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Playful and Serene

2023 will be a year to prioritise self-care and joy.

Boxing Day on the island was one last opportunity for a swim before I go to Toowoomba for a few days. As on every day this week, home was hot and sunny, and a swim seemed appealing, and, as on every day this week, we arrived at the water to clouds, and today, to rain. Under our hats, we chatted with new acquaintances and watched the raindrops bounce prettily on the waves in delicate rhythms. The water was especially clear and clean and had its usual buoyancy, which meant floating was easy. I felt like a porpoise rocked gently by the supporting ocean, fresh, cool, playful and serene. Teenagers were outdoing one another with an array of jumps and dives from the fence posts surrounding the swimming area, and some adults even risked the reef sharks on the outside. A young girl practiced diving, becoming braver with each try, and producing a more impressive splash each time. Little children shoveled sand peacefully on the shore while an elderly lady held her shirts and earthed in the shallows.

2023 will be a year where some rain will fall. It will be a year of disclosure, which will be confronting, but it will bring rain that clears the way for us to see truth. I believe we will have more access to truth than ever before and that this will be one of the main themes of the coming year. More and more, we are seeing evidence that we have not had freedom of information. In the past, sharing information that went against world agendas put many individuals' lives at risk. Many lost their lives trying to awaken humanity to these agendas. That time is over, and it is safe to share information. Many people think they are afraid of truth, but in reality, they are uncomfortable with the unknown. Truth is nothing to fear. Truth is the path to freedom. Once we confront the unknowns, we will be able to see the path forward. Light is far more powerful than darkness, so if we stand in our light, there is nothing that can hurt us.

To navigate our way through the disclosure that is to come, we must maintain a calm mental state, prioritising self-care practices and enjoyable experiences. Celebrations are a great way to keep things light. Last week, some friends and I celebrated the Summer Solstice. We wore flowers, lit lanterns and left an offering for the fairies. Then, we chanted, sang, danced and played drums in the garden. The children enjoyed it as much as we did, and I'm sure we produced lots of endorphins with all the giggling we did at our silliness. As Earth ascends, the divine feminine will return in its fullness to balance its energies with the masculine. Aligning with the feminine within us can assist with inner serenity. Communing with nature, dancing, singing, gentle movement, and creative pursuits can assist with this. Creativity should be enjoyed without purpose or too much concern for the end result. While my nephews were here, we all sat around the table and painted pictures together. Another day, we drew together. Rather than only being seen as children's activities, children benefit from seeing adults taking time for mindful experiences that relieve stress, such as painting and drawing.

Try not to take 2023 too seriously. If we expect a year of wonders, this is what we'll experience. There's a meme that I love that says something like:

''I wonder what the year will bring''

''I think it will bring flowers''

''How do you know?"

''Because I'm planting flowers"

I think this is a beautiful thought. Let's plant beautiful gardens in our minds and lives as we transition into the new year and throughout it. We have full choice of the plants and flowers that are included in our internal gardens. World events and disclosures cannot impinge on our internal worlds - our playfulness and our serenity. The frequency of the earth is rising to allow us to create a new world, and there is no going back. All will be well.

True and lasting inner peace can never be found in external things. It can only be found within. And then, once we find and nurture it with ourselves, it radiates outward

– Gautama Buddha

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