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Everyday Upgrade

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Sometimes it is the small things that elevate our lives, contributing to our happiness in the day to day.

When I'm feeling a bit down, I like to look inside my internal toolkit for strategies to elevate my mood. Although I believe it's important to feel and sit with our emotions, making small efforts to improve our happiness and wellbeing on a daily basis allows us to spend more of our time in a state of appreciation and joy - a high vibrational state. Recently, I decided to formulate a checklist of simple everyday activities that I have found helpful in preventing despondent feelings or heading them off at the pass. I would like to share this checklist with you, so I have included a link at the end of the blog so that you can print or download it.

I divided my checklist into three sections: For the mind, For the body, and For the spirit, although there is some overlap between them as all three aspects of ourselves are intimately connected and difficult to distinguish. There are activities that have become everyday habits for me, and these have greatly contributed to a state of mind that is fairly consistently positive. These include my morning exercises - stretching and strengthening, nourishing meals, and taking in inspirational material in the form of reading, or watching or listening to YouTube videos, interviews, podcasts, etc. I usually wake up visualising good things happening to me, and make sure to thank the universe or the angels for those that have already happened or that I know are on their way. I am constantly learning, and have been building a lifestyle in which there is always time for relaxation and self-care. These basics are enough for me to feel reasonably content, but I have noticed that for ultimate wellbeing, some additionals are required.

This is why I have included a blank checklist; because everybody's additionals might be different. For me, singing is a must as often as possible. For others, this might be dancing, drawing or writing. I am still on a high from a house concert that a friend and I did yesterday. The need to express is also part of my personality, so performing must be included sometimes. Our matinee yesterday was a rare occurrence, and it felt so good to be able to forget everything else and focus just on being part of that aspect of expression in the moment. Inhabiting the emotions of six different characters, and merging them with my own until it was unclear where theirs ended and mine began, was such an amazing feeling. To feel the audience on the journey with us, was really lovely. And, to be able to collaborate and also connect with others on an emotional level was a special part of the day. I hugged so many people, which is not part of my everyday experience, but is very important for our emotional and physical health. This is why I've included Touch as part of the Everyday Upgrade Checklist.

Introverted or extroverted, we all need some level of connection and intimacy to feel our best. This is our opportunity to give and receive, to laugh, and to love. I don't have in-person contact with people every day, but I feel best when I speak with others often, even if it is by phone or online. Everyone has different social needs. I like to leave the house almost every day, even if it is just to go for a walk, to look around the shops, or to do some work at a Café. Speaking of work, whatever you conceive it to be - paid or unpaid - I usually feel my best if I have done some type of work at some point in the day. This gives a sense of purpose and contribution which always picks me up. I believe that work is most fulfilling when it gives us some sense of continuity, of building something for our future, even if it just gives us opportunities to develop skills or character. Work should never be meaningless or soul draining. Helping a student with an assignment is often part of my everyday, and I feel purposeful in this work as I know that each suggestion I give might be a (even if it is just tiny) step towards them building their future dreams.

And yes, dreaming is also a very important part of an everyday upgrade. We need to visualize and feel into the future that we want to attract. Exploring is a part of this. There is always something new to discover, or somewhere new to go. This provides inspiration and fuels creativity. I understand, now, that we are in our essence, creators. This means that we must create to feel our best. This includes creating our lives, and also acting as constructors, innovators and artists. Purposeful creating is nourishing, but so is creating beauty for its own sake. This might involved creating with beautiful words or thoughts, but it might also involve exploring and creating in the physical world with our senses. Sensory experiences might involve cooking, gardening, decorating, lighting candles, taking photographs, sewing, arranging flowers, or collecting. They might also involve moving our bodies by walking, running or hiking.

There are so many wonderful life experiences available that create highpoints for us, such as travelling, singing in a concert, special celebrations and events, or big achievements, but when these are over, we are left with the everyday, which can sometimes seem lusterless. A personalised list of nurturing, everyday activities can serve as a reminder or tracking tool to ensure we are creating our happiest life. The choice and responsibility for this is ours, as no person or object outside of ourselves can create this happiness for us. The list can be used to establish habits and motivation, or it can be taken out and used when enthusiasm for life is lacking and an upgrade is needed. Some were born to write, or dance, or sing, but there is also pleasure in exploring new possibilities. This is why the list includes Express, Explore and Create; because it is invigorating to try multiple ways of expressing, exploring and creating. You may paint, even if you don't consider yourself to be a painter. You may ride a horse, or ice-skate, or sculpt with clay. You may express yourself through conversation, or public speaking, or art, or through your personal style or home décor. There are no limits to what you may explore to enrich your life.

I discovered a YouTuber the other day, Paola - The Cottage Fairy - who is promoting a similar idea of incorporating simple everyday experiences to support her wellbeing and happiness. Her videos are just beautiful; very artistic and calming, and full of lots of inspiration for sensory experiences and experiences in nature, cooking, craft, painting, reading and homemaking. You will enjoy the stunning photography and the beauty of the four very contrasting seasons and the natural world that she captures. Paola says that the videos help to remind her to notice the beauty around her; to be present and engage in creative experiences.

I also like to use my Instagram page to share examples of everyday luxury and to increase my awareness of the beauty in the world. Like Paola, it is easy for me to become lost in my thoughts and emotions and forget to engage with the physical world. Penny Muller (@pennyrmuller) • Instagram photos and videos

You can find my Everyday Upgrade High Vibration Checklist here: Coaching and Resources | Spiritual Blog ( Click on the paperclip to download the 3-page Word document which can be printed or personalised.

Wishing you an everyday upgrade, every day!

PinkroseAustralia | Etsy for my spiritual / self-development printables / templates. or for my eBooks.

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