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Are we Divinely Supported?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

How do we know we're being taken care of by the universe?

I grew up in a religious home and I was taught to pray to God, the paternal figure that we're probably all familiar with. My prayers were mostly coming from fear. I felt that if I prayed enough for the people in my life, I could avert misfortune and calamity. I had a certain amount of trust, though, as through trial and error I had discovered that I was always provided with divine assistance when I asked for it. As the years went on, I increasingly approached prayer from a place of gratitude rather than desperation, and now I am choosing trust over prayer. I am preferring to cultivate a state of living prayer - communing and communicating with the universe on a daily basis in a more holistic way.

The universe sends messages to us in many ways, through signs and synchronicities, through dreams, through thoughts, feelings and ideas, through physical symptoms, and through opportunities and chance meetings. When we come into this world, we come with a mission. We have already selected the lessons we wish to learn and the things we plan to experience. Our higher self, or soul, has priorities for this lifetime, and our soul families are supporting us in fulfilling our chosen missions. It takes time to remember what we came for, so as humans, we need some assistance from those who have more knowing. We are not alone here. The universe is always shining its protective light on us. We are all from source, we are all one, so our higher selves as universal beings have the divine desire to support each other's soul growth. Messages from the universe can come from our higher selves, our guardian angels, family members from this lifetime who have left us, our ancestors, or our soul families in other dimensions.

Life becomes incredibly fulfilling when we start to listen to the messages from the other side. We begin to develop an awareness of the interconnectedness of everything around us. Ordinary moments become meaningful, and therefore extraordinary. We no longer feel alone, as support feels like it is coming from everywhere. We feel reassured that we are on the right path, and that setbacks and disappointments are temporary and are instruments of divine timing. A feather in our path is a sign that the angels are with us. Seeing a rainbow means beautiful things are on their way. Encountering a ladybird is a sign of abundance. An idea that won't go away is a sign that we're meant to bring it to fruition. Numbers have special meanings, as do animals. Birds are spiritual messengers.

Synchronicities are signs repeated; little nudges to attract our attention. Repeated nudges help point the way, providing clarity for our decision-making. We meet two people who have the same name; we are thinking of a friend and he calls; we hear the same message in a song and in a story. Synchronicities awaken us to our spiritual selves. They are divine coincidences that remind us that life is magical. Signs and synchronicities are everywhere. Go into nature and listen for her secrets. Feel into your body to hear what she wants to tell you. Analyse your dreams for messages from your subconscious or for clues to your other lifetimes. Reflect on the things you are drawn to: colours, words, pursuits, images and symbols. Think about your interests as a child and whether they hold answers for your health and happiness now. Trust in the unfolding of your life's mission and the signs that it is being supported. Large and small aspects of your life will effortlessly fall into place. Life will no longer be about chance, but purpose.

If we walk through life with an inner knowing that we are being supported by the divine, we will no longer feel afraid. We are not battling the world, but creating it. We are being assisted to cocreate lives of meaning and beauty. Light is flowing upon us, but also through us and from us. We have infinite inner resources of light and love to emit to the world. And, when we emit this light, we will attract it back to us, and as a result, we will experience more love, more joy, and more abundance.

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you. Shine like the whole universe is yours.

— Rumi

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