voices, but it's quite significantly different, which will carve your own way forward, if you so choose. Maybe your opera music is not like anybody else’s...Nature is the ultimate healer.

The woman who channeled this message from Spirit, for me - and I have so much appreciation for her - didn't know that I had already been experimenting with 'singing nature'. I had also been singing emotions, singing to heal illness, singing to transmit love and healing to the world, and harmonising with mantras and sound healing instruments. When I was teaching children to sing in the past, we would 'sing colours'. It is natural to me to make these imaginative associations between seemingly unrelated elements, so also, when singing classical songs such as art songs, I will associate poetic words describing nature with vocal sounds and tones - colouring the voice to make them either covered and dark, or light or wide. It would be natural to most singers to do this, particularly if we are present with the emotion and meaning of the song and its lyrics in the moment of singing them. I was also encouraged by a singing teacher to always associate emotions with notes while warming up the voice or vocalising, so singing is never mindless but is always involved with conveying feeling and meaning. The idea of sound healing is relatively new to me, and I'm starting to feel like I'm tapping back into other lifetimes as a healer (for clarity, women were accused of being witches, but rather, they were healers who used a wide range of ancient, natural modalities). A couple of days ago, I found myself waving my hands through the neighbours' new pool, purifying it with healing sounds. We laughed when I said that I was becoming a witch.

When we surrender to the subtle nudges of our higher selves and trust the process of life as it unfolds in every moment, we begin to uncover our unique reasons for being. We discover that there is no need to fear as we are stepping into our higher calling, and our higher selves and soul families are ready and waiting for us to ask for their guidance in fulfilling our purposes here. New and incredible surprises await us, that will expand our consciousness and the consciousness of the planet. And, as we expand, the Universe will also expand, which infinitely benefits the whole. Chances are, we are already somewhat tapping into our gifts and innate abilities. We may have been receiving indications of these, almost since birth. All that is needed is that we clear the path of others' expectations and judgements so that we can walk forward to our destiny. The world needs what we have to give, and we were entrusted with these gifts because we will be the most effective vessel to bring them to life. We must love and cherish all aspects of ourselves and give appreciation for the joy that our gifts bring. Spirit encourages us to be playful with them. We were meant to give and to receive joy. We were born to be different. We were born to be seen.

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