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Gurus and Role Models

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We can always find people to inspire our lives.

I have seen the movie Show Boat many times, and was enjoying it again the other night with Mum and Dad - enjoying it means crying through the whole thing. Nothing is ever just entertainment for me. I am continually looking for inspiration for my life, and I am always interested in the lives of other people. I remembered that there was a story about Gower Champion, one half of the dance duo in Show Boat, something about him directing a Broadway show up until the day that he died. I had remembered it correctly. His death was announced from the stage after the opening night of 42nd Street in 1980, the show he directed and never had the chance to see. It then ran for the following nine years.

I wondered what had happened to his wife and dance partner Marge Champion, and was delighted to discover that she is still alive, 101 in fact. In 1937 she was employed as the dance model for Disney's Snow White. In 2001, at the age of 81, she performed on Broadway in a revival of Follies. In the video below, she was 91 years old, and still dancing (in heels). Adorable at every age, Marge Champion is evidently an intelligent, focused, disciplined person who has lived according to her calling and purpose, a true role model and inspiration. As I stare down the barrel of 40, I am needing some inspiration, and I am fascinated to hear about people who have such enduring passion for life. There is always more to do, more to see, more to give, and more to be.

I went to the hairdresser this morning, not so much because I really needed a haircut yet, but because my hairdresser is my spiritual guru. A five minute trim usually becomes a forty-five minute pep talk. She is always positive, giving me tips for how to sleep well during full moons and how to manifest under new moons. She tells me that amazing things are coming to me, and that she is absolutely certain of it. She says that everything happens for a reason, and that I can relax in the assurance of this and not worry about anything. While I tend to doubt my intuition, she trusts hers. She thought of me a couple of days ago, which meant that she expected to see me in her salon. At the same time, I had a strong feeling that today was the day for a haircut. If that's not the energy of the universe at play, what is?

There are role models, positive people and spiritual gurus everywhere, people who remind us that life is there to be lived to the full, that we can trust the journey, and that we are never too old to do what we love. These might be friends, teachers, high achievers or even fictional characters.

And, if you want to release negative thoughts and fill your body with positive energy, 5.31 tomorrow morning is the time to go outside in your bare feet and place your hands on the ground. Under the new moon you must visualise this energy exchange happening within you. At least, this is what my guru recommends. Time to set the alarm clock...

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