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Dharmic Love

Centring our lives around our passions will assist us to find our dharma.

Leading up to the new year, I reflected on the last few years, pinpointing some key themes of each year, for the world and for me as an individual. 2020 was a time of world upheaval, while for me, it was about new beginnings and ideas for a more aligned life. 2021 brought world division, with the polarity of key values and viewpoints being highlighted. For me, it was a year of learning, bringing a new level of spiritual awakening and awareness of truths about the world and the greater universe. In 2022, the world appeared to be returning to normal, while underneath, there was much suffering and confusion. The world had changed, but many didn't know how to adapt to the changes, and so they continued as they were. For me, 2022 brought deep healing and clearing of lifelong patterns that I had struggled against, and a greater clarity and trust in the process of life and my inner knowing. The last three years have been an inward phase for me, in which I spent a lot of time alone, reconstructing myself from the inside out to become a calmer and more integrated human.

I expect 2023 to be a year of world awakening and disclosure, where change will be inevitable, and in which we as individuals will have to ride the waves of this ''Great Awakening'' with courage and resilience. In my life, I see a year of expansion and presence. Although learning and self-development are lifelong processes, I am being guided to move forward, into the world, where I will apply the understandings I have gained and connect with others in a tangible way - not only those who I feel are my tribe, but all people. All those who choose to ascend to New Earth will be of the same tribe. When we are awakened to cosmic truths, we will recognise that we have common values. The polarity of the third dimensional reality we have been living in will diminish as we ascend to the fifth dimension, where our 'oneness' with one another will become apparent. I expect more multidimensional experiences in 2023 and many unexpected plot twists for the world.

Because of this, I am super excited about 2023. Now back from a few days in Toowoomba visiting friends, I feel ready to start the new year on the island. I didn't have any tutoring to do this morning, and the high tide was happening early, so I decided to go for a swim. In the process, I was thrown into a third dimensional reality, as my car wouldn't start for the second time in two weeks. I decided to walk to the beach and was transported back into fifth dimensional consiousness, remembering that I am living in a paradise and that opportunities to enjoy it are to be cherished and prioritised rather than taken for granted. The water was wonderfully clear and a little bit chilly. I had to laugh when a lady I was chatting to assured me that ''As soon as you get your titties in, you'll be okay''. I spent a long time talking with someone I have recently met, while fish jumped outside and even inside the swimming area - something I have rarely experienced. The light danced prettily over her face and over the water as we discussed the challenge of straddling two worlds - the matrix reality that many believe is all there is, and The New Earth that I believe already exists in the fifth dimension.

I was wanting to play with the surprise and delight of this year, with my now more deeply cemented trust that it will unfold in magical ways that support my growth and joy and that of those in my orbit. Instead, it seems that there are decisions that will need to be made - thoughts of where I should best channel my energies, keeping in mind my belief that the world will soon be unrecognizable, but ensuring that I also consider my future in this matrix reality in case it should continue to exist longer than expected. So, what to do? There are logistical details about cars and money and work to be sorted. There are songs to learn and concerts to organise and blogs to write and friends to visit. And, should I apply for funding to do a Doctorate or opt for the Diploma of Sound Healing - or both - or neither? And, is the love of my life the guy I haven't yet met from across the road, or the one I have loved who recently visited me in a dream or in the astral, or could he be riding around on a spaceship somewhere? - as suggested by a friend in the spiritual community. Or, is balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine within myself all that really matters?

I really enjoyed bonding with my cousin recently, in Adelaide, and I had a thought following that trip that has stuck with me. People are very good at looking at the concrete and the sensible in this reality. Men, even more than women, are encouraged to be practical in building an organised life for their future. I was reflecting on my cousin's passion for something he loves more than anything, and that having this much love for something is a great gift that should not be denied. In life, there are people and places and experiences that feel like home. Sometimes, when we are not engaging with these, we feel like we are just going through the motions of life. Love is everything. Motivation and inspiration come from love; they don't come from the practical or sensible decisions that we make. Love is the universe showing us our dharma. The things we love most should not be perched on the periphery of our lives. They should be central, and all else should be arranged to support them. And, I would say that they should be placed as central regardless of whether or not we are being paid to do them, or whether we will ever be. Money is a construct of our third dimensional reality. It will not be necessary in The New Earth.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word with a meaning that is not easily translatable to English. My understanding is that it refers to our life path or purpose for each lifetime. It doesn't always feel easy to understand our dharma. I believe that if we prioritise those things we love most and if we trust the subtle nudges and messages from the universe, it will become clear. I have to continually remind myself that time is not running out, and that there are no right or wrong choices. I believe that part of my dharma is to show others that they are free to choose, and that their happiness and wellbeing matters. Soon we will understand that we did not come here to suffer or to struggle. Instead, we came here to love - to love ourselves, to love each other, to love life, nature and the world, and to love what we do. As I sit here on the veranda, looking out at the leaves falling from the trees in the breeze and hearing the cicadas sing, I vow to myself that I will respond to life in each moment, that I will take time to notice the beauty of every moment in whichever environment I find myself in, that I will stay open to possibilities and adaptable to bends in the road, that I will feel all my feelings, that I will engage with my senses, that I will play, connect and become, and that I will love. In doing so, all the required decisions will fall into place. 2023 will be a year unlike any other. It will bring us closer to authenticity and alignment with our true selves. So, 2023, I will take a deep breath................and I will gladly surrender to the gifts and challenges that you bring...

Every Dharma is known in the heart.

Hsu Yun

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