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Divine Orchestration

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The universe works with us as we divinely orchestrate our lives.

A common wondering is whether the circumstances we experience in our lives are due to fate, chance or our own actions. I spent many years pondering this, musing over to what extent I should forge my own path and to what extent I should surrender to the will of the universe, God or destiny. In my experimentations and learnings over the last few years, I have come to believe that we are the masters of our destinies - not only to an extent, but completely. Our higher selves and our human selves work together to determine our life experiences, and it is only we who utilise the energies of the universe to bring our dreams and desires into being. There are no outside sources – gods, guides, guardian angels – that determine our fate or pass judgement on our choices. It is our acknowledgement of who we are – divine beings and fractals of infinite source energy – that provokes us to express the fullness of who we came here to be in this lifetime, and in all the lifetimes. Our higher selves desire only to be at one with infinite God energy – the source of unconditional love and all that is good in the multiverse. When we are one with unconditional love, we see ourselves reflected as we truly are, orchestrators of our reality.

In a universe where we pull the strings, there is no chance, luck or coincidence. When we are in tune with our higher selves, we are divinely guided in our decision-making. We learn that we have ultimate responsibility, as humans, for our health and happiness. We learn to play with universal energies to effect change, heal, clear and create. A magical world opens to us, in which signs, synchronicities, downloads, epiphanies and inner knowings are infinitely available to us. If we want to experience abundance, we have only to recognise that we are abundant. If we want to be loved, we have only to show love to ourselves. If we want to know our purpose, we have only to follow the inspiration; to allow ourselves to be pulled towards our passions and leanings. When we are in tune, there is no confusion about our path; only a calling to contribute to the whole – to put forth frequencies and products and services into the world that are for the good of the whole – for the good of humanity and all else that exists. When we feel called to birth our creations into the world, regardless of personal gain or compensation, we know we are on our divine path.

The synchronicities over the last week have been astonishing. I saw a woman on the ferry reading the same book I have been reading, and the next day I saw her on my YouTube feed having a discussion with the man who wrote the book. At the Mind Body Spirit Festival, I felt drawn to a blue stone on a crystal stall – a blue quartz – and bought it. Later, I was told that I have some thyroid and throat chakra healing to do. The blue quartz is perfect for just that – and as it is quartz, its energetic properties are amplified. A friend gave me a book as a belated birthday gift – Jane Austen Remedy – which clarified for me the scope and title of a book I have planned for years to write. In the book, the author mentions her favourite childhood authors, and they are the same as mine were – L M Montgomery (on whom I plan to base my book), Ethel Turner and Mary Grant Bruce. I ate some violet and wattle ice-cream the other day – for something new and adventurous as part of the Carnival of Flowers, and today’s group meditation involved visualizing the violet flame awakening and enlightening all of humanity – like petals of a flower enveloping each individual as it traverses the planet.

Rather than praying from fear, I expect all things to work out for me and I thank the universal energies for facilitating this. When we trust, we are one with our true selves, and so everything will unfold and flow for us. As Louise Hay would suggest, expect the green lights and the parking spaces and watch them appear for you. We can even determine others’ behaviour towards us by expecting it to be positive. As said in the movie, Pollyanna, ‘’If you look for the good in people, expecting to find it, you surely will’’. People are ultimately good. If we don’t always appear that way, perhaps it is because we have not been loved enough, or because we have not known how to love ourselves enough. When we feel truly loved, there is no desire to grasp or hold or manipulate; there is only peace and wholeness. If someone’s behaviour towards us is negative, we might consider how we have called this experience to us. There might be something within us that needs healing or clearing. Perhaps this person is doing us a service – providing us with the opportunity to heal and grow so we can experience more of what life has to offer.

The energies of the universe respond to our desire for growth and for new or more aligned experiences. I wanted to grow my money mindset, and an opportunity arose that challenged me to do so. I felt called to use my voice for something new – not knowing what it would be, and the idea of sound healing came from new friends on the island. I wanted to heal past pain of not being loved, and I was inspired to create a tool that immediately transmuted that pain. I had in mind to look for a holistic dentist, and without asking, someone told me where I could find one. Our higher selves understand our purposes and callings for this lifetime, and our human selves have inklings that help us awaken to these callings. These might manifest as dissatisfaction, dreams, yearnings or goals. These are our signposts. Without them, we might not know which paths to take. Deep down, we hear the whisperings of our higher selves and we long to follow where they lead. As humans, we often feel fear of the unknown that prevents us from taking those steps. If, however, we don’t take them, the yearnings persist. In these cases, there is most likely healing and clearing that needs to be done so we can remove barriers to those things we truly desire and were born to do. This healing and clearing might be challenging or uncomfortable, but unconsciously, we are calling it in. It is our desire for growth, and ours alone, that attracts those uncomfortable experiences to us.

It doesn’t always feel comfortable to embody and express the magnitude of our full selves to the world. We might feel that the world is not ready to embrace our full selves. We may feel that we are not strong enough to brave the possible criticism and judgement of others. We may be concerned that our loved ones will reject us or that they might feel unsafe if we change and grow. These are chances that we must take. These are opportunities to trust in life. We will never feel fulfilled if we hold ourselves back or lower our frequency so we can align with others. It is in our best interest, and in theirs, that we allow ourselves to continually evolve to our highest potential. As evolved souls – and humans – we can inspire others to reach higher states of evolution and therefore experience greater levels of wellbeing, joy and purpose. It is challenging for me to acknowledge that I have often quieted my voice in an effort to please others. It is confronting, as an empath, to see others triggered by the thoughts and feelings that I express. I must continually remind myself that we are all on a self-growth journey, that we all have healing and clearing to do, and that we are all doing our best. I must continually attune to the frequency of unconditional love – the love vibration – to recognize that we are all one and part of Source, that what is for one is for all, and that if I felt hurt by others it was through their pain and through my desire for growth and healing.

We are worthy of infinite love, abundance, wellbeing and joy. It is our choice to receive it. And, when we appreciate the miracles and wonderment that we draw towards us, the universal energies respond, and we continue to receive. The world, as it is, is magical beyond measure. We are powerful beyond our imaginings.

Photos: Japanese Garden, Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

The Japanese Garden ‘Ju Raku En’ (roughly translated to mean 'to enjoy peace and longevity in a public place') was opened on 21 April 1989 by Mr Yoshiharu Araki from the Brisbane Consul-General of Japan. Ju Raku En is a presentation of Buddhist paradise with the celestial sea (the lake) lapping the rocky shores of the three islands where the immortals are said to dwell. The material world is the outer edge of the lake and a symbolic journal to paradise may be made by crossing one of the four bridges to the islands - Japanese Garden - University of Southern Queensland (

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