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Go with the flow

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Going with the flow is responding to cues from the universe. When you go with the flow, you’re surfing life force. It’s about wakeful trust and total collaboration with what’s showing up for you - Danielle LaPorte

I love this idea of surfing life force. This means that we are harnessing our energy as creators to ride the waves of life. Going with the flow doesn't mean floating on a stagnant pool, which might refer to staying stuck in the status quo (Amanda Ellis, 2021). It means finding out where our energy as individuals innately comes from, and choosing to focus on those areas of our lives that generate our energy and enthusiasm for life.

The energy of our country and our world is not at present going in the direction of the flow. We are surrounded by the energy of resistance. This includes resistance to change, resistance to being controlled, resistance to the views and choices of others, and resistance to the threat of the virus. Resistance is a pushing away of those things that we are not wanting, and those things that we are most fearful of. Resistance is fear. While fear is a necessary and completely understandable emotion, it is in opposition to us being able to feel the freedom of motion, the thrill of momentum, and the ease and exhilaration that we can experience when we're skimming across the waves.

I understand that this is not the easiest thing to do right now, as we are being affected by the collective energy and the mainstream media, but even so, it might just be the best way to get through this. We don't need to buy into the idea that we are under constant threat. Imagine what this is doing to our bodies' stress regulation systems. We need to stop believing that life is meant to be a struggle. If we have this belief, we will take action from this place, and unfortunately this is then what we will experience. Often we do this to ourselves. Because of this underlying belief, we take the path of most resistance rather than the path of least resistance. The path of most resistance drains our energy and then it perpetuates the struggle, and so it becomes a vicious cycle.

At every crossroad of our lives, or at every minor junction, we have the opportunity to take the path of least resistance. This is the path of least fear, the path of most faith or trust, and the path of most love. This is love for ourselves, love for life, love for the world, and love for everyone and everything in it. When we are riding the waves of life, we are riding the waves of love - we are in love with life and with the freedom that choice and trust gives us. We are source energy and source energy is pure love, and we are designed to be embodying this love while living as humans on this earth. If we are loving ourselves, our life, the world, and everything and everyone in it, when we come to each crossroad or minor junction, it is natural that we will make the choice that most nurtures and fulfils us. When we are operating from a place of love rather than of fear, we will know which decisions are best for our lives.

If life has taught us anything over the past year and a half, it is that life is uncertain. It was not intended that we live a life of cosy certainty. We can't possibly grow from within certainty. From there, we won't ever know what it is like to ride the rapids. It's time to make peace with uncertainty. Uncertainty is where the possibilities lie. It's time to question our old ways of doing things and decide what we want to take with us going forward. It's time to start doing things that light us up, things that tap into our life force energy. As old systems fall away, we will no longer need to feel constrained by them. It is time to use our life force energy to propel our lives forward, and to step into our full powers as creators of our reality.

Most of my life I have felt fearful, and this fear has governed many of my life choices. We are taught to be fearful of not being safe and secure. We are taught to take the 'safe' option to ensure our security. As this is not who I am, the 'safe' option is a false security. If I am taking actions that are not aligned with my reason for being, I don't feel that I'm really living, and every time I have been cut off from my need to be a creator, I have felt dead inside. In these situations, my life force energy feels like it is drying up and fading away. This has been my struggle. In the past, every time I would give up a permanent job to work casually, I would feel this fear of not being safe, and I would be back in an unwanted, permanent job within a very short time. I wasn't able to move past that fear and allow myself to enjoy the freedom of choice that my soul so deeply craved.

After long, intentional practice, I have learned to live with the uncertainty. I have learned to trust. That's all there is to it. We have to believe that there is something more out there, and that we are divinely guided and protected. If we don't, we will not be able to make peace with the uncertainty. Either we will live in constant fear and resistance, or we will compensate for that fear by accepting undesirable life conditions in order to shore up our security. And, under undesirable life conditions, we will lose our life force. To be confined within systems, and to lose our agency as creators of our lives, are to be separated from who we truly are, to be separated from love. Every day I work on strengthening my belief and my faith, and I practice trusting in my safety and sovereignty. Every time the fear creeps in, I remind myself that I don't need to heed it. The world needs our life force so that it can heal. Because of this, I believe that we're being divinely supported to live lives that fill us up from the inside. When our life force is full to overflowing, the rest of the world benefits from the overflow.

When it comes time to make a choice, yes, you can consider all the pros and cons and threats and things you might regret. Or, you can listen to your inner self who knows what you truly want. You are supported by the infinite powers of love that surround you, but you are not under the influence of anything that is greater than yourself. You have the power to decide how you will create your reality. So you can proclaim to The Universe - This is what I want to do; This is where my life force energy comes from; I want to ride the waves of life; I want my joy to overflow and heal the world; and I need to be paid to do this, because I live in a world where money is required to live a happy, connected and abundant life! The Universe has no limits. We limit ourselves. In my interpretation of Danielle LaPorte's quote: Trust does not involve being a passive recipient of life. It means being a collaborator with The Universe. It means being receptive to cues from The Universe; being open to opportunities for growth and learning, and for joy and love.

If we pay attention, we will start becoming aware of these cues all around us. A closed door might not mean failure. It might be a gentle nudge to change course. A feeling of discomfort might mean that it is time to spread your wings. A lagging pay check might mean that you have the opportunity to strengthen your faith. An obstacle in your path might mean that you are being supported to learn to jump higher or to climb faster. If we are clear with our personal goals and intentions, we will attract the types of experiences that will enable us to reach them. Sometimes we are not quite ready for those things that we are wanting, and so we are given situations that will enable us to acquire the tools that we need in order to be ready. Yes, we are gifted with these obstacles and challenges. If we could only recognize them as gifts, we would be able to use the momentum of our life force energy to hurdle over them with excitement.

When I was a young child, I had a lot of nightmares that I was being chased and caught - kidnapped. My legs wouldn't move and my voice wouldn't work. I was powerless to the forces that I was afraid of. Now, when I am being chased or threatened in a dream, I simply fly - I levitate over the danger and watch it peacefully from above. In my dream life, nothing threatening can touch me. I am more powerful than the negative forces. More and more I have also learned to live this way when I am awake. If you are living in a high vibrational space, nothing negative can come near you. This is the law of attraction. Like can only attract like. There will be some challenging times ahead, but we can rise above these challenges and watch peacefully from a higher vibrational state. We can ride the crest of the waves with ease and grace. The world needs our life force energy so that it can be rebuilt. So, choose to live your life with joy and choose to do what you were born to do, without fear. There is nothing to be afraid of. You are loved and you are love. Rather than moving against the current, go with the flow of life. Go with the flow and let your love for life overflow.

Danielle LaPorte. (2021). Official website. Home — Danielle LaPorte

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