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Mysterious art

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Akiane's paintings are breathtaking, and must be shared.

Creativity is a mysterious thing. In her book, 'Big Magic; Creative Living Beyond Fear', Elizabeth Gilbert explains, ''The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to uncover those jewels - that's creative living". She says that creative living is available to all of us, but that it takes curiosity, playfulness and courage. Creativity comes together by a process of thought, feeling and instinct that can be difficult to put your finger on. I've often looked back at things I've created and wondered where they came from. And the instinct to sing reaches back as far as my early childhood. Not a hobby, but a mystical need that can't be denied.

I have included the above video, 'The Vision', because Akiane Kramarik's art has to be seen to be believed. Her backstory is as incredible as her talent, which to me is almost impossible to comprehend. Akiane is considered one of the world's great child prodigies, with both her paintings and her poetry. She has produced many outstanding works of art, and this is one of my favourites. She has many videos on her YouTube channel which show her process of creating her paintings. For someone who doesn't have a talent for painting, this is mind-blowing to watch, and very moving because of how extraordinarily beautiful it is. Despite not being raised in a religious household, Akiane had spiritual visions as a young child, and at five years old, she disappeared.

"I remember splitting into a myriad fragments, hundreds upon hundreds of eyes that could see in all directions and could participate in many imperative planetary and extraplanetary proceedings all at the same time. Then, after many long hours, I reappeared in the midst of numerous eye-witnesses, right by the windows in the crescent shaped corridor of our house. Neither my family, nor the officers, nor I could comprehend what had really happened" (Kramarik, 2020).

Akiane spent her childhood and teenage years painting her visions. Her mum says that she tried to encourage her to rest and eat, but it was sometimes impossible. She had such a strong calling to bring her visions to the canvas. "I practiced and worked without any expectations, without any need for approval or recognition, and without any knowing what was next. I began noticing ordinary life in an extraordinary world, and extraordinary life in an ordinary world" (Kramarik, 2020). Akiane's work has provided spiritual comfort for many. She is also passionate about encouraging young artists. Her paintings, including the ages at which she painted them, can be seen in the gallery on her website

The call to create art is stronger in some people than others. Some have simply stopped listening to the call. Some think too much about whether their talent is equal to others. Really, it's not at all important. Any type of gift is valuable if only to fulfil our own desire for creativity or self-expression. Art of any calibre also has the potential to touch the heart, to send a message, to remind us to consider the big picture, or to awaken emotions that need to be felt or memories that need to be reflected upon. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, perhaps ideas are floating around in the ether waiting for someone to claim them and bring them to life. That could be you or I if we have the courage and curiosity that is required to do it. Or, we could spend some time enjoying the creative output of others, like Akiane, who many see as an angel brought here to be a conduit for others' spiritual awakenings. What a magical gift and purpose!

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