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Cosmic Love

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Until this year, I had never noticed so many people talking about self-love in relation to Valentine's Day.

When I started this blog, I had no thought of delving into spiritual topics, but the energy of Aquarius has been working its magic on me and I no longer feel able to separate physical from spiritual. I have already been referring to matters less tangible in my posts and I have noticed that nobody has commented on it. I'm assuming this means we are feeling quite at home with these ideas. So, for this week I will focus on something that is less tangible but so very relevant, and I expect that the magic will continue to work on you too.

Regardless of belief, I think most people view themselves as being composed of spirit in a physical body or as having a soul which is housed in a physical body. Growing up with this concept, it never occurred to me to doubt it. I was listening to a number of people talk about their near-death experiences the other day (I have included the link below), about how they felt when they left their physical bodies and became solely spirit. There was a universal feeling of being unlimited. They could communicate telepathically, they could think where they wanted to be and immediately be there, and they understood everything they needed to know on a deep level. They also felt that they were being enveloped in unconditional love that was beyond human description. When they came back into their bodies they looked at life and themselves very differently.

I understand that we all have sets of beliefs unique to us. The experiences of the people in the video also seemed to reflect their previous spiritual beliefs or understandings from childhood. They all had different experiences but they were similarly filled with love and acceptance. So rather than being bumbling humans randomly bumping into each other on earth, it's quite possible that we are valued, loved member of spiritual families moving together through the infinite reaches of space and time. We might even be living multiple lives simultaneously, with higher selves that have intelligence and compassion far beyond what we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror each morning.

So I wondered. How would we look at ourselves if we knew we were so much more than what we believe is our human capacity? If we knew we had the wisdom of many lifetimes and countless civilizations, how would we view our capabilities? How would we feel if we knew we were worthy of unconditional love, beyond description, regardless of our imperfections and slip-ups at a human level? Would we then realize how worthy we are of our own love? Would we take more risks and have less fear if we knew that we had the support of all those who have lived before and those who currently exist in other dimensions? How would we spend our days if we remembered our soul's purpose for this lifetime? And, recognising our own limitlessness, would we then also recognise the beauty of others' souls, and would our ability to love them expand as well?

Although many of us have spiritual or religious beliefs, I don't think most of us contemplate ourselves as the beings of spiritual magnitude that we are. I think that very often we see ourselves as quite flawed, never really reaching our own or others' expectations, maybe even devoid of purpose. Rather than recognizing the cosmic help that is always available to us, we sometimes feel disconnected and alone. But, unless those around us fully realize their true selves, they can't love us to the extent that we want to be loved. Imagine if we could all step into our power and see ourselves and each other through the eyes of our higher selves. I think then we'd have more clarity about what we're supposed to be doing here and a greater understanding of how much capacity we, in human form, actually have available to us. We'd also be able to connect with each other on a deeper level. It's time to accept and embody this new view of ourselves. We are cosmic beings full of light and love, and it's our time to shine.

Remember that self-love is also revolutionary and world-changing. We cannot fight for others when we are fighting a war inside ourselves. Compassion is reflexive, a power that we first bestow on ourselves and then give away through our actions - to people, to our planet. When we recognize that truth, that is when we let love become our legacy.

- Amanda Gorman

Life to Afterlife Spirituality Series. (2021, February 9). Life to afterlife death and back full official movie. YouTube.

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