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New Earth Consciousness

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The vibration of the planet is rising, and we are the cocreators of the new earth.

It's a 5-10-minute walk to the water from my parents' holiday house on one of the Moreton Bay islands, affectionately known in our family as ''The Island". I float on my back and watch the clouds move against each other. The sky feels like a benevolent protector, watching our comings and goings, and moving and swaying to match them. It's as if our movements are not going unnoticed, but rather we and the earth are creating in partnership, expanding like an orchestral symphony building in volume or a garden blossoming as spring begins. There are many timelines at play in our world, but who can identify which is reality? My communion with sky and water is the most real to me in this moment.

Primarily a city person, I didn't know that I wanted to live on The Island, but it's been calling me. I've learned that when The Universe softly calls, it's time to answer. Of course, many choices are neither right nor wrong, but The Universe knows what we would like to experience and it will lead us to places that make these experiences possible. Better a gentle nudge than an avalanche or tornado, I've learned. When we listen to our programming, we might think we want stability and safety, but The Universe whispers its secrets to those who are open to the human experience, the journey of life. We came to experience, and if we embrace the process, growth will feel nurturing rather than painful.

Butterflies cross my path as I go on walks. Kookaburras share private jokes. Curlews slink through the brush at dusk. Bird sound is a morning alarm, and the gushing rain is comfort during sleep. The local meeting place is the water, where we come to bathe and chat. People wave from their cars and call greetings from their verandas. There are 250 creatives - artists and writers - living on The Island. I have just made this 251, so I hope that the neighbors enjoy classical singing. The arts centre says that certain mandates do not apply. The outcasts will not be cast out here. Love is trumping fear here.

Here, I feel some distance from the manic wider world. I don't wish to escape from it, but instead to observe the vestiges of the old world toppling and the buds of the new world sprouting one by one. The super-spreader of fear has almost run its course, and we are seeing the mainstream narrative beginning to crumble. Watch for it, as awareness is the first step to a higher state of consciousness. Ignorance is not bliss - it is denial, which is fear. There is a continual anticipation of the collective moving onwards and upwards. The healing energy is rising beneath my feet and I am breathing the air of the new earth. Here, I'm permitted to breathe unbounded.

As the embers of the old world die, we should stretch our arms to nature. We are of the earth, and like the earth, we will not be tamed. The earth is ever-changing and renewing itself. It is both proud and humble, and both soft and wild. It can be ruthless. It is not a saviour - it expects collective growth and individual responsibility. To thrive, we must rise with it. In alliance with nature, we will recognize our power - the power we had all along. Our strength is in boldness, in openness, in collaboration, in forgiveness, in compassion, in vulnerability, and in sovereignty. It is in our connection to Source - and nature is our strongest connection to Source.

The tiniest of us have a role here. Our purpose involves the things we are drawn to, and we should follow their lead to find our way. It is time for exploration, as there will be many surprises while the world ascends and we may yet to have realized our calling. All that matters is that our ears are open to it. Look for ways to learn, to grow, to play, and to create. Look for the truth of who you are and the truth about the world. We are in The Great Awakening, and those who are awakened will be the way showers. This is our time and we need to step forward. We are so close that the horizon is in sight. We will create the world that we wish to see by living in a state of new earth consciousness. We will build it with our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, and our love.

Throughout the infinite,

the forces are in perfect balance,

and hence the energy of a single thought

may determine the energy of a universe.

- Nikola Tesla

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