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The Ascension Timeline

Ascension energies are increasing as we prepare to align with the 5th Dimensional earth.

Life is feeling progressively more like ease and flow for me. Time feels more fluid and manifestations are becoming instantaneous. Simultaneously, I have been busy calling in experiences to accelerate growth, which has allowed me to clear emotional triggers and align more frequently with 5D frequency. With each experience of clearing thoughts and feelings that align with 3rd and 4th density, I am becoming aware of upgrades in consciousness, and experiencing additional clarity regarding my understandings and priorities for utilising my time and energy. As a world, all who make the soul choice to ascend to the 5th dimension will be experiencing upgrades in consciousness during this time. This is evident in all the people with whom I am in contact. Many people are making changes in their lives; moving or leaving jobs, leaving partners, traveling, or opting for quieter lifestyles. It is very clear that humanity is poised for great change. It is evident that 3D systems such as governments and financial systems are no longer sustainable and will need to collapse. The world will be shifting rapidly in alignment with our changing consciousness, and the momentum will continue to build and propel us towards evermore rapid change.

It has become clear to me that it is time to step into the next level of my personal expression to align more fully with my current level of consciousness. When we come into new understandings, our focuses shift, and therefore, our alignment with other people changes. We feel ourselves attracting people who are focusing on similar things to those that we are focusing on, and simultaneously, we begin to feel more distanced from those who are not on the same 'wavelength' - the same 'frequency'. This can be challenging, as we can feel a sense of loss or unsafety during this process. This is the reason most of us resist change in one way or another. So, I have realised that although I have been continually upgrading my consciousness, I have continued to translate my new knowledge into terms that are relatable to the 3rd and 4th density consciousness rather than fully expressing my truth as it is in each present moment.

Our ascension to the 5th dimensional earth - the New Earth - is imminent. The galactic war has been won and, as I understand, the New Earth is already existing in the 5th dimension. All we need to do now is to raise our consciousness to the point that it will become our new reality. Once the required percentage of the earth's population - the required number of starseed souls - have aligned with 5D frequency - we will experience a solar flash that will elevate the consciousness of the collective to 4D and 5D frequency and allow us to enter the New Earth. As starseeds (galactic volunteers who have incarnated as humans during this time to assist with the ascension), our job is to maintain our alignment with 5D as much as possible to assist with raising the collective frequency. This means that we need to focus on the bigger picture, recognise truth over illusion, develop our trust in source and our higher selves, train our minds to choose trust over fear, and maintain a love vibration - meaning that we cultivate appreciation for the present moment and our 'beingness' as humans in physical bodies and for the beauty of the earth and all its inhabitants - human, animal, plant, mineral, as they exist in the present moment. Rather than translating understandings into lower-frequency language, we must hold the highest frequency that we can and allow others to make their own choices - in divine timing - to raise their frequencies in alignment.

Imagine a world without polarity - without violence, illness or pain. This is where we are heading. Imagine having access to unlimited abundance and living without restrictions on how we can use our time. Soon, we will experience this. In the New Earth, we will spend our time creating, and this conscious creative energy will enable the universes and the multiverse to expand. We will no longer be enslaved by 3D perceptions, so we will not view life, work, money or relationships as we have in the past. Although we will experience a new financial system - known as the Quantum Financial System - during our transition through 4th Density, in the 5th Dimension, we will experience abundance without the need for money. Relationships will no longer be karmic, but rather, will exist as joyous unions for expansion. We will travel around the world with ease and speed. As John Lennon wrote; Imagine there's no heaven, or hell, or countries, or religion, or possessions, or greed, or hunger. In contrast with the 3D programming we have been subjected to for lifetimes, this is the way we were designed to be existing as humans. John Lennon understood. As we imagine, so shall it be. It is our role to visualise and manifest the world that we desire and to consider how we - as individuals - would like to live within it.

The beauty of this, is that although we will start to achieve unity consciousness - recognising that we are all one with Source - in the New Earth, we will still be individuals with our own gifts and passions and self-selected roles. With reflection, we will realise that many of these gifts and passions are already evident. We were born with them, and perhaps we brought them with us from other lives or other dimensions. In many cases, it has been difficult for us to express our gifts and passions in the 3D world, where we were coerced into living within defined structures and subject to many restrictions. Perhaps you have visualised or imagined yourself in a number of experiences or roles, but have not known how to translate these into reality. Maybe, you don't yet feel capable of taking on these roles. As we are upgraded, we will have the capacity and opportunity to realise our full potential. In our present life, we can learn, prepare, and take all the steps we feel ready for. Our gifts and talents exist for a reason, and they need to be cherished and cultivated if we feel called to cultivate them. Soon, we will spend all our time enjoying them and expressing them for the good of humanity.

So, to align with 5D and to manifest the New Earth, we should live 'as if'. As much as possible, we should live as if we are already in the New Earth. As I have often mentioned, here on the island, I am surrounded by the beauty of nature - water, forest, birds, sunsets, butterflies and dragonflies. I have found a community of likeminded people. I meet new, warm, friendly people every day. People are generous and welcoming, but also very respectful of each other's privacy. My work is manageable and flexible, and I feel healthy and relaxed. I am living by my intuition and experiencing signs, synchronicities and manifestations. To me, I am already living in New Earth and endeavouring to maintain New Earth consciousness. I recently discovered that the waters surrounding the island were considered sacred in ancient Aboriginal culture. Alcheringa was seen as the beginning of all creation. The Rainbow Serpent began its journey from the waters surrounding Alcheringa, and from there, created the earth. So, I believe this is the reason I was drawn to this high-vibrational place, this sacred land; to raise and hold my own frequency in alignment with 5D, to visualise the New Earth, to recognise it in my current reality, and to welcome it in. Many around the world are gravitating to high-vibrational places, clearing energies, manifesting new realities, and anchoring light into the earth. It is time to do the inner work so we can continue to assist with the ascension in these ways. This is our most important work at this time.

Today the little enchanted Island of Alcheringa sits protected inside the salt waters of the Quandamooka, the ancestral name for Moreton Bay....

But because the stars rise on the east of the Australian continent, and the stars themselves are the storyboard, the story is sung backwards- from east to west……….. from the beginning, the ALCHERINGA, is sung way back…I mean way, way, way, way, way back – 3.6 billion years back to the time when the very first land emerged from the primordia waters “Tjookapa Tcheringa” – when the primordial sea covered all of the planet. Long BEFORE the Pilbara began……..and, that “song line” happens EVERY single day & night as sure as the stars rise and travel from east to west, for no human force can ever dream of welding the power to halt the stars.

So every day the Rainbow Serpents Creation Song celebrating the union of the salt and the fresh waters begins from the highest terrestrial freshwater waterfall of the Wollumbin Caldera flowing down to merge with the salt waters of the Quandamooka surrounding Alcheringa Island.….

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