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Intentions for 2022

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

How to have the best year ever in 2022.

It occurred to me the other day that I had been so preoccupied with the issues of today, I had forgotten to set my intentions for 2022. For me, a new year is a fresh start, and a chance to tick off lots of little boxes that constitute a year. Yes, we like to accomplish things, but our intentions for a new year should be a celebration of life, a catalogue of all the fun and exciting things that we might enjoy as life upgrades over the coming year. This is why I made a new template: 22 for 2022, which includes 22 intentions for the coming year, with boxes to fill in each time I carry out my yearly intentions.

At the moment, next year feels very open-ended. My lease ends this week, and when I found myself condensing and organising a few weeks ago, I realized that I was following some unconscious nudges to make a move. So, I will be starting the new year in a new location, or at least, being itinerate for a while before deciding on a new location. Talking about change; I went for a haircut a few days ago - also a big change which I have never attempted before - and the hairdresser asked me how I felt about moving house so often. To me, home is inside of me, it goes where I go, and I'm continually working on building my body and mind into a stronger and more nurturing home for my soul. I've walked down the same street for a year, and I'm looking forward to walking down new streets which will bring me into the path of new adventures and new learnings. To me, it's that simple.

So, suppose our next year is open-ended, and I can guarantee that it will be with world events as they are, how can we set our intentions? I would say, we can look at the small things - the small delights of life. Having made my intentions list at the beginning of December, I was eager to start filling in boxes right away - it's impossible to wait until January, so knowing my intentions, I have been awakened to the possibilities for fulfilling them. As I said, I cut my hair, which until now has been long since it grew - since I was a toddler, so that was an unexpected, spontaneous decision. I finished reading Wuthering Heights on Friday, at the request of a friend who would like to start a book club, and with that, fulfilled an intention that I'd had for years. Yesterday I explored two new suburbs, which were leafy and beautiful and full of dainty gift shops and stylish boutiques, and tried a new flavour of gelati - burnt honey and thyme, a delicate and interesting taste sensation.

But, my intentions for the year are not only about pleasure and also involve purpose, and I intend to work on many creative projects both to fill my cup and to inspire others in navigating the spiritual and self-development journey. Because of this, I spent this morning creating a Best Year Manifesting Pack which can be purchased and downloaded from my Etsy store in progress: Digital Downloads for Self Development by PinkroseAustralia ( The manifesting pack includes my Everyday Upgrade template (shared in the last blog post), as well as the 22 for 2022 template, a thankyou letter to the universe to show appreciation in advance, and a 2-page journaling template to clarify intentions for your ideal life. The universe needs clarity so that it can support us in achieving our wildest wishes and dreams, and even for helping us with the little things - the green lights and the parking spaces (Louise Hay) - and we need to know what we truly desire so that we can start taking small or large steps towards it.

What are your intentions for 2022? Are you hoping to make big dreams come true, or are you happy just to upgrade the everyday? There is no right or wrong answer. All that matters is that we're experiencing joy and wonderment wherever we can. The world needs an overflow of love to heal it, and the happier and more fulfilled we are, the more overflow there will be. We are not greedy or selfish to want to be happy. We are fulfilling our life's purpose, our divine mission, our reason for being. Understandings and beliefs will have to be shifted and released during 2022, this will not be within our control, so we should not spend our time trying to hold on to the status quo - it will no longer exist. Instead, we can learn to embrace change and relish letting go. In doing so, we make space for understandings that are more nourishing to our souls. We need to be sovereign in our right to freedom, to choice, and to expansion. At this time, we will be fully supported in claiming these rights and allowing them for others.

Would you like to have a change of occupation in 2022? Would you like to start some new hobbies? What will you do that is just for fun? What would you like to learn about? In all honesty, I was not able to stop at 22 for 2022. My intentions for 2022 are endless. So what if we can't control world events, or the weather, or the behaviours of others, or the outcomes that the universe knows are in our best interests. What we can control are our intentions, which create emotions, which lead to thoughts and ideas, which lead to action, which results in desired outcomes. And, even if they do not result in the outcomes we are hoping for, it is the process that matters most of all. We are creators, and creation is a process, and it is in the act of creating that we are operating as our true selves. In 2022, you are free to shake off the expectations of society, of your friends and family, and of your past experiences and upbringing. You are free! I believe we will soon be seeing an end to the fear-based society in which we are living, and that we will benefit from greater abundance and choice.

If we intend for this abundance and choice now, we will manifest it. And, we can start with ourselves and our own lives. I want to meet new people and explore new places. I want to read new books and learn about new topics. I want to cook new recipes and taste new foods. I want to try new hobbies and engage with new projects. I would like to feel new emotions and release old ones. I would like to feel stronger and be more vulnerable. I would like to love more and laugh more, and to give more and receive more. I would like to attract more easily and let go more effortlessly. And, I wish the same for you. Even if nothing big appears to happen in 2022, it is the little things that make a life.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart Winnie The Pooh

If you are feeling excited to set your intentions for 2022, you can purchase my Best Year Manifesting Pack as a Digital Download from this link - $4.40: Best Year Manifesting Pack | Etsy

PinkroseAustralia | Etsy for my spiritual / self-development printables / templates. or for my eBooks.

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