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On Dragons' Wings

The imagination is the doorway to exploring our multidimensionality.

The man who has no imagination has no wings.

The spiritual journey is a wondrous one, and those who choose to take part in it are multidimensional explorers, seekers of truth and beauty, tiptoeing through worlds that, by many, can't yet be seen. We spend the late afternoons in the temple, talking of mermaids and fairies, Atlantean priestesses, and dragon riders. We wonder over world events, internal ups and downs, new world timelines, and forgotten histories. Dream times are gateways to inner work, simultaneous incarnations, and cosmic love affairs. Without an open mind and a limitless imagination, these worlds are out of reach to us, forgotten, yet to be accessed. But the dreamer left behind in childhood knows; that precious and gifted being that society suppressed, and the part of us that is most real, awake and aware.

All spiritual and religious beliefs are based on faith, yet we want proof. Rather than believing that the future holds infinite treasures, as a world, we fear that it will bring unexpected pain. Our belief in unlimitedness is tempered by our belief in limitation. ''If it sounds too good to be true, it is.'' But what if it is not? What if, like a handful of balloons on strings, we hold in our hands chords that connect us to all aspects of our multidimensional selves? And, from our multidimensional selves, to Source - to Divine Love - to all that is? Our limitations are only experienced in our lack of connection and in our lack of imagination - if we believe only in what we see. As fractals of Divine Source, all is ours, and we are all that is.

On the weekend, I went to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane. Each time, rows of psychics are booked out, with people wanting to know their future. We want to look outward for help with our decision-making. But what if we didn't need to place our future in another's hands? What if we could pull on the strings of our multidimensionality to tune in to the answers within? Here on the island are streets with names that stimulate the imagination; names like Undine, Blue Vista, Golden Sands, Cotton Tree, Sandpiper, Orion, and Noon Muckle. It is not difficult to believe that the forests hold hidden dryads, and the gardens are filled with fairies. It feels natural to commune with dolphins and Mer people at the water's edge.

I know I am connected when I experience magic, and to experience magic, I must trust. And trust involves belief in things that cannot yet be seen. To trust that I am being supported by a multitude of connected beings in the Universe, involves using my imagination to conceive and visualize desired outcomes. When I trust that all is happening for my highest good, I experience flow. And, in the flow state, there are messages, signs, and synchronicities. I see angel numbers; 222, 555, and 1111, showing me that I'm on my path. I have ladybirds land on me, signaling new beginnings and abundance. I see words in dreams. The other night, after dreaming, I woke to the words, ''son qui''. In Italian, this is ''I am here''. Our ''I am'' presence, the part of us that is eternal, our multidimensional self, is always with us. As free-will beings, who have chosen our divine experiences and lessons, our ''I am'' presence is the guide we can most trust.

All that we see in our imagination is real. The best answers are inside ourselves. We need to trust in our higher guidance rather than giving our power away to others who think they know. This is a time to integrate all aspects of ourselves, and to experience oneness consciousness. Teal Swan says that love means taking all aspects of another person as part of ourselves, and that self-love is not possible unless we take all aspects of ourselves as part of ourselves. Teal Swan - Teal Swan To do this, we must imagine into all parts of who we are and can become. We must embrace all parts of ourselves and allow ourselves to experience life from infinite perspectives. Imagine yourself a fairy who takes care of the earth or a mermaid who takes care of the sea. Tune in to the vibrations of the earth and the sounds of the ocean. As part of these, what might your priorities be? Imagine flying on dragons' wings over all creation. From this vantage point, how might you experience the world? As a priestess or a healer, what might you see? How might you present in the world? Who might you connect with? Imagine yourself Mary Magdelene or Mother Mary. Which aspects of yourself are you not experiencing or expressing? Or, as a galactic or angelic being, what might your role be? Feel at one with all that is, because we are all one. We are safe to be all that we are. As humans, we are cradled in the arms of the Great Mother. As souls, we ride on the wings of dragons.

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