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Sunday Morning Possibilities

My new favourite place to go on a Sunday morning is the market in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

I didn't realize that it was a cold and windy day until after I had left the market. The gardens were as beautiful as ever, the sun was shining, and there were five different types of music to listen to - piano, cello, vocal, African and a jazz trio - The Trespassers. With so few events happening, the markets provide the rare opportunity for a friendly and relaxing community experience.

I lined up for coffee and was soon joined by a man in a full Batman costume, piquing the curiosity of a tiny girl who watched him in wide-eyed astonishment. A second child remarked to his father that he wondered whether Batman liked his coffee black. A woman stepped back, startled, and commented to Batman that she had thought he was a statue.

Despite a ten-minute wait for coffee, the coffee guy delivered the coffees directly to the waiting customers, somehow remembering which one belonged to each person. He found me in the crowd, and the coffee was perfect as usual.

I was enjoying the music so much that I stayed for the rest of the set - Come rain or come shine, I'm gonna sit down and write myself a letter and other great standards were sung by Barb Fordham.

"The Trespassers are a six-piece supergroup of Brisbane’s best, with a love for vintage covers and original tunes and starring Barb Fordham, Liz Pickering and Annie Morris."

I started to think about all of the possibilities that existed there. I grew up around markets, and in addition to the obligatory plant selling, I tried cooking pikelets, playing the flute, making jewelry and selling unwanted items. Markets provide an opportunity for anyone to become an entrepreneur or to experiment with a new hobby.

One stall holder made clothes, another made hats, and others made jewelry. There were essential oils, crystals and candles. There were pastries by French Gourmet Crepes and lots of other food choices.

I was inspired to go home and croon some jazz tunes, and to withdraw some cash so that I'll always have some on me to give to buskers. I'm not sure how the cashless society is going to work for them. You can't very well stop mid-song and hold out the EFTPOS machine. Anyway, consider supporting local small businesses, particularly at the moment.

Remember, every time you support a small business you are helping to make someone's dream come true...

And, consider the possibility that you too could start a business, hobby or side hustle with the help of your local market.

Hope you have had a great Sunday!

You can apply to be a stall holder at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens market by completing this online form:

The Trespassers quote:

The photos are Wix images and do not represent the Brisbane Riverside Markets.

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