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Next Level Freedom

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

How to take freedom to the next level in 2022.

I'm going to talk about two types of freedom in this blog: Freedom from attachment to our personal identity, and freedom from attachment to the world as we know it. I believe these will be themes that will pervade the coming year and those that follow, as we will see a societal breakdown of common beliefs regarding what it means to be happy, successful and contributing on a personal level and in the wider world. Over the past two years, we have faced threats to personal freedom that we have not previously experienced, and this year will be the tipping point where these perspectives and injustices will no longer be tolerated by everyday people. Resisting these changes will cause personal discomfort, but shifting our mindset to embrace them will result in delicious experiences of freedom that we may not have previously conceived of or thought possible.

I'm super excited that we are now in 2022 and that this will be a life altering year. Over the last few months I've been realising the culmination of a growing shift in perception that has been in the works for some years now, where my attachment to my identity has undergone a refurbishment. Some may underestimate the influence of the socialisation process, but I believe we have been programmed to view our worth as being reliant on 'doing' rather than 'being'. This is a concept that is challenging for many, who equate 'being' with being lazy. My thought is that as our view of life and its purpose changes, 'being' and 'doing' will take on different meanings to us, and who we choose to be and what we decide to do will also shift. When we were children, we were told to do something constructive as opposed to destructive. This is something I totally support as a reason for 'doing'. However, what we might equate as 'busyness', might not necessarily be constructive.

There are plenty of people out in the world pushing paper around to no worthwhile end, or endorsing products or services that are downright destructive or harmful to others and the world in the name of busyness, power, status, money or security. As an opposing view, I have come to understand that holding a positive vibration for ourselves, our neighbours, our communities, or the world, or infusing ourselves, those around us, and the world with the energy of love, might provide a far greater benefit than many types of apparent 'busyness' that are viewed through the lens of productivity, functionality and an identity as ''someone who is not lazy''. Sharing positivity and love are acts of creation, and we are here as creators, to turn darkness into light and to contribute to relationships, technologies and systems that alleviate suffering and enhance expression and joy.

There is so much that I want to do, but the realisation didn't come through busyness, it came in the silence. Many people find it very difficult to sit still. This is not only due to fear of laziness but fear of facing the emptiness. I've had many, many changes and transitions in my life, and in facing the emptiness so many times, I found that there was nothing to fear. People are afraid to retire, to give up their jobs or hobbies, to move location, or to leave relationships, as they are afraid that their identities will be lost - that they will no longer be themselves. It might be unclear whether this is fear of loss of identity in the eyes of the world or in our own eyes - possibly both. There will be people who have had transitions happen beyond their control over the last two years. Some might experience these in 2022. If this is you, I want to encourage you to resist the urge to leap right into something new in a state of panic. The gold is in the silence. This is where you will come to know yourself; your desires, your values, and your gifts. Through the silence, you will learn to see clearly.

Let the dust settle for as long as it needs to. Trust the universe with the timing, as fear may dictate your timing. Perhaps this is the year that you will realise that the time for change has come. This is when the fun begins. This is where you will start to see freedom as a beckoning light flickering in the dark. When you begin to choose change rather than having it thrust upon you, you become the architect of your life, the keeper of your soul. You become sovereign. You become free. This starts a chain reaction where you will begin to undo the programming that you have been subjected to, you will start to release attachment to society's values and those of your family and friends, and you will begin to live a life that is in stronger alignment with your wellbeing and your soul's purpose. This is what the human existence is all about. This is living.

And in relation to the wider world? This is the year in which we will no longer be able to turn away from the unpleasant truth of the world that we have been living in. We will have to face it. Again, there is nothing to fear, as we have the strength to hold space for the darkness and transmute it. We did not choose to come to this earth to avoid truth; we came to experience life as interdependent beings, connecting with nature and other people, sharing with them, and loving them. We came here specifically to be agents for change during this time of transition. We will have to determine our values and intuit who we can trust. We will have to learn that we, as humans, are on the same team. Location, nationality, race, education level, income; these will no longer be consequential. We will recognise that we are all here for the same purpose - to experience all the best that human life has to offer, together.

Trust that your path will be made easier as your faith in your purpose and the abundance of the universe expands. It will. Allow time and space to process the information and experiences that will come your way this year. Learn to love the silence and the emptiness that might come with the silence. Look for the gold that is within. This is the year that you will have the freedom to choose your path going forward, and if it is for the good of humanity, the universe will support you in your choice. If you are unsure, relax, and just keep trusting that your path will become clear. Choose to do something that lights you up in the moment. This in turn will reflect light onto others, which is 'doing' something - providing a service to others. Opportunities will come when we are open to receiving them, so we can practice receiving. This doesn't have to be at someone else's expense. When we receive and appreciate all that comes our way - the sunlight, our energy, nature, people, beauty, laughter - we will receive more that can be appreciated. This is something that is worth 'doing'.

Have a wonderful year!

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