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Early Childhood Consulting

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Do you want to improve your ratings and public image?

Do you need someone to help educators translate the Framework into practice?

Have you sent educators on training only to find little improvement in practice?

Hands-on consultancy could be for you.

Do you find it hard to have time to mentor educators while running a centre?

I see a consultant as being a supportive coach, rather than a judge. I aim to have your educators working with purpose and passion.

I would like to introduce a new type of Early Childhood Consultancy experience.


I have been concerned that having a consultant visit an early years’ education service to observe performance and practice in the rooms would be a time-consuming process, could be quite intimidating for the educators involved, and could also be intrusive for the children and their educational programs. I offer a new type of consultancy experience that is designed to be more supportive and respectful of the people involved, and which would be a valuable method of discovering new ways to support educators moving forward, increasing their motivation and satisfaction in continuing to do the incredibly important work that they do.


Consultant Mediator Package


Would you like to optimise the performance, productivity and satisfaction of the educators in your service?


Some employees may not feel comfortable to express their concerns and challenges in the workplace for fear that they will be judged as less competent, or underestimated or overlooked in their roles.


I offer a consultation / mediation package for you and your educators, which includes an initial session and an optional follow-up session for half price.


The sessions involve half hour confidential chats with each of your educators, offering them the opportunity to share their concerns and challenges. I will make individualised suggestions to support them in developing strategies and goals to enhance their practice. I will finish with an hour-long discussion with the coordinator / director and provide a written report of the information gathered, respecting the confidentiality of the individual educators involved.


My journey in Early Years’ Education began in the year 2000, and since then I have become a passionate advocate for young children, their families, and the educators that support their growth, development and learning. I have a Master of Education from University of Melbourne and years of experience working on the ground floor, teaching, training, mentoring and mediating on behalf of children, families, co-workers and students. I have a nurturing presence which enables me to connect easily with people and an instinct for understanding which approach is needed to best support them.


Fee Structure:

Initial Session

Half hour per educator plus one hour meeting with coordinator / director

For up to ten educators                                                                                                        $600


For more than ten educators                                                                                                An additional $50 per educator

Optional Follow-up Session                


For up to ten educators                                                                                                        $300

For more than ten educators                                                                                                An additional $25 per educator




Please contact me if you are in the Toowoomba region:

Penny Muller

[Master of Educaton, University of Melbourne]

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