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Expect a Life of Magic

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Expecting the best will lead to a state of flow.

Last week, my cousin was telling me about a book that she was reading and enjoying - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I looked in the Kindle Store and decided that I would keep it in mind for when I was ready for a new book. The next day, I was putting something away in my Dad's bookshelf and there it was - right next to the book that I had put away. Life is full of small signs and synchronicities and it's when we start to notice them that the magic happens. Maybe an unexpected encounter with a book is not the big magic, but I think these little bursts of magic are very exciting. When we start flowing with these little magical waves, we reach a flow state that aligns with the laws of the universe, in particular the law of attraction.

Yes, the law of attraction is a universal law, and yes, it will be at play regardless of whether we deliberately tap into it. We can, however, harness the law of attraction to work in our favour, simply by expecting the best to happen. This is more than trusting and believing. Expecting is about an inner knowing, a sense of peace. And, I'm not going to tell you that this doesn't take practice. It involves a continual practice of altering your mindset and steering your thoughts until they naturally come to rest at a place of optimism. I've noticed this happening more and more for me over the last year. It has become a habit to expect the best. It's clear to me now that life does not just happen to us and that there is no need to leave our lives in the hands of fate. We are creating our reality with every decision we make. Our emotions guide us to how we feel about a particular outcome, we set our intention for the outcome we are wanting, and we expect that outcome without concern or attachment.

At every moment of our lives, possibilities present themselves - the possibility of something wanted or the possibility of an unwanted outcome. As I practice the habit of expecting the desired outcome, I notice that situations magically arise to prevent the unwanted outcome from happening. You don't want to go to work and suddenly you come down with a cold. You've planned an activity and you're just not 'feeling it', and then the coronavirus makes it impossible. You don't want to hurt someone's feelings by cancelling on them, and then they unexpectedly call to cancel on you. You want to visit someone but are not sure of the right time, and then an opportunity presents itself at the perfect time - This just happened to me. I'll finish my work for Semester 1, and then I'll visit my grandparents, and then I'll be back just in time to start work for Semester 2. Magic!

It's normal to worry about things when we don't want them to happen, but I've found that in observing all of these little bursts of magic happening to me on a regular basis, I've spent less time worrying about both the little and the big things that could happen. If a worrying thought crosses my mind, I listen to it, then I say to myself, "It'll be fine. Everything will work out". It's so much easier to relax and let go of outcomes if you believe that everything is working out for you. Maybe there is also potential for multiple positive outcomes. There might not be a very important reason why I should read the book in my Dad's bookshelf. If I choose not to, chances are that the same information will find its way to me through another source. Ultimately, we have conscious choice, but our unconscious intentions and desires are also being heard and responded to by the universe.

Let's start expecting the best and experiencing the magical surprises that pop up all over the place. Expect people to respond with kindness or to react with patience, expect the parking spaces and the green lights, expect that you will find what you need in the shops, expect that you will receive inspiration when you need it, expect that answers will come, expect that you will have the money you need, expect that things will be easier than they were before, and expect that people will appreciate you and want to be around you. Even, expect that your dreams will come true. Expect a life of magic! If you want to reduce stress, this is the way to do it. To live with greater ease, flow, belief and trust is the most peaceful and joyful way to exist. This is self-loving, this is nurturing, and this is gentle. This is wellbeing. This is the way we were meant to live - magically.

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